Monday, March 23, 2009


Dear Gavin,

Oh, my boy, there were lots of people here this

weekend! Oscar said to just wait until it gets

really warm outside and there will be people every where! The only thing I

didn't like was that Gramma stayed in that store all day! Papa came in and out,

but he didn't play with us. Gramma made sure we got to go outside and we had

food and water, but I wanted to sit in her lap. She said she had to take care of

her customers. What is customers? Emmy said that it was all those people

that kept making the buzzer go off when they came in the store. Oscar was

right, I did get tired of barking at that buzzer. Gramma gave me a kiss and

told me I was a good boy for not barking, I guess she didn't know I was just

tired. I am glad that she held me, even if it was only for a little bit.

If you were here you would hold me, wouldn't you? I was glad when it got dark

and Gramma "locked up". I thought she would sit down so we could write my

letter to you, but she still had some work to do. She said, "Wall-E, Gramma

still has to clean the restrooms, little elves don't come in the night and do it,

you know!" What are elves? Will they hurt me? If they come in the night, why

don't they clean the bathrooms? If they don't clean the bathrooms, what do

they do? Should I hide? All I know is that Oscar and Emmy sleep underneath

the covers, maybe that's why. I slept under the covers after Gramma said that.

Let me tell you, I snuggled real close to Gramma.... just in case!

Gramma worked in the store for awhile this morning and now she is holding

me. Oscar said not to get used to it, though. He said that when the pool opens

she will be busy all day long. "What is a pool?" I asked. Emmy said it was that

big thing outside with the fence around it. I saw it when Papa was playing

with us the other day. Emmy said they fill it with water and people come out

here to swim in it. What is swim? Oscar told me that you can float on top of

the water and move your legs and glide across the water. People like to do this

when it is hot outside. Do I know how to swim? Oscar said that we aren't

allowed in the pool until the season is over. He said that Gramma and Papa

will play with us while they are emptying the water. Emmy likes to run around

the edge and Papa throws the ball in the water. Oscar will bark and bark

because he doesn't want to get wet, but he usually does. I can't wait!

Gramma said the rain has stopped and she has to go out and hoe the garden

beds. I didn't know gardens had beds and I am not sure what she is talking

about. I will try to watch her and let you know, okay?

Don't forget I love you and that you are my boy.

Your dog, Wall-E

PS, Emmy says HI to you!

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