Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Was A Bad, Bad Boy

Dear Gavin,

I ran out the front door today. I knew I was going to get in trouble, but I didn't

care! I ran like the wind. It rained yesterday and in some place the grass was

squishy and the water was splashing up on my belly while I ran. It was great!

I was having the time of my life.

I heard Gramma calling me. She said, "Wall-E, come here NOW!" But I kept

running. I was jumping up, too. It was great, I tell you! I heard Gramma say

that she had the ball, I didn't care, though. Then Oscar came out and we were

running together. I think Gramma thought he was going to help catch me.

Ha ha ha to her! She even tried to trick me by saying that she had treats for

us. I am too smart for her! She threw a stick to me and tried to get me to

bring it back, but I didn't fall for that one, either. I ran to her and jumped up

into the air, I used her leg like a springboard to jump even higher. It was


Then Papa came with his truck. He tried to trick me into getting in. I didn't fall

for it though, I ran some more. Oscar wussed out on me and got into the truck

with Papa. Then Papa got very angry and I got scared and I ran to Gramma ....

after I smeared some smelly cat poop on my neck. Gramma put me in the tub

and she was telling me what a bad boy I was while she washed me. I kind of

like a bath. Gramma uses nice warm water and the dog shampoo she uses

make my hair silky and soft.

I wasn't worried about her being mad. I knew she wouldn't stay mad long.

Hey, I'm cute and lovable. See, I am sitting right here in her lap now! She

even gave me some popcorn. I like it here a lot.......but I miss my boy.

Don't forget I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

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