Monday, March 30, 2009

Flat Stanley and the Pound

Dear Gavin,

The sun was shining when we all woke up and I thought it was going to be a

great day. I was wrong. Gramma was sitting on Papa's sofa drinking that

stuff she calls coffee. She usually sits on her sofa with us, but she was kind

of crabby and said that we took up all the room. I'm sure she didn't mean me;

it was probably Oscar and Emmy and that cat, Gremlin. Oscar said to leave

her alone and let her drink her coffee.

Well, the thing is, I didn't want her to sit on Papa's sofa. Okay, I'm going to tell

you what happened, okay? It was like this..... you remember that gourd thing

I told you about that I kind of tried to eat? Rememeber, I threw up in the floor

and had that poopy accident. Okay, I told you that was the day that Gramma

was mad at Papa about the gutter. I told you that Gramma cleaned it all up and

I didn't even get in trouble? Okay, what I didn't tell you was that I also threw

up on Papa's sofa. It went down in the cushions and you couldn't even see it.

Well, when Papa sat on the sofa he said it stunk. Gramma sniffed the air and

said she didn't smell any thing. Papa kept saying that he smelled something

bad and he asked me what I had been into. I tried to just look cute and turn

my head to one side, he likes that. Well, Gramma made all of us take a bath

last night just in case her nose wasn't working.

I guess you know what I am about to tell you, huh? Gramma was sitting there

on Papa's sofa, drinking her coffee and looking on the computer. All of a

sudden she sniffed the air. I sat very, very still. Then she got up and moved

the whole sofa to the middle of the room and took all of the cushions off. I

went and hid under the big table, as far under as I could get. She got out that

vacuum and she started cleaning everything. then she went and got out some

special leather cleaning stuff and some cleaning rags. Papa came in and asked

her what she was doing. She said, "I smell it." He said, "You smell what?" She

said, "Whatever you were smelling and it is gross."

Papa looked at the pile of cushions and saw my dried up vomit! He said, "Hey,

what's that?" Gramma bent down and sniffed it! She pulled her head back and

said, "Wall-E, where are you, you little devil!" I didn't move a muscle.

After Gramma cleaned all the furniture she had to go work in the store. She

turned off the TV. Oscar says when she turns it off, you might as well take a

nap, because she has work to do. I was kind of bored and there was this

magazine she left on the table..... About that table; she calls it a coffee table,

but there's no coffee on it. Well, I was tearing her magazine up and I guess she

must have known, because all of a sudden she was there. It wasn't a pretty

sight. She rolled up the magazine and spanked me with it!

She told me if I didn't cut it out with all my shenanigans I was destined for the

pound. "What does that mean?" I asked Oscar and Emmy. Emmy just rolled

her eyes at me, but Oscar says the pound is where bad dogs go that nobody

loves. Would she really send me to the pound? I thought she loved me.

Oscar says not to worry too much, cause she has said that to him before. He

told me that before he came to live with Gramma that he lived with Jill. He

said Jill really was going to take him to the pound and that's why Gramma

let him come live with her. He said that Gramma won't take any animal to

the pound, she was just mad. He says to lay low and act really good and she

will hold me again soon. I hope so.

She is doing something with Flat Stanley now. She takes him every where.

Flat Stanley isn't even real.... he's flat!

Your un-flat dog, Wall-E

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow....

Dear Gavin,

Gramma keeps singing this song about snow. I wondered what was wrong

with her, winter is over, isn't it? I have been running and playing in the

wonderful warm sunshine for weeks! Then she took me out and there was

SNOW! Lots and lots of it! I ran through it and peed, but when Emmy came

out she kind of sunk down in it. She looked pretty funny. Her legs are really

short. I wonder why? Oscar's legs are short, too. Mine aren't. I can step over

the snow and I can jump a lot higher than they can.

I haven't been in much trouble lately. Well, I did do this one thing and

Gramma scolded me. I sometimes use the tables in the living room to get on

and off the sofa; you know, like a short cut. Well, Gramma went to get

groceries yesterday and I was on the chair with Oscar watching out the

window for her to come back. It got kind of boring and there is this tall table

by the chair. Gramma has these things, she calls them gourds, in a bowl on

that table. They looked kind of interesting and they aren't very big (she said

they were baby gourds, whatever that means). So I took one and I was going

to chew it up. This was a bad idea, let me tell you! Those things taste awful!

I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth and I threw up. I threw up so hard

that I had a poopy accident!!!!

Gramma got really wet in the rain while she unloaded the car and she was

really mad at Papa. She was talking to herself, so all of us dogs decided it

wouldn't be a good idea to bother her. She was saying something about

gutters. What are gutters? Well, the good thing is that she was so mad at

Papa that she just cleaned up my poopy and throw-up and then she told

me not to get on her table again. That was all. She didn't even make me get

in the kennel! I tell you, I like it when Papa is in trouble.

Emmy said that when she is mad at somebody else you can get away with

doing bad things and she won't even notice sometimes. This is good to know.

I will try to remember this. I hope you had a good weekend. Gramma said

you went to a sleepover with Maya and Jada. I remember them. I went to

their house and there were all these cats. I was afraid of those cats! I liked it

there, playing with all of you guys.

I like them, but you are my boy---don't forget. Hey, please don't get a cat, I

really don't like them all that much. But, I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

Friday, March 27, 2009

From Oscar

Dear Gavin,

For just how long will your dog be here with us? Last night was just awful. He

kept digging his claws into my side. He won't let anyone clip them; however,

I can't hold that against him since I won't allow mine to be trimmed either.

He is really slow at learning the rules. Not your Gramma's rules. MY rules.

Every day I have to remind him that I am the number one dog here. ME,

not him. He presumes to eat out of my food dish and I allow it; but, dude,

he is sloppy. He keeps getting food in the water dish. This is simply not

acceptable. Have you ever had to drink behind some one who gets their food

in the drink? Gross!

Then, there is the issue with Emmy. She is my wife-dog and now she plays

with HIM all the time, instead of me. Also not acceptable. But the most

annoying thing is that he is always kissing my mommy (your Gramma). He

tries to sit by her every time she sits down. If I am there in the chosen spot

he will get on top of me and worm his way between us. I really hate that.

If I growl at him, I get scolded. I do not like it--no, not at all!

When bed time arrives he tries to get in my favorite sleeping spot. This is just

wrong. I have always slept right next to my mommy's leg and I can promise

you this .... I will bite him if he keeps this behaviour up. I hope that you will

speak to him about this. I do like him, but there is a limit to what I can


With love, Your Uncle-Dog, Oscar

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watching Oscar

Dear Gavin,

I have been watching Oscar. You know he's a lot older than me, right? Well,

I was thinking he might know some important things that I might need to

know. I know, I know, I could just ask him. He gets all uppity and acts all

superior, though. I was watching him today and I noticed that he lifts his leg

to pee. Am I supposed to be doing that?

I just squat and it works for me. Emmy squats to pee, I have never seen her

lift her leg, but maybe that's because she hurt her back and had surgery. About

that; I still don't know what surgery is. Oscar said that all he knew was that

Emmy had to go and stay at a dog hospital and when she came back she had a

cut on her back and she couldn't walk very good. He said he got in trouble for

licking her cut, Gramma said he was going to lick her stitches out. Neither one

of us know what stitches are.

Gee there are so many things I don't know. Back to the lifting your leg to pee

thing; I tried it. I didn't like it. I must not have lifted my leg high enough,

cause I got pee on my foot. I didn't know Gramma was spying on me through

the window in her kitchen. She laughed at me! She said, "Nice try, buddy,

you'll get it soon." Then she washed my foot. I like her even when she spies on

me. How long did it take you to learn to pee the right way?

I miss you, don't forget you are my boy. I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Was A Bad, Bad Boy

Dear Gavin,

I ran out the front door today. I knew I was going to get in trouble, but I didn't

care! I ran like the wind. It rained yesterday and in some place the grass was

squishy and the water was splashing up on my belly while I ran. It was great!

I was having the time of my life.

I heard Gramma calling me. She said, "Wall-E, come here NOW!" But I kept

running. I was jumping up, too. It was great, I tell you! I heard Gramma say

that she had the ball, I didn't care, though. Then Oscar came out and we were

running together. I think Gramma thought he was going to help catch me.

Ha ha ha to her! She even tried to trick me by saying that she had treats for

us. I am too smart for her! She threw a stick to me and tried to get me to

bring it back, but I didn't fall for that one, either. I ran to her and jumped up

into the air, I used her leg like a springboard to jump even higher. It was


Then Papa came with his truck. He tried to trick me into getting in. I didn't fall

for it though, I ran some more. Oscar wussed out on me and got into the truck

with Papa. Then Papa got very angry and I got scared and I ran to Gramma ....

after I smeared some smelly cat poop on my neck. Gramma put me in the tub

and she was telling me what a bad boy I was while she washed me. I kind of

like a bath. Gramma uses nice warm water and the dog shampoo she uses

make my hair silky and soft.

I wasn't worried about her being mad. I knew she wouldn't stay mad long.

Hey, I'm cute and lovable. See, I am sitting right here in her lap now! She

even gave me some popcorn. I like it here a lot.......but I miss my boy.

Don't forget I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oscar Did a Bad Thing!

Dear Gavin,

Wow, did Oscar ever get in trouble today! Gramma let me and him out first

thing this morning. We were running and playing. The wind was blowing

really hard and Oscar saw this board was loose on the fence. The wind was

making it move! We went over to it and Oscar said he thought that if we

pushed it we could get out and go exploring. I told him I was trying to not

get in trouble cause I didn't want Gramma to be mad at me and not hold me.

He said it would be lots of fun. He said that some times you can chase those

ducks that get in the pond and even if the ducks aren't there, we can mark

lots of places with our pee. So, I said okay. Oscar said he would go first, since

he is the boss of all of us animals. He is brave, too. I mean it, some things

scare me, but he isn't scared of anything. Well, except, maybe Gramma.

Well,he got out and I was going to go with him, but it was really tight and I

couldn't get through. Oscar said, "Push, you have to push the board with your

head and then squeeze through." I was still a little afraid and I asked, "Are you

sure it won't hurt?" Then he said, "Fine, stay inside the fence, then. I won't

wait for you forever!" I was just pushing through, I could see the tractor, and

then all of a sudden some hands pulled me back and Gramma was holding

me! She said, "Oh, no you don't, you little rascal, I've got you now." I thought

I was in for it, but she asked me, "Where is that devil, Oscar?"

She took me inside and then she went out the front door, in her robe! She


though. She was not happy. She shut the door and went around to the back of

the house. When she came back she was carrying Oscar. She was still talking

to him. She told him he was a bad boy and that it was even worse than bad

because he taught me to do a bad thing. She said she was very disappointed

in him and that he should go think about what he had done. Then she told

Papa what he did and Papa took a drill and some screws to fix the fence.

Today is Papa's birthday. I don't know what that is, but Gramma said we

should all give Papa an extra kiss. No problem, I like to lick people anyway.

Wish I could kiss my boy!

Don't forget I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

Monday, March 23, 2009


Dear Gavin,

Oh, my boy, there were lots of people here this

weekend! Oscar said to just wait until it gets

really warm outside and there will be people every where! The only thing I

didn't like was that Gramma stayed in that store all day! Papa came in and out,

but he didn't play with us. Gramma made sure we got to go outside and we had

food and water, but I wanted to sit in her lap. She said she had to take care of

her customers. What is customers? Emmy said that it was all those people

that kept making the buzzer go off when they came in the store. Oscar was

right, I did get tired of barking at that buzzer. Gramma gave me a kiss and

told me I was a good boy for not barking, I guess she didn't know I was just

tired. I am glad that she held me, even if it was only for a little bit.

If you were here you would hold me, wouldn't you? I was glad when it got dark

and Gramma "locked up". I thought she would sit down so we could write my

letter to you, but she still had some work to do. She said, "Wall-E, Gramma

still has to clean the restrooms, little elves don't come in the night and do it,

you know!" What are elves? Will they hurt me? If they come in the night, why

don't they clean the bathrooms? If they don't clean the bathrooms, what do

they do? Should I hide? All I know is that Oscar and Emmy sleep underneath

the covers, maybe that's why. I slept under the covers after Gramma said that.

Let me tell you, I snuggled real close to Gramma.... just in case!

Gramma worked in the store for awhile this morning and now she is holding

me. Oscar said not to get used to it, though. He said that when the pool opens

she will be busy all day long. "What is a pool?" I asked. Emmy said it was that

big thing outside with the fence around it. I saw it when Papa was playing

with us the other day. Emmy said they fill it with water and people come out

here to swim in it. What is swim? Oscar told me that you can float on top of

the water and move your legs and glide across the water. People like to do this

when it is hot outside. Do I know how to swim? Oscar said that we aren't

allowed in the pool until the season is over. He said that Gramma and Papa

will play with us while they are emptying the water. Emmy likes to run around

the edge and Papa throws the ball in the water. Oscar will bark and bark

because he doesn't want to get wet, but he usually does. I can't wait!

Gramma said the rain has stopped and she has to go out and hoe the garden

beds. I didn't know gardens had beds and I am not sure what she is talking

about. I will try to watch her and let you know, okay?

Don't forget I love you and that you are my boy.

Your dog, Wall-E

PS, Emmy says HI to you!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear Gavin,

Gramma says the

season has begun. What is a season?

She said I will have to quit barking

every time the buzzer goes off when someone comes in the store. I thought I

was supposed to bark. Isn't that my job? Someone comes to the door and the

dog barks, right? It is what we do, we are helping. We are letting our

people know that something out of the ordinary is happening. So, I

guess she wants me to not do my job. Another rule to learn.

Oscar said to just chill out, cause pretty soon that buzzer will be going all

day long and if we bark at it every time we will lose our voices. I have

never lost my voice, does it hurt? Have you ever lost your voice, Gavin?

I would not like it if you couldn't call my name. See all those big trailers in

the picture? Gramma calls them rigs; she'll say, "Jump down out of my lap,

I see a rig pulling in." Then she will go in the store and the buzzer will go off

and I will bark and she will say "Excuse me, please" to the people in the

store and then she will call my name and say, "I said no more barking!" Then

I will feel kind of dumb because I forgot about not barking again.

Today when it happened again I was going to lay down in Emmy's bed.

Gramma made a special cover for Emmy's pillow. It is really soft like your

blanket and it has these knots tied all the way around it. I was playing with one

knot and it was really fun to untie it. I don't know how it happened, but I kind

of untied all the knots...... again. Emmy was mad at me. She said I ruined her

bed. I tried to tie it all back, but I couldn't. Gramma wasn't too happy about it.

She said it takes thumbs to tie and that I don't have any---how come I don't?

Papa took us out to run! I ran and ran! It was so much fun. I can run faster than

Oscar! He didn't like that, but I can get the ball faster than he can. Emmy is real

fast. Some times she grabs Oscar's neck with her teeth and holds on while he is

running. Papa said that we would sleep better after we ran. I found a stick I liked

and Gramma said I could bring it in the house. She told me I could chew on it, but

not the furniture. Is this another rule? I don't know about all these rules and

seasons. I hope you come here soon because I miss you.

Don't forget I love you and you are my boy!

You dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

She Left Me With Papa.......

Dear Gavin,

Gramma left me with Papa and went somewhere. I didn't want her to go. Papa

went outside and left us all alone. He didn't leave anybody in charge and he

didn't even tell us that he loved us! Gramma always tells us who is in charge

and she always says to be good and that she loves us.

Well, since nobody was in charge...... I kind of did a bad thing. Gramma put

everything up where I can't reach it, but she left this box full of tissues on that

table by the sofa. I thought she wouldn't care if I used some. Hey, I saw her

put them up to her nose, then she honked and then she threw it away. I was

just going to try to do that, but when my mouth got on it it stuck to it and I had

to shake my head to get it off. So, I tried it again and the same thing happened.

I kept trying and before I knew it the box was empty, so I chewed the box up.

And that is how Papa found me. He brought my kennel in and tried to make

me get in it. I ran from him and he left me alone. He told Gramma about it

and she asked him if he had bothered to clean the throw-up out of it yet. He

pretended not to hear her, but he didn't clean it and I am not going to get in it

until he does. Emmy agreed with me and said she wouldn't, either.

Gramma made him take the kennel back out again. Then all of a sudden,

Gramma looked at me and said, "Oh, no!" I thought I was in trouble, but

then she said she forgot to take her film to WalMart. Then she said, "I could

just kick myself!" What? She only has two legs, how would she do that? I bet

that would look pretty funny, huh?

Well, that's about all that happened today. How was your day? I sure do miss

you and hope you write soon. Don't forget I love you and you are my boy!

Your little white dog, Wall-E

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Can See You!

Dear Gavin,

I am having a great day! I haven't gotten into any trouble! Gramma said the

day is not over yet. What is that supposed to mean? I have been playing

outside a lot today. The sun is shining and it is 70 degrees. Gramma told me

this. I'm not sure what it all means, but I am really having fun. Emmy and I

ran and ran all over the back yard, then Oscar and I played with his ball.

He would take it from me, then I would take it from him. It was so much fun.

Gramma said she would have to take us in when she mowed the grass. What

is mow? Oscar said it is very loud and he doesn't like it, but when it is over we

can see everything on the ground. I'm not sure about this, I will let you know.

Gramma said I could put another picture on here for you. I am looking at you,

can you tell? Looking straight at you! See how big I am getting? I miss you.

Are you growing, too? I wish I could see you.

Don't forget, you are my boy and I love you .

Your dog, Wall-E

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Newspaper

Dear Gavin,

When am I going to get all these rules straight? Gramma told me to never

chew a shoe again, okay, I got that. She said to never chew her plants again,

I am working on that one. She never, ever said ANYTHING about the Sunday

newspaper! She left us alone for awhile today. She went with Papa to see a

lady about some sewing thing.

Well I saw her cutting up the paper....she left it on the table and I could reach

it. I thought she wanted it in pieces. I don't know what the big deal is. When

she came in the door and saw it she yelled for Papa. I was hoping she was

going to blame him, but she just pointed at the paper and said for him to look

at what I did. How did she know I did it? She didn't even ask Oscar or Emmy

if they did it. Emmy was all wagging her tail and smiling at Gramma. She is

such a tattle-tale, sometimes I just want to bite her! Oscar didn't do anything

to help me, but at least he wasn't happy that I was in trouble again.

He told me that before I came he used to get blamed for everything. I guess

that's why he likes having me around. Well, Gramma says we all have to go

outside and play because the weather is nice. I am kind of bummed out about

the newspaper thing and I just want to take a nap and forget about it, but she

said "You, too, Mister!" She calls me Mister when I am bad. Rules, I don't

think I will ever learn all these rules. I hope your day is going better than


Don't forget that I love you. I am just waiting for the day when I can live with

my boy again.....

Your dog, Wall-E

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Day

Dear Gavin,

Gramma isn't mad anymore! She held me last night and told me that she

wants me to be a good boy and I can't chew up her shoes anymore...or her

plants. I will really try to be good, I promise. We got up really early today.

Gramma said she has something called insomnia and she can't sleep.

I am glad I don't have it, cause I really like sleeping. All of us dogs got up

with her, but after I went out and peed I got back in the warm bed with Papa.

Hey I am still a puppy, I need my rest! Gramma was cleaning the house--I

could hear her, but Papa slept and slept. Gramma told me later that it annoys

her that Papa can sleep and she can't.

After Papa got up, I did, too. I went and got on the sofa with Oscar and took a

little nap. After that some people Gramma knows came in the store and I had

to go and let them look at me. They touched me, too. I liked the lady, she was

nice. She was pretty, too. Oscar came out in the store and barked and growled

at the people. Papa had to come get him and he got in trouble. Gramma said

that one time Oscar went in the store and peed on a man's shoes! Can you

believe that? I thought it was pretty cool, but I am way too scared to do that to

somebody. I bet he got in big, big trouble when he did that, don't you?

Anyway, after that I played outside with Emmy for awhile and then we took

another nap. Gramma worked in the store and Papa went to work at his other

job. Then she woke me up when some other people came in the store. They

came in the house to look at me. The man was a giant! I thought it was

Gramma coming around the corner, so I got down and was going to go see her

and I saw the man, "Whoa," I said to myself, "I don't know about this guy!"

Oscar told me his name is Bob and he's cool. Oscar said to get used to him,

cause he comes over a lot when the weather is warm and he will play ball with

us. The lady was very gentle with me and I liked her, I licked her hand and

she thanked me. I liked her a lot. Emmy was all jealous, so the lady (Oscar

told me her name is Karen and that she is Bob's wife) picked her up. Those

other people made a big deal about how sweet and cute Emmy is, too.

Hey, I just thought she was another dog like us. She is fun to play with,

though. I like to run up and tackle her. I only do that when Gramma isn't

around, though, cause she yells at me when I do it.

Well, now it is time for another nap. I hope you write me a letter soon. It

makes me not miss you so bad when Gramma reads your letters to me.

Don't ever forget that I love you and you are my boy!

Your dog, Wall-E

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oops, I Shouldn't Have Done That!

Dear Gavin,

Are coming to get me soon? tomorrow? I wish you would. I

got in really big trouble today and Gramma is really, really, really mad at me.

She said to go away from her right now, that she doesn't want to see my face.

She said, "That's it, mister, you have really made me mad, now!" What can I

do to make her not be mad at me? I tried to get in her lap and give her a hug,

but she said, "Down with you, don't even think about it, I am mad!"

You see what happened is that she went to the grocery store and Papa was

outside on this big thing that moves rocks and dirt. She said it was my turn to

be in charge while she was gone. I was excited because I have never been in

charge before. Oscar was laying on the couch and he kind of chuckled at me

and said I would probably mess up. Emmy was mad, she said it was

supposed to be her turn and that cat, Gremlin just looked at me and sniffed.

Granma closed the gate to the back of the house and there was nothing in the

kitchen to play with, she even put the cat food up where I couldn't reach it.....

but there were these shoes in the living room.

I knew they were Gramma's because they smelled like her and I have seen

her wear them to go get firewood. I was just going to lay my head on them

while she was gone, really, that's all. But I licked one and I liked the way it

tasted and one thing led to another and I kind of chewed it up. Emmy was

sitting in her bed that Papa built just for her and telling me that I was in

trouble. She acts all special all the time and she was singing 'you're gonna be

in trouble, you're gonna be in trouble'. She hardly ever gets in trouble and

even when she does they treat her all special just cause she broke her back

and had to have surgery.

That cat was just sitting on the back of the chair looking outside and sniffing

at me. He acts all superior, like he is a king or something. Oscar was trying to

tell me to hide my mess, but I couldn't find anywhere to hide it. That made

me mad, so I jumped up in the chair to make that stupid cat stop sniffing and

I kind of tore up Gramma's plant. Oscar said, "Oh, my boy, you have done it

now." I told him I was not 'his boy' and to shut up. Then I saw Gramma's car

coming. I asked them to help me , but Emmy just laughed, that cat sniffed and

Oscar said, "I tried to advise you, but you refused to listen and now you will

have to face the consequences."

Why does he have to talk like he knows more than me? Gramma came in the

store door and brought all the groceries in the house and she didn't see the

mess---whew! She made lunch for Papa and said we were all going on a picnic

and we went out the store and into her car. She got a little aggravated with me

because I ran from her and wouldn't get in the car right away.

We drove to where Papa was in that big thing he calls a bobcat and we sat in

the car and ate lunch. Emmy bit Gramma's finger when she gave her some

food and I said "Ha ha, Emmy got in trouble, Emmy got in trouble." I guess

I shouldn't have done that because when we came back in the house Gramma

saw my big mess. She made me sniff what I did and told that I was a bad, bad

boy. I guess I shouldn't have clawed my way out of her arms and try to bite her

either. That got me a spanking.

And now I am miserable because Gramma is mad at me and I really love her.

Do you think she will stay mad forever? If she does, will you come get me?

Has she ever been mad at you? What can I do to make her hold me again? I wish

you were here to help me fix this. Please write and tell me what to do!

Don't forget, you are my boy and I love you.

Your sad little dog, Wall-E

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweaters, for real?

Dear Gavin,

I hope you had a good day. I didn't. Gramma made me wear a sweater, that's

what she called it, anyway. I was a little cold and so was Emmy, so all of a

sudden there was Gramma with these sweater things in her hand. She told me

I would be nice and warm if I would let her put it on me. You don't really have

a choice if Gramma decides you are going to do something. She put it on me

and right away I didn't like it. I put my ears down and she knew I was not


She got out her camera and said she was going to take my picture, so I ran

from her and hid under the table. I guess her joints weren't hurting today

because she crawled under that table and got me out! I thought about biting

her, but I remember what happened last time I tried that and she bit me

back. She put me on the couch and said I looked adorable. She put Emmy's

sweater on and put her on the couch with me. She likes sweaters. I don't. It

was tight. Gramma said that it was supposed to fit snugly (whatever that

means), but I said it was tight. It has purple and gold stripes and she told

me that I was a Minnesota Viking's fan. I don't know what that means, do


She took pictures of me in that stupid sweater, so I guess you will see those

soon. She finally let me take it off. I jumped up gave her a kiss. She liked that

and she picked me up, so I gave her a hug, too. Then, just when I was feeling

good she told me she would make me another outfit. Why would she do that?

Oscar told me that on Halloween she made him wear a hot dog suit. I hope she

doesn't do that to me. All I need is a collar, thank you very much! Does your

mom have sweaters for you? Do you like them?

I saw your picture on that letter you wrote to me. I miss you, my boy. You

aren't going to get another dog and be his boy are you? I wouldn't like that,

not at all! Don't forget, you are my boy and I love you very much.

Your dog, your only dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can You See Me?

Dear Gavin,

Look! Gramma put my picture in my profile! I know it's not a very good one.

Papa took it and I wouldn't look up at him. Gramma took some pictures with

her camera, but she has to get them developed. She told me it was the old

fashioned way to do it. She had to put this little tube inside her big camera,

she told me that it was called film. She said she is going to take it to WalMart

on Friday and the will get they pictures off of the film and she will bring them

home. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Papa just plugged his camera into

the computer and there I was!!

It was cold here today, but I still played outside. Emmy didn't want to go out,

though. Oscar played with me for awhile. Gramma was busy all day. She called

it spring cleaning. She washed EVERYTHING! I am glad she didn't wash me

again. I was very careful outside so I wouldn't get anything on my fur. Do you

know how hard it is to wear white all the time and not get dirty? Well, I can tell

you, it's not easy!

I hope you had fun today with Molly and Minnie. I miss them, too. Tell them I

said "hi", okay? Tell Grampa and Other Gramma "hi" from me, too. I hope I

get to see you soon. Don't forget, you are my boy! I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dear Gavin,

It has rained all day and I am so bored. I wish I could go out to play, but ever

since the bath, Gramma watches me and only lets me stay out long enough to

pee or poop--she calls it doing my business. Why does she say that? "Wall-E,

hurry up and do your business." Sounds like I carry a doggie briefcase full of

poop out there to empty it.

Last night wasn't so good for Emmy. I was just laying in bed trying to sleep,

but Emmy kept moving and licking me. Finally Gramma told her to be still and

I fell to sleep. Then all of a sudden I felt Gramma jump out of the bed. "Darn

it", she said. Papa said, "What is wrong?". Gramma was pulling her night shirt

off and gagging, I heard her say dog puke. Boy, was I scared! What if she

thinks I did it? Then I heard her say it was Emmy. I felt bad for Emmy, cause

I know how bad her stomach was hurting, but I was glad I wasn't the one who

made a mess. Gramma was a little crabby again today, but she played with me.

She doesn't like it when you lick her toes, though.

She took my picture today. She said she was going to put some pictures of me

in this blog so you can see how big I am now. I have a new collar. It is called a

choke chain. Gramma says I look buff with it on. I wonder what that means?

I have to go outside now, Gramma is singing that song "It's night-night pee-

pee time......" We all go out one more time and then we go to bed.

I love you and miss you.....don't forget you are my boy!

Your dog, Wall-E

Monday, March 9, 2009

All Wet

Dear Gavin,

I hope you had a better day than me. It rained most all day here and I didn't

get to play outside much. I went out this morning before the rain started and

I was walking in the mud. I liked the way it squished between my toes, so I

decided to rub my face and neck in it. I thought I had most of it off of me. But,

I didn't and Gramma saw it. She said "Wall-E, what have you been into?" I hid

under the table in front of the couch and wouldn't come out even when she

lied to me and said she had a treat for me. I knew she was just saying that so

that I would come out and she could grab me and put me in that bath tub.

She has been saying how her joints were hurting so I knew she wouldn't crawl

under the table to get me. When I thought it was safe I came out to play with

Emmy. I guess you know what happened. Gramma grabbed me and put me in

the tub ......Oscar and Emmy, too.

Now they are mad at me. They said it was my fault that we had to get a bath. I

tried to jump out of the tub while Gramma was bathing Emmy. That wasn't a

good idea. I got Gramma all wet and I fell down twice. When the bath was

finally over Oscar was running all over the house, so I thought he wanted to

play with me. He didn't. He was still mad about the whole bath thing and after

I tried to play with him on the floor he jumped up on the couch. So I thought

he wanted to play on the couch.

Well, I was wrong. He bit me! It hurt! I yelped and ran to Gramma. She held

me and now she's not mad at me. I feel better now that I have told you all this.

Gramma says tomorrow will be a better day. I wish you were here to hold me.

Gramma put my kennel outside. It still smells like you and I am sad. I threw

up in it, though and Gramma said she would have to clean it up later. Do you

think she will wash all your smell away? I hope not. Maybe you will come to see

me soon and I can get your smell on my blanket again.

Don't forget that you are my boy! I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where Are You

Dear Gavin,

Something really strange happened last night. Gramma was talking and

holding that thing she calls a phone to her head. She does that sometimes,

I don't know why. Anyway, she picked me up and put that phone thing by

my ear .... I could hear you calling my name! But, where were you? It sounded

like you were inside that phone thing...but you couldn't be, it was way too little

to hold you! Oh,No! Did something happen to my boy? How could my boy get

in that phone? I looked and I looked, but I couldn't find you in this house


Gramma told me to calm down after she put that phone away. She walked all

through the house with me to show me that you weren't here, then she held

me and told me that you were in Minnesota with your mom and that you were

fine. I hope so, Gramma is usually right about everything ...... Papa said so.

Guess what? Did you know there is another room here with a big bed in it?

Gramma let me see it last night when I was looking for you, she said it was

dog-free zone. She said that means I can't go in there, Oscar and Emmy can't


Before I got scared by that phone tonight, there were some people in the store.

Every time someone comes in the store Gramma takes me out there and the

people look at me. Sometimes she lets them touch me! I get scared, but she

holds me close to her and takes me back in the house with Oscar and Emmy.

Sometimes Oscar and Emmy go in the store to see people they know.

They like it, but I don't know about that. I think I will stay in the house.

Gramma says I have to learn to shut-up when the buzzer goes off. Emmy

never barks at it, but Oscar barks with me...hey, we are just trying to help.

Please don't shrink and go in that phone thing again, okay? Don't forget,

you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Bad Night

Dear Gavin,

I was going to send you a letter yesterday. I was sad because you never write

me. Gramma said it's cause your mom is lazy. She is probably right; I know

you would write to me if you knew how. Gramma said we are going to blog

from now on. I didn't know what that was, so I turned my head to one side and

folded one ear down when I looked at her. She is kind of smart about us dogs.

She explained it to me. She is really crabby today cause of what I did last night.

In my letter yesterday I was telling you about that crazy cat Gremlin.

Sometimes he eats stuff and then yaks it up. The other day he ate pizza with

Papa and when he yakked it up. It still smelled pretty good so I ate some of it.

It was pretty good, so I have been watching him now. Well yesterday I must

have eaten something wrong. I wasn't feeling so good when we went to bed.

Gramma was reading a book and she took us all out one last time while Papa

was already sleeping. A little while later I wanted to go out again, so I jumped

out of the bed. Boy, she gets mad when you wake her up. She told me to get

back in that bed and go to sleep. I ran from her and went to my kennel and

she said, "Fine, mister, you can sleep there." She went back to bed.

I tip-toed back into the bedroom, but she heard me. She told me to get in bed

again and she put me there and told me to go to sleep. She went to sleep and

boy, was my stomach hurting! I tried to get out of the bed, I really did, but I

threw up on the covers, then I jumped down and threw up on the floor.

Gramma took me out and cleaned up my mess and she wasn't mad at me


While we were outside Papa woke up and got the oust spray and sprayed it

all over the bedroom. Whew, that really stunk then and he got in big trouble

with Gramma! She was coughing and then she couldn't go back to sleep, oh,

was she mad at him! Gramma said she is old and needs her sleep. Hey, maybe

she should take some naps, that's what us dogs do.

Gramma washed all the sheets and stuff today, then she put them outside on

this line with some pins. After she did that she painted a wall and then she got

a big bucket of water and washed the floor. Don't know why she did that, but

she told me I had better go to another room if I knew what was good for me.

We went outside again and I was thinking about taking all those covers off

that line to play in them, that would really be fun.

I think Gramma might have special powers, cause she told if I was even

thinking about doing that she would go get her fly swatter. That thing stings!

I am in herlap now talking to you, my boy. I hope you read this soon and

send me a comment (Gramma told me that is how you can write back easily,

so let your mom know).

Don't forget, you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Gavin

My name is Wall-E. I live with Gramma and Papa in Missouri. I used to live in

Minnesota with my boy, Gavin. Gavin is four years old and the best boy a dog

could have. I miss him a lot, but I am having fun here at Gramma's house.

There is a yard I can play in without a leash. I have new friends, too. Oscar is

the boss of all us dogs here. He is kind of old and sometimes he gets tired of

playing with me and he will growl at me. One time he kind of bit me, so when

he growls I leave him alone. He has a wife-dog, her name is Emmy. She is fun

to run with in the back yard. She is very little and Gramma says I have to be

careful and not hurt her. When Emmy was a young dog like me she broke her

back and had to have surgery. I really hope that never happens to me!

There is a cat, too. To be honest, I am really scared of him. Every time he

comes near me I pee on myself. Oscar says he is very old. Oscar said he

was old when he came to live with Gramma. There is a cat that lives outside,

too. Her name is Spooky and she never comes inside--I am REALLY scared

of her.

I like Papa the best, but I really like to sit in Gramma's lap. Sometimes we all

get in Gramma's lap; me and Oscar and Emmy. It is really crowded like that.

Usually Emmy sits with Papa, and me and Oscar sit with Gramma. Sometimes

that cat (Gremlin is his name) will make me get out of her lap. I don't like that.

That is when I start to miss my boy, Gavin. I hope he reads this soon and tells

his mom to bring him to Gramma's house to see me. I will never forget that he

is my boy and the very first person I loved.