Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Like Company!

Dear Gavin,

Do you remember Kiley? She came to see me tonight. She held me and I really liked it. She only held me. She did not hold Oscar and she did not hold Emmy.... just me!

She came with her Gramma. Her Gramma and your Gramma are friends, you know. I call her Gramma Aunt Debbie. She comes over to our house all the time. I will tell you a secret. Aunt Debbie brings snacks to that cat that lives outside on our front porch. She thinks that us dogs do not know this, but we saw her through the window. She tried to get Kiley to feed that cat, but Kiley accidentally shook the lid off the can in the car. Boy, I wish I had been there. I would have eaten all the cat snacks. I tried one once and they are quite delicious!

Kiley gave us dogs some treats. I ran away with mine as soon as she gave it to me. I did not know Gramma was taking pictures. I would have shown you how I can sit pretty. I am getting a lot better at balancing. I practice all the time.

I am still not as good as Oscar, though, he will stand on his back legs forever!

I am glad that Kiley came over to our house tonight. She was fun...... but she said she was bored. Gee, how could she be bored....... I was here...... and I am cute .... don't you think so?

Kiley says she will be coming out here with her Gramma a lot. I bet she will like to play with you when you come for our annual visit. That is a new word for my vocabulary. Annual means once a year. I plan to have a very big vocabulary. Gramma says that you will be building your vocabulary, too.

Don't forget that I love you and miss you.

Your dog, Wall-E

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Dogs.......

Dear Gavin,
Remember I told you about other dogs......... Well, it seems they are everywhere here in our park. I don't know if I like this. I like it when I am the only dog in the store with Gramma and the customers (that is those people who buy things in the store) pet me. Gramma says that I am a little ham and that I love attention. What is that supposed to mean. Don't you eat ham? I have seen Gramma cook this thing called ham and then everybody gets a plate and they eat the ham. I like this stuff called ham myself. It is quite why is she saying that I am a ham? We will have to get back to this issue later......

Just look at this big dog who is called Tank! Can you see how big he is?

Look at the size of his head! Look at that mouth! Why I believe he could fit my entire head in his mouth! This is the dog that Oscar went after, remember, I told you about this incident in a previous letter. I have been working on my vocabulary, can you tell?

Now here is another picture of that snooty dog, Frank, and his pal Tango. Gramma says that these dogs are called Pugs. She said that Tango was a sweetheart. Tango is a boy and Frank (that is what his person calls him) is a boy. They live with that gigantic dog named Tank and he is a boy, too. Wonder why there are no girl dogs at their house? I like having Emmy around....she cleans my ears and washes my face every day. Gramma says she has maternal instincts. I will be investigating those words this week........

Look here at these dogs.... all girl dogs. They are taking a walk with their person. You can't see their person, cause Gramma cut his head off. In the picture... not for real! That really little dog is Lily. See her jumping? She likes for Gramma to pick her up. She is smaller than Emmy! Gramma called her a Yorkie.

Gramma says that the black dog is a poodle named Lucy and that she is feisty. That means that she has a temper, Oscar told me that. He said that he has been called feisty before. I have heard Gramma call Oscar a lot of different names. She calls him spawn of satan a lot. Emmy says that this is no compliment and that he is being a bad boy when Gramma says this. She calls him a handsome devil, too, then she kisses him. I get so confused.... Emmy says that satan and devil are the same thing.
But back to the other dogs. Gramma says that Chloe is the black and white dog and that her breed is Shih Tzu . Gramma says that Cloe has a very sweet nature and is very friendly. Well, that may be , but I am staying right here in the house. I can bark at them just fine out the window!
Now, back to that big dog Tank. Gramma told me that he is a mixed breed dog...... like me. What is she saying? I am not a mixed breed, no I am not! I am a Follow dog. Doesn't she remember? She is the one who told me that!
I am very worried about Gramma and her memory. Do you think she is just getting too old? Oscar is laughing at me again. Sometimes he is not nice at all. He is very brave, just not very nice.
I hope that you will check on Gramma and see if you think she is getting too old. I do like her very much.... okay, I really do love her and Papa. That doesn't mean that you are not my boy anymore. You are, and I will always love you the most.
Your Follow dog,