Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Know My Breed!

Dear Gavin,

I have great news! I know what kind of a dog I am. Gramma told me. She said that I am a Follow dog! I am so glad that I know what breed I am. I was afraid that I was what that lady told know the kind with 'rat' in the name. I do not want that to be the kind of dog I am. Gramma does not like rats!

It all happened this morning. Gramma was doing her chores. That's what she calls it when she makes the bed and sweeps and washes dishes. I like to jump into the bed while she is making it. Sometimes she yells at me; but mostly she will pick me up and hold me before she puts me in the floor. Today she is doing laundry. I like to go with her back and forth while she gets all the clothes separated into piles and then I go with her while she takes them to the machine that washes them. My favorite part is when she puts them on that line outside. I go with her. Sometimes Oscar and Emmy come out, too; but I always go. So, we are outside and Gramma is putting those pin things on a t-shirt of Papa's and she says, "I know what you are, Wall-E. You are a follow dog; you follow me where ever I go!" I am so relieved to finally know what I am! Gramma also told me that if there was a contest for best in breed for Follow dogs I would win!

I told that cat, Gremlin, what Gramma said and he told me that she made it up. So I told him that he would do well to remember who feeds him. Gramma said that to me one time when I tried to bite her hand; I have been waiting forever to have a chance to say it to one of the other animals. I am pretty clever, don't you think?

I just wanted to tell you about my breed. I bet you will be as happy as I am to know what kind of dog I am. It won't be long and you will be here. That's what Gramma told me. Your Gramma is one smart lady! I love you and miss you, my boy!

Your Follow dog, Wall-E

Monday, April 27, 2009

Feel it in Your Bones

Dear Gavin,

It is raining today. It was raining when we woke up. Yesterday Gramma said she knew it would rain; she said she could feel it in her bones. How does she do that? Us dogs eat bones. Did she eat a bone and the bone told her it would rain? Why does she say these things? Oscar and Emmy say that she has been saying things like that all their lives. Well, it is raining, so I guess a bone must have told her that it would rain today.

She gave us some bones to chew on. She said they were good for our teeth and would help make our breath smell fresh. What? I smell with my nose, not my breath. Is Gramma getting too old?She says some very strange things to me. I turn down one ear and tilt my head to one side and look at her. She grabs me and kisses me and tells me I am too cute to live. That is kind of scary if you ask me. I will be glad when you get here so that you can tell her not to kill me cause I'm cute!

I have been meeting other dogs. Gramma says I have been very friendly. I am getting better about barking. She calls it yipping. She say I have a very high pitch and it is annoying. What's the deal here? I thought high would be good. I just don't know these things. I saw this dog yesterday, boy, did she have a lot of hair! She was black and white and her person was holding her on her back. She had a sort of smashed face like that cat, Gremlin, and she stuck her nose up and sniffed at me. Do you think she has a pedigree like Gremlin. He is snobby, too. Oscar and Emmy aren't snobby. They don't have smashed faces. Maybe you get snobby if you have a smashed face.

The man said I was a homely little fellow. Is that good? Gramma said that she agreed with him, but she said I had a very sweet disposition. I hope that is not something that will make me have to get a shot! One lady looked at my face really close and told Gramma that I was part Rat Terrier. I don't know if I like that. Does she mean I am part rat? Gramma doesn't like rats. I heard her tell Papa that. She said there was a rat in our house, but Papa said it was a mouse. She said that all rodents were rats to her. Is that me, too? I hope not cause Gramma set these traps for that rat she said got in our house. Oscar said if that rat comes out where he can see him he will show me how to kill it. I don't know if this is something I want to watch.

Gramma says that she can no longer sit here with me, she has work to do. Papa is at work and when he is not here Gramma takes things apart. That way Papa is always surprised when he comes home. She moved the refrigerator today and now she is going to take apart some cabinets. She sure does like to surprise Papa!

I will be counting the days until you come. Don't forget to bring me all those treats you have for me! Oh, and I think it would be nice if I shared them with Oscar and Emmy. Is that okay? I love you, Gavin. You are my best boy in the whole world!

Your dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She Tricked Me!

Dear Gavin,

I was having a perfectly nice day. Gramma mowed our yard again and I was having a great time rolling in the grass. She raked it all into a pile and I jumped in it! I thought she did it for us dogs; how was I supposed to know she wanted to get it out of the yard? She told me that I had earned a bath with my shenanigans. Oscar gave me a really dirty look and Emmy wasn't speaking to me.

We came inside and Gramma got busy in the store with some customers. When she finished with that, we all thought she was coming in the house to make us get in that tub... but she went outside to work in her garden. Oscar told me to be extra good when she came in. She was out there a long, long time. It was dark when she came in and she said, "Whew, I am tired and my back is killing me!" Oscar said we were home free. I didn't know what that meant, so I asked Emmy. She said, "It means we won't have to have that bath, you dummy!" I thought the dummy part was unnecessary. We were all very happy. Gramma sat down and ate some cottage cheese with pineapple (Oscar said that it was pretty gross and we did not want to lick that bowl).

Gramma was holding me and she stood up and went into the bathroom and put me in the tub! She shut the doors and went to get the other two. When she opened the door I jumped and ran. She tried to get me to come out from under the table, but I was way too smart for that. Then she got those yummy treats out. She tried to grab me when I took the treat, but I was way too fast for her. Ha, ha, I thought, you won't get me! She left me and went to the tub and washed Oscar and Emmy. I sat in the hall and watched her. She wouldn't talk to me, though.

Oscar was first and when he got dried off he jumped down and tried to bite me! Boy was he mad at me cause I was fast and got away. Maybe he shouldn't eat so much. Gramma was right, he is getting fat. So, I went back to the hall. She was drying Emmy and they were whispering. I think they were talking about me. Gramma gave them each a treat.... but not me. I was feeling pretty bad. Then she threw the ball and told me to get it. I did and then she sat down and I jumped in her lap. I guess you know what happened, huh? Yep, I got a bath. And I thought I had outsmarted her!

Well, I hope you have had a better day than me. I am clean and sleepy, so I will say good night to you, my boy. Sleep good, I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

You Are Coming To See Me!

Dear Gavin,
Gramma told me you are coming to see me! I am so excited. Wait until you see how I have grown. Gramma says that you have probably grown, too. She said that you will turn 5 years old while you are here. She told me that I am only 1 year old, but that I am still older than you in people years. How can that be?? Every time I think I know every thing, I learn something new.

What do you want to do while you are here? I think I want to jump up and lick your face to start with, then I will show you some new tricks I have learned. I am practising every day. I can hardly believe that you are coming! Where will you and I sleep? I sleep with Gramma, do you want to sleep in our bed? Oscar and Emmy will be there, too. Do you know them? That was dumb; of course you know them! Oscar says that you are a great ball thrower and Emmy says you are very sweet and gentle with her. Well, you don't have to be gentle with me. We will run and play, oh we will have so much fun!

Are you taking me back with you? I can stay if you don't have a new place to live yet. Gramma says that I am always welcome here at her house. Just like you are! She told me that Crash has even come to her house. I can hardly believe that. He is a giant! Did you know that Gramma used to have a dog named Louise and that she was Crash's sister? This house is little. Where did she sleep? Where will your mom sleep? Will she sleep in Gramma's bed, too. Wow, that would be really crowded. Oh, I remember that bedroom that Gramma let me see one time... you know, the one she calls the No Dog Zone. I bet your mom will sleep in there.

I am so excited--did I already say that? Gramma's new camera came today. She said we have to let the battery charge and then she will take more pictures of me and send them to you. Maybe she will take pictures of you when you come here. I hope so. Then I will look at you every day, cause you are my boy. I am on my very best behaviour while I wait for you to get here. Hurry, okay, cause I don't know how long I can keep this up. Don't forget that I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gramma Was Sad

Dear Gavin,

Gramma has been sad all week. She has been talking about a dog named Sarge. Did you know him? She said she missed him a lot and that he died one year ago. Oscar was sad, too. He said Sarge was a big dog, but that he was very kind. He told me how Sarge always played with him and tried to help him stay out of trouble when he was just a puppy like me. Emmy said Sarge was the oldest dog here when she came to live with Gramma. She told me how he would go out and make them all head back home when they went outside the fence. She told me another dog named Louise used to live here, too. Gramma told me that Sarge and Louise are both in heaven and that we will see them when we go to heaven.

I have tried really hard to be the best dog all week. I have been extra nice to Gramma, cause she was sad. I kissed her a lot. She likes that. She told me I was a good boy. Guess what? I learned how to sit up pretty for a treat! Gramma says, "Sit pretty." And I stand on my back legs and wait very still. You can't jump up in the air and you can't try to take the treat away from Gramma. She will give it to you. She says that I do a good job, but that I need to learn to tuck in my front paws. She says I look like I am scratching the air and it makes me look simple. What is simple? Emmy said it is a nice way of saying I look dumb. I will try to control my paws, but it is kind of hard to remember all that while I am balancing on my back legs.

Gramma lets us go in her sewing room with her. Emmy lays on her pillow, but Oscar and I like to play. There are scraps of cloth on the floor and sometimes they stick to my nose when I sniff them. Gramma laughs at me. She says I am so cute. She told me she is getting a new camera and will send you lots of pictures of me soon.

Gramma held me up to the window today so that I could see the birds on the grass. There were millions of them! I would really like to chase some birds. I know I can't fly, but I can jump really high. Do you think I could catch a bird? That cat that lives outside caught one! There were feathers all over the front porch. What did she do with that bird? Oscar said that I don't want to know...... but I do want to know, why won't he just tell me? Emmy won't tell me either and I am too scared of that cat to ask her. Maybe the other cat Gremlin will tell me. He's really snooty and I don't try to talk to him much.

Remember when I was a little puppy? Gramma said this was the first picture she ever saw of me. That's you holding me; you are my boy! I love you a whole, whole lot!

Your dog, Wall-E

Monday, April 13, 2009

It Rained All Day

Dear Gavin,
It rained all day today. I was so bored that I chewed up some of the firewood. Gramma said that it was okay to chew the firewood, but that I had better leave the furniture alone. I was confused until Oscar told me that the tables were made out of wood. I never would have thought of that. Maybe she shouldn't have said that!
Okay, just look at this picture of me. Do I look happy. No. That was the sweater she made me wear. The color was all wrong, don't you think? Made me look pale. It wasn't even my sweater, it's Oscar's and I am sure that it looked better on him!
I heard you on that phone again today. I heard your mom,too. She kind of scares me. When I hear her I think I might have to go get in my kennel. I told you that cat has been sleeping in it, didn't I? Well for the past few days he has been sleeping on top of this basket on the table by the couch. That cat has done nothing but sleep! Gramma says to be nice to him because he is old. I don't know if that is a good reason. That cat does not like me!
Last night it was raining and I had to go out. Gramma got up with me and Oscar and Emmy came with us. Gramma opened the door, but they refused to go out with me. Well, I didn't want to get wet either, so I decided to try to hold it and we all went back to bed. I tried my very best and waited as long as I could, but I had to wake Gramma up again. She wasn't too happy, but she got up and picked up Emmy. Oscar said to forget it, he stayed in bed. Gramma opened the door and it wasn't raining as much and I ran out as fast as I could. Emmy didn't go out, She made Gramma hold her and they spied on me at that window. I was so mad at them! I had to do my business and I wanted my privacy! It's just wrong to not give a guy his privacy!
Gramma says we can't eat right before we go to bed anymore. I just don't understand her. Papa says we all have to do what Gramma says, though. I love you. I bet you would let me eat before I go to bed, wouldn't you? Don't forget you are my boy!
Your dog, Wall-E

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Dear Gavin,

We had company! Company is when people come to see us in the house... not the store. Gramma cooked some food and Bob (that big guy who plays with us) and Karen (the nice lady who petted me) and April (she's nice, too) and Butch (he was new, but he likes dogs, too). Anyway, they all came and ate dinner at that big table I like to hide under. It was cool, us dogs hung out under the table and people gave us food. I think I like company.

Before that I got to play outside a lot and it was warm. Gramma washed all the floors. She was mad at that cat. He keeps peeing on the floor. Did you know that cats have their very own bathrooms? Gramma called it a litter box. She is mad because he doesn't use his. Why don't dogs have litter boxes? I saw that cat's litter box. I just thought it was a box of sand with a lid on it and a hole in the lid. Emmy told me to stay away from it because Gramma said those brown things were not tootsie rolls. What is that supposed to mean? Emmy doesn't know why Gramma says these things, either. She says that Gramma will swat you with that fly swatter if you go in the litter box. Is that why that cat quit going in it? I get so confused!

Papa said his back hurt because of me. Hey, I am not that heavy and I do not know why he would say such a thing. But then he said his back was hurting because he wore old shoes to work and that he couldn't wear his good shoes because I chewed one up. Now I know why he said that. I had totally forgotten about that shoe. Well, Gramma was talking on that phone and she was telling your Aunt Diane about the shoe and that got me thinking. I decided that I should chew the other shoe so that they would match. I was very pleased with my idea, but Gramma didn't think much of it, cause when she found me she swatted me and took the good shoe away from me. I do not think I will ever figure this Gramma of yours out!

Today is kind of cold and sleepy. I have been out a bunch of times, but Oscar and Emmy won't go out with me. It's not as much fun without them. All they want to do is sleep. Gramma said she wished that she could sleep, too. The phone keeps ringing, though. Papa is at work and I am sitting here in Gramma's lap writing this letter to my boy-- that's you! I miss you, my boy. Don't forget that I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

Friday, April 10, 2009


Dear Gavin,

Papa is really angry at me..... I chewed up his work shoes. He said they were new. Hey, I'm new, too!! Papa yelled at me, but he couldn't catch me. He told me to get in my kennel, but that cat, Gremlin sleeps in it now. He has some wicked claws on his two back feet..... don't ask. So, I hid under that big table again. Gramma was sewing and she heard Papa. I thought she came to rescue me, so I ran to her. She swatted me with that fly swatter. That thing really smarts, let me tell you! Then she asked me who was going to buy new shoes for Papa. How do you buy anyway? I just don't know these things. You buy shoes? I did not know this. And can't he just wear them any way? I didn't chew much of it off. Gramma told him he should learn to put his stuff away. Then she told him she was not his mother. Why did she tell him that?

I guess he wasn't too mad, cause he played ball with me and Oscar. I finally found out what mow means! Gramma made us all go inside, then she took this really loud thing with wheels on it and pushed it around the yard. When she got done she let us back out. It looked like somebody cut all the grass down the very same length!! It was cool. And the best part was running in it. It turned my feet green. I liked the smell, too. Emmy says she will do this a lot while the weather is warm.

Gramma made oatmeal cookies today. She made some without raisins for us, she said raisins are bad for dogs. What are raisins? The oatmeal cookies were yummy. That cat, Gremlin wouldn't eat his, so Gramma broke it into pieces for us. I got the biggest piece! Gramma told Oscar he was developing a weight problem and that he should quit trying to keep up with me when I eat. He won't talk to me now. Emmy says he will forget about it by tomorrow.

Gramma took the gate down in the hallway and now she just keeps the door to her bedroom closed. She put the gate in the store so that us dogs can go in there with her. Oscar knows how to unlatch the gate, but Gramma put two latches on it! He is not happy about that! I like to go in Gramma's sewing room with her. Today she was making a dress for Maya. She made a dress for Jada yesterday and she made a whole outfit for Layla!! She said that Jada and Zara would have birthdays soon. Which reminds me... when is my birthday? I need to know so that I can tell Gramma. I want a party!! I want everybody to sing that song to me and we can all eat some dog biscuits. Will you come? I couldn't have a happy birthday without you, cause you are my boy. I miss you today, but I would miss you even more on a special day. Gramma read your letter to me. I was glad that you wrote. I love you--don't forget that!

Your dog, Wall-E

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hi Gavin,
Here are some of the pictures I took of your dog. Doesn't he look happy? He is still getting into trouble some, but I have been teaching him some new things. He is still a puppy, you know and we can't expect him to be a good boy all the time. He is learning to sit up and beg for treats like Oscar. He watches Oscar all the time and tries to do everything that Oscar does. It is really cute. I like to watch them play together. Wall-E is learning not to bark every time a customer comes into the store. He did very well this weekend.
He won't come to bed with me and the other dogs on the nights that Papa has to work! he sits on the back of the chair and waits for Papa. Isn't that sweet? Now, if I can just teach him not to bark when Papa comes in the door!
I know that Wall-E writes to you, but I wanted to let you know that he is doing well. He seems to like it here and he gets along good with the other dogs. Not so much with Gremlin, though. Remember that Gremlin is very old and set in his ways.
Wall-E misses you, but I miss you more. I will be happy when you come to see me. Be a very good boy for your mom, okay. Don't forget that I love you lots and lots.
Love, Gramma Kathy

A Word From Gremlin

Dear Gavin,
When are you coming to retrieve this pesky dog of yours? I pray that it is soon. I do not enjoy his pranks. He is always running hither and dither, wagging his silly looking tail at any and all who look his way. I tell you this animal lacks dignity. This is just the beginning of my objections to his residence here in my home.
This dog of yours insists upon sharing our water dish. Now, the other two may not mind this sharing thing; I, however, do. Taking into consideration that he is still young doesn't apply to me. I have already trained my two dogs to my liking and am not apt to want to go through this process again with yours. You will note that I refrain from using the name you bestowed upon the poor creature. You gave him a name that was used for a character in a movie for heavens sake! Who does that? The name lacks dignity!
There is the shedding issue. White hair flies everywhere as he prances gleefully throughout the house. Some have actually landed in my eyes causing me great inconvenience. Once, as I tried to get one out he tackled me to the floor and bit down on my neck! Why he could have dealt a fatal bite to me! I could have been killed!
My dogs seem to like your creature. We have pedigrees. Oscar and Emmy are CKC registered and I am AKC registered. What exactly is in this mutt of yours? Perhaps he would be more suited to live outside our home with that..... that plain cat that stays outside. She also lacks any proof of lineage that would identify her as pedigreed. Once again I ask you, do you have any idea of this animal's heritage? I thought not. I don't want to appear to be snobbish, but you can see that he simply does not fit in. As much as the others disagree, I must insist that you see things my way.
In closing, I submit that you must come and take your dog away as it has become increasingly obvious that my humans have grown quite attached to him. They treat him as if he were one of us. Sniff. Unbelievable!
Sincerely, Your cat-uncle,

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hi Gavin,
I wanted to show you this picture of me with Wall-E. We were wearing matching sweaters. Don't we look adorable? I don't think Wall-E likes his sweater. He doesn't look all that happy.
I wanted to talk to you about Wall-E. He doesn't know I am writing to you. He is asleep right now. He gets back in bed in the morning with your Papa. I prefer to get up and start my day. Any way, back to your dog. Why does he chew on everything? If memory serves me right, I didn't do that when I was young. Yesterday he chewed up one of my mommy's favorite things. That is just wrong. Now he will have to stay in his kennel when she is gone. I am not looking forward to this. I just know he is going to cry and carry on and I don't want to listen to that!
Another annoying habit of his...he likes to tackle me. Does he not realize just how big he is and how small I am? I have tried to let him know that I don't enjoy these encounters. I keep biting him, but he thinks I am playing with him. Now, when Oscar bites him he stops immediately. Hmm, maybe I should get Oscar to bite him for me!
I like playing with Wall-E. We have this one game we play that is great fun. Wall-E takes Oscar's ball and Oscar chases him, then Wall-E lets Oscar have the ball and we both chase Oscar! We run and run. Sometimes I use my teeth to hang onto Oscar's neck. Wall-E tried it, but he bit too hard and Oscar got mad and bit him back. I tried to show him how to do it, but he can't seem to get the hang of it. What can I's an art and I am the artist!
We have lots of fun together. I taught your dog all about grooming. I clean his ears for him and Oscar cleans his face. We all kind of clean each other. Your Gramma calls it a lick-a-thon. I think she made that up. She makes up lots of words....and songs. But you know that, she is your Gramma! I hope you come to see your dog soon. He misses you. I like it when you come. You are very gentle with me. Hey, maybe you could explain how to play with me gently to Wall-E! I would really appreciate that.
I must go nap now. I need all my energy to be able to keep up with Wall-E. He is younger than me, you know. Hope to see you soon!
Lots of love,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear Gavin,

Gramma finally remembered to take her film and get it developed. I think I

look quite handsome. What do you think? I still have one of the toys you

sent with me when I came to live with Gramma and Papa. See it? See my

new choke chain?

Gramma and Papa went out to dinner last night. They left us here! That

crazy cat went in the bathroom and let me tell you, he made quite a mess!

Gramma says that she thinks he must have lost his mind. She said that his

new name should be Sir Pees Alot. I thought that was funny. I was kind of

glad that he made this big smelly mess--man, cat pee stinks!

I kind of accidentally chewed up one of Gramma's baskets. Hey, I didn't

know she liked the stupid basket so much. She discovered the parts of the

basket on the floor when she was going to watch TV. She hollered at me!

I ran to Papa and sat with him, but he told me that he was mad at me, too.

Papa swept up the mess I made this morning and Gramma had to go to the

grocery. That's where you buy food. She bought us some treats. They taste

like bacon. I like them a lot. Oscar sits straight up and he gets a treat. Gramma

keeps trying to make me do it--it is harder than it looks! I try, but I can't stay

up like Oscar does. I will have to practice. Emmy doesn't have to do anything,

you know, cause of her back.

Personally I think she could, but she doesn't have to.After the treats, Gramma

started cleaning and she found this thing I had been chewing on. She called it

a coaster. Hey, I did not know this thing was special and I was tired of chewing

on my old toys. She was mad at me again. She said she had cross-stitched it

and that it was one her favorite ones and that she didn't have that pattern

anymore. Hey, how was I supposed to know? She swatted me with the fly

swatter. She told me that I had done it now, that she was not going to keep

putting everything up in case I decided to gnaw on it. Then she went outside.

"Where did she go?" I asked Oscar. He said that maybe she was playing in

her garden and to just be quiet because he is taking a napA little while later

Gramma came in with my kennel. "Uh-oh," I thought "this is not good." Then

Gramma and I had one of those talks (she likes talks).

She told me that I will have to be put in my kennel whenever she leaves the

house from now on. She says I can't be trusted to behave and that she knows

I won't like it, but that's the way it is. I am hoping that she forgets about this,

because I do not want to be put in that cage! Papa hasn't seen this yet, maybe

he will take it back out to the shed.

I think we are going to bed now. I am tired, are you? I hope you dream about

me. I will dream about you...don't forget I love you and that you are my boy.

Your faithful dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oatmeal....Not For Dogs

Dear Gavin,

I have been very good. Gramma said so. It is starting to get warm again and I

have been playing outside a lot. Papa fixed the fence. Not just that one spot,

but all of it. We had been looking at some other interesting loose boards, but I

guess Papa must have known. There is still lots of hiding places in the back

yard. I like to hide, then jump on Emmy or Oscar when they come around a

corner. It is great fun. I tried it out on Gramma. I had my mouth open when I

jumped up on her leg and I accidentally hit her hand with my tooth. She

wasn't happy about that. I was sorry because I must have really hurt her hand

... she called it her knuckle and there were tears in her eyes. I felt bad about it.

Gramma sure does like to sew a lot. She stayed in her sewing room almost all

afternoon yesterday. While she was in there it got dark outside! She told us

she was sorry that she had let time get away from her. What does that mean?

Can you hold time and where does it go when it runs away? I don't know these


Any way, Oscar did a bad thing while time was running away from Gramma.

He opened the door to the pantry. Last time he did that we got out this box of

crackers and we ate them. They were yummy. We got in trouble about it, but

they were really yummy. Well, yesterday, Oscar got this round box and it had

a plastic lid on it. It took awhile, but he finally got that lid off. We tasted the

stuff that poured out of the round box. Yuck! I did not like it. It stuck to my

tongue and when I tried to drink water it got all gooey. No, I do not want to eat

that stuff from the round box with the plastic lid. Oscar didn't like it either and

Emmy wouldn't even try it.

When Gramma found all that stuff in the floor she said, "Oscar, how many

times will I have to spank you about this?" She didn't even think it was me!!!!!

I tell you, she has special powers, this Gramma of yours. She called that stuff

oatmeal. She said, "First it was my Ritz crackers, now the oatmeal, you bad,

bad dog!" She was talking to Oscar. She was holding him and making him look

at her, she said, "You look at me when I am talking to you!". She does this to

me when she is scolding me, too. Don't tell Oscar, but I kind of liked it when

he got in trouble.

Well, it is time to go outside again. I have to practice my leg lift. Oscar tells

me it comes in handy when you want to aim it on something to mark it with

your smell. Emmy said it would not be a good idea to do this in the house,

she is probably right about that. I hope I will see you soon because you are

my boy and I miss you. Don't tell your mom, but I miss her, too.

Your dog, Wall-E