Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Is In A Name?

Dear Gavin,

Gramma and I were looking through the pictures on the computer and we found one of the evil calico cat. You remember her, don't you? This is the cat that attacked poor Smokey. Gramma failed in her attempt to get this cat to live somewhere else, probably because Papa was feeding her. He even named her ........... Marbles. Gramma wrinkled her nose at this name and asked Papa what he was thinking. He said that he thought that all the different colors of her fur looked like marbles to him. Gramma said that her name should be Callie, the Calico. Well, that is if we were going to let her live here.

This cat with two names seemed to calm down and stop fighting with Smokey. Us dogs were not convinced, though. This calico cat began rubbing against Gramma's legs and sitting in Gramma's lap. She would even purr loudly. But poor Smokey was sad. She was still afraid of this calico cat. She was growing thin and Gramma had to put her food on the other side of the porch. This calico cat took over Smokey's bed and her food dish!

But, that is not the end of the story of this calico cat. This cat with two names decided to never leave the front porch. She ate there, she slept there, she laid in the sunshine there and she decided to make the porch her bathroom, too. Gramma would open the front door and the smell would come right into our house!! Gramma was mad!! Gramma had to scub down the whole front porch with bleach and some other stuff that smelled like pine trees. Us dogs heard her talk to the cat with two names and warn her that she would not be happy if she had to do this cleaning again. But, the calico cat did not listen and Gramma cleaned again and again ...............

Then, it happened! Callie, the Calico Cat pooped on Gramma's table on the front porch!! Us dogs gathered at the window to see what would happen to the cat that Papa called Marbles. Gramma called Papa and told him to report to the front porch immediately. We heard Papa come up in the golf cart (Papa is not a walking person, you know). He asked Gramma what was wrong and she told him that the cat with two names had sealed her fate. "What does she mean?" I asked Oscar. Oscar wasn't sure, but said that it would not be good for the calico cat with two names. Papa asked Gramma what she wanted him to do and Gramma told Papa that the cat must go for a ride. Us dogs all looked at each other and wondered why this bad cat would get a treat! Turns out that Papa took the calico cat to a new home away from our home. Honestly, us dogs were glad!

These dogs live here in our kampground with one of Gramma's friends. These were all rescue dogs. They all had names when Miss Yvonne got them. Gramma said that it is funny that their names all sound alike. They are Frank, Tango and Tank. Tank is the big one. I can see why his name is Tank ..... he is really big. Frank is Frank the Pug. Apparently he is named after a dog in a movie. But Tango .............. do you suppose he dances?

This dog is named Willy and his people own a garage ............ and they call it Willy's Garage! So, instead of naming the dog after something, they named their business after their dog!

Wow, this turned into a long letter! I think I might need a little nap now. I will be dreaming about my name. You named me, right? When I come to see you, maybe you will tell me the story behind my name, okay? I am counting the days until this holiday called Thanksgiving ...... are you?

Your curious dog, Wall-E

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Other Dogs

Dear Gavin,

I guess you know that other dogs are here in our park. I see them from my window. Well, I call it my window, but Gramma says that it is her window. Can you believe that she got angry with me because I accidentally got some nose prints on the window? Gramma said it was dog snot. Oscar told me what this stuff called snot is and I want to say that I am not sick and I cannot help it if my nose is always wet. She should worry if my nose is not wet!!

But this is not about my nose today. Gramma lets me see some of these dogs that visit our park on the weekends and some that just pass through. Gramma says that most of our kampers have dogs and that they love just like she loves us dogs here at our house. Gramma even told me that she thinks there is something wrong with people who don't like dogs! I think she is right about this.

This is Cooper. He is just a pup and he won't get very big ....... like Emmy. He belongs to Miss Nan. She is a good friend of Gramma's. He barely makes any noise, he just likes to sit in his person's lap ........... or any body's lap.

I must confess that I am not fond of this picture. Papa looks all lovesick over this dog called Cooper. I hope he is not thinking about loving another dog!! I do not think I would like this too much. Oscar reminded me that I was once new. I wonder if Oscar and Emmy were jealous of me.

This is a puppy that was just here for a weekend. I don't know his name. Gramma says that he will be a big dog when he finishes growing.

This little dog had some big eyes!! Her person bought a harness and leash from Gramma. I think her person looks like her, don't you?

These two pups belong to Mr. Rich and Miss Sue. They are new, too. They are Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie is the girl and she is brindle like your dog, Rocky. Clyde is the boy and he has a white mask on his face. Gramma tells me that these pups have grown to be three times bigger than they were when she first saw them! I wonder just how big Bonnie and Clyde will be! They are brother and sister dogs. Oscar and Emmy aren't. They are husband and wife dogs. This is all very confusing to me.

Gramma likes Clyde the best. She says he is quite handsome. What do you think?
I am sitting here in Gramma's lap as I write this to you. I think I mentioned that Gramma changed the furniture around and now she sits in a chair. She used to sit on the love seat. I liked the love seat better. All of us dogs could find a spot near Gramma on this love seat. When we are in the chair we have to take turns or sit on top of each other! Why did she do this thing called moving furniture around? I hope your mom isn't moving the furniture.
I will be coming to see you soon. Papa says we will be going to your house for Thanksgiving! I am excited. Oscar says he isn't all that thrilled to be going to your house and sharing space with Rocky. But, he goes where ever Gramma goes. So do I. So does Emmy. So does Papa. That is just the way it is. We all love Gramma and want her to be happy.
Gramma says her legs are numb from holding me and I am ready to go outside and chase the ball with Oscar. He is getting old and fat, so I am helping Gramma keep him in shape. I will see you very soon, my boy.
Your helpful dog, Wall-E