Friday, March 27, 2009

From Oscar

Dear Gavin,

For just how long will your dog be here with us? Last night was just awful. He

kept digging his claws into my side. He won't let anyone clip them; however,

I can't hold that against him since I won't allow mine to be trimmed either.

He is really slow at learning the rules. Not your Gramma's rules. MY rules.

Every day I have to remind him that I am the number one dog here. ME,

not him. He presumes to eat out of my food dish and I allow it; but, dude,

he is sloppy. He keeps getting food in the water dish. This is simply not

acceptable. Have you ever had to drink behind some one who gets their food

in the drink? Gross!

Then, there is the issue with Emmy. She is my wife-dog and now she plays

with HIM all the time, instead of me. Also not acceptable. But the most

annoying thing is that he is always kissing my mommy (your Gramma). He

tries to sit by her every time she sits down. If I am there in the chosen spot

he will get on top of me and worm his way between us. I really hate that.

If I growl at him, I get scolded. I do not like it--no, not at all!

When bed time arrives he tries to get in my favorite sleeping spot. This is just

wrong. I have always slept right next to my mommy's leg and I can promise

you this .... I will bite him if he keeps this behaviour up. I hope that you will

speak to him about this. I do like him, but there is a limit to what I can


With love, Your Uncle-Dog, Oscar

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