Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweaters, for real?

Dear Gavin,

I hope you had a good day. I didn't. Gramma made me wear a sweater, that's

what she called it, anyway. I was a little cold and so was Emmy, so all of a

sudden there was Gramma with these sweater things in her hand. She told me

I would be nice and warm if I would let her put it on me. You don't really have

a choice if Gramma decides you are going to do something. She put it on me

and right away I didn't like it. I put my ears down and she knew I was not


She got out her camera and said she was going to take my picture, so I ran

from her and hid under the table. I guess her joints weren't hurting today

because she crawled under that table and got me out! I thought about biting

her, but I remember what happened last time I tried that and she bit me

back. She put me on the couch and said I looked adorable. She put Emmy's

sweater on and put her on the couch with me. She likes sweaters. I don't. It

was tight. Gramma said that it was supposed to fit snugly (whatever that

means), but I said it was tight. It has purple and gold stripes and she told

me that I was a Minnesota Viking's fan. I don't know what that means, do


She took pictures of me in that stupid sweater, so I guess you will see those

soon. She finally let me take it off. I jumped up gave her a kiss. She liked that

and she picked me up, so I gave her a hug, too. Then, just when I was feeling

good she told me she would make me another outfit. Why would she do that?

Oscar told me that on Halloween she made him wear a hot dog suit. I hope she

doesn't do that to me. All I need is a collar, thank you very much! Does your

mom have sweaters for you? Do you like them?

I saw your picture on that letter you wrote to me. I miss you, my boy. You

aren't going to get another dog and be his boy are you? I wouldn't like that,

not at all! Don't forget, you are my boy and I love you very much.

Your dog, your only dog, Wall-E

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