Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gramma Is Leaving

Dear Gavin,
I woke up this morning and Gramma was already in the shower! I saw this. This is her luggage! She is leaving to go see you! This is just wrong. Why can't I go, too? I want to go with her, I don't want to stay here.
Oscar and Emmy are just staring at me. What is wrong with them? Why don't they want to go?
Oh............. Oscar just told me. Gramma is getting on a plane. Did you know that they put dogs in cages with the luggage? That is just wrong, I tell you. I think I want to stay here after all.
I hope you have fun with Gramma and send back lots of kisses and good little boy smells for me to sniff. Gramma will be bringing you lots of my hair on her clothes ........... I am shedding. Stress shedding. I am missing you, my boy.
Don't forget that I love you and you are my boy!
Your shedding dog, Wall-E

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Gavin,

I went exploring in the driveway today. Papa plowed the snow with that big blade on the front of his tractor. It was cool, cause I could walk and not sink down in the snow. But where are Gramma's flowers? And the grass?

Emmy was very cautious. She just watched me and Oscar while we ran. Gramma had to put down the camera because we were running down the driveway ........... we got in trouble. Emmy didn't.

Oscar stopped to lift his leg and pee on some globs of dirty snow. He said he was marking the territory to warn those bobcats not to come near our house.

Then he sniffed it to make sure he did a good job. Gramma says this is a disgusting habit he has.

I tasted the snow. It tastes just like water! Very cold water.
Are you playing in the snow today? I hope you remember to wear your gloves and hat. I have a fur coat to keep me warm! I miss you and wish that you were here to play with me.
Love, Wall-E

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lots of Snow

Dear Gavin,
Is it snowing in Minnesota? It is snowing here in Missouri. Can you see me in the picture Gramma took while it was snowing in the back yard? Gramma says that I am in my element if I want to remain hidden from any predators. I didn't even ask what that word meant. I just ran out into the snow to play. I ran and I ran. It was exhilarating, my boy. I pushed my nose under the snow and tried to find some of the toys I had left in the yard. I jumped into the air and landed in the snow. I had a great time. Oscar was a party pooper, though. He would not chase me and when I ran around him and jumped on him he growled a warning. Emmy simply laid low when I ran near her and finally Gramma scolded me for not leaving her alone. They are old, you know.
Can you see me? You can see Oscar because he is black. I am white, just like the snow and you have to look very carefully to find me.

Do you see Oscar growling at me? Not very nice if you ask me. After we came inside, Gramma told me what that word she used meant. She told me that a predator would have a hard time finding me in the snow, but that Emmy and Oscar would be easy prey. A predator would be another animal looking for food ......... like those bobcats. She told me that some predators are birds! I chase birds all the time. I will admit that I have never caught one and don't really know what I would do with one if I caught it. I have heard stories about that cat that lives on our front porch. Emmy told me that she has seen feathers and that cat has actually eaten the bird! I guess that would mean that the cat is a predator, too. Gramma explained that their are very large birds that like to eat meat and that they are so strong they can swoop down and pick up rabbits with their claws and carry them away! they are called hawks and eagles and owls.
Is there anything that Gramma does not know? I don't think there is! There is one thing that I know. I know that you are my best boy and that I am missing you tonight. I am going to bed now and dream of playing with you this summer. Don't forget to tell your mom that you must come and stay here with me.
I love you! Your sleepy dog, Wall-E