Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sad For Rocky

Dear Gavin,
Oscar and I sat on the back of the couch today while we waited for Gramma to come home. She had to go pick up her medicine and get supplies. I am not sure what supplies are, but she brought a lot of bags into the house. After she put most of the stuff away, she told all of us dogs to come sit with her on the couch.

Her eyes were all red and shiny. Emmy crawled into Gramma's lap and Oscar told me that he thought Gramma had been crying. She hugged all of us dogs together until we squirmed out of her arms, then she told us that Rocky had to leave your house and go stay somewhere else. She told us that he bit someone! Oscar wanted to know if someone had tried to hurt you or your mom, but Gramma said that was the strange part, because there was no reason for him to bite.

I am so sad that this happened to you, my boy. I was really beginning to like Rocky and I was happy that you had a big dog to play with you and protect you.

I will miss Rocky, too. Not as much as I miss you tonight. Gramma had to wipe the tears from my eyes. She had to wipe her eyes, too. We are both very sad for you, my boy. Gramma says that we will have to figure out a way to get me on the plane with her when she goes to your house in the spring. She tells me that if I will be very good and lay very still in a very small kennel that we might be able to take me on board as a carry-on. I am not sure what a carry-on is, but I am willing to behave to be able to see you.

Be a brave boy tonight. I am thinking about you and sending you all the best thoughts that I have. Don't forget that I love you and that you are the very best boy a dog could have.

I love you! Your faithful dog, Wall-E

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It Is Good To Be Home......

Dear Gavin,

Finally! I am finally rested enough to write my letter to you. Gramma always says that traveling is tiring and now I believe her! Poor Gramma is sick since we came home. I admit that us dogs like it when Gramma is not feeling too good, cause she lets us sit with her on the couch. Papa built a fire and Gramma has some blankets for her and us dogs to snuggle under. She is drinking hot tea ............. I took a lick when she wasn't looking and honestly don't know why anyone would want to drink it. She says it makes her throat feel better, but it just burned my tongue. I won't be drinking anything with the word "hot" in front of it!

We got to your house after driving all day long in the car. If you will remember, I don't enjoy rides, but Papa put my kennel in the car and Gramma put us dog's favorite blanket in the dryer and had it all nice and warm for us. It was cold and raining and I slept most of the time.

On Thanksgiving morning, while Papa and your mom went to the store (Gramma forgot our food!!), you dressed like a Pilgrim and gave us dogs some treats. That was fun! You made sure that I got my treat and Rocky didn't take it from me. You are, after all, my boy. You always will be, you know.

We had to get back in the car and went to see Layla and Gage .............. and that giant dog, Georgie. Emmy tells me that Louise was a big dog like Georgie. I never met Louise, but this dog called Georgie scared me! I growled at her, I was so scared. She acted like she was scared of me!

Boy, she is big! Really big. Even her feet are big. Her mouth is big. My whole head would fit in her big mouth. I stayed close to Papa while you played with Layla. Just in case this Georgie girl was hungry. Emmy says that she used to sleep on Louise's paw. I don't think I want to try that!

As long as Papa's arm was around me I knew I was okay.

Oscar kept watch on the other side of Papa.

We stayed in the kennel a lot. It was safe in there.

It was like being in jail!! At Maya's house, there were lots of people and us dogs could smell delicious food. Gramma told us to stay put so she could help out in the kitchen. She told me later that Gramma Barb and Diane had everything under control and all she did was snack and talk! Can you believe she just left us there?

Baby Zara woke up from her nap and came for a visit. There are cats here at this house, but Zara told us dogs she really hoped that Santa would bring her a puppy! I like Zara. She was petting me and talking to me.

I think Baby Zara wanted to go home with us! She did not want to come out of our kennel. Her big sisters told her to come out, but she would not!

Maya held the door open and you crawled in to get me! Gramma and Papa were laughing at you. Us dogs were, too.

The next day everybody came to your house and Rocky got too excited and had to stay in his kennel. His kennel is big! He is big, too. He is not as big as Georgie. I am not afraid of Rocky anymore. I let him know that you were my boy first and now we play together. I am glad that he is there to help your mom take care of you. He told me that he would attack any body who dared to bother you and your mom. I like that.

Emmy likes Jada. I think Layla must have taught her how to hold Emmy very carefully. She did a good job!

Maya played with me and Oscar after Rocky was put in his kennel. She was afraid of Rocky, but not us.

After everybody left on our last night, Rocky gave us a show with one of his toys.

We all watched a movie while your mom gave Papa a pedicure. Gramma put her camera away and packed all of our stuff up .................. then she lay down on the floor and your dog, Rocky, lay down next to Gramma and put his head on her shoulder! Emmy's eyes grew wide and Oscar sniffed. I thought it was okay, cause I slept with you that night.
I was truly torn the next morning. Papa called my name and I looked out from the warm covers of your bed. He said that it was time to go home. He picked me up and then he went to get my lead. I scrambled back under the covers ............... I wanted to stay. I wanted to stay with you, my boy. You were warm. Papa's coat was cold. I was sleepy and I wanted to just go back to sleep and stay in bed with you. You are my boy and I love you. But, then I heard Papa call my name again. I love Papa, too. If I stayed with you, who was going to take care of Papa? He is getting older, you know and I keep him warm at night. If I stayed with you, who would play ball with Oscar? Who would watch out for Emmy when she went outside? Not to mention Gramma. Gramma sometimes calls me Sarge. That is the name of her dog that died and she says that I have his soul living in me. She really needs me, too. She is not so young herself, you know. I keep her warm when she is not feeling good. They all need me.
So, you can see that I had to come home with them. Who would write letters to you if I stayed?
Your thoughtful dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Is In A Name?

Dear Gavin,

Gramma and I were looking through the pictures on the computer and we found one of the evil calico cat. You remember her, don't you? This is the cat that attacked poor Smokey. Gramma failed in her attempt to get this cat to live somewhere else, probably because Papa was feeding her. He even named her ........... Marbles. Gramma wrinkled her nose at this name and asked Papa what he was thinking. He said that he thought that all the different colors of her fur looked like marbles to him. Gramma said that her name should be Callie, the Calico. Well, that is if we were going to let her live here.

This cat with two names seemed to calm down and stop fighting with Smokey. Us dogs were not convinced, though. This calico cat began rubbing against Gramma's legs and sitting in Gramma's lap. She would even purr loudly. But poor Smokey was sad. She was still afraid of this calico cat. She was growing thin and Gramma had to put her food on the other side of the porch. This calico cat took over Smokey's bed and her food dish!

But, that is not the end of the story of this calico cat. This cat with two names decided to never leave the front porch. She ate there, she slept there, she laid in the sunshine there and she decided to make the porch her bathroom, too. Gramma would open the front door and the smell would come right into our house!! Gramma was mad!! Gramma had to scub down the whole front porch with bleach and some other stuff that smelled like pine trees. Us dogs heard her talk to the cat with two names and warn her that she would not be happy if she had to do this cleaning again. But, the calico cat did not listen and Gramma cleaned again and again ...............

Then, it happened! Callie, the Calico Cat pooped on Gramma's table on the front porch!! Us dogs gathered at the window to see what would happen to the cat that Papa called Marbles. Gramma called Papa and told him to report to the front porch immediately. We heard Papa come up in the golf cart (Papa is not a walking person, you know). He asked Gramma what was wrong and she told him that the cat with two names had sealed her fate. "What does she mean?" I asked Oscar. Oscar wasn't sure, but said that it would not be good for the calico cat with two names. Papa asked Gramma what she wanted him to do and Gramma told Papa that the cat must go for a ride. Us dogs all looked at each other and wondered why this bad cat would get a treat! Turns out that Papa took the calico cat to a new home away from our home. Honestly, us dogs were glad!

These dogs live here in our kampground with one of Gramma's friends. These were all rescue dogs. They all had names when Miss Yvonne got them. Gramma said that it is funny that their names all sound alike. They are Frank, Tango and Tank. Tank is the big one. I can see why his name is Tank ..... he is really big. Frank is Frank the Pug. Apparently he is named after a dog in a movie. But Tango .............. do you suppose he dances?

This dog is named Willy and his people own a garage ............ and they call it Willy's Garage! So, instead of naming the dog after something, they named their business after their dog!

Wow, this turned into a long letter! I think I might need a little nap now. I will be dreaming about my name. You named me, right? When I come to see you, maybe you will tell me the story behind my name, okay? I am counting the days until this holiday called Thanksgiving ...... are you?

Your curious dog, Wall-E

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Other Dogs

Dear Gavin,

I guess you know that other dogs are here in our park. I see them from my window. Well, I call it my window, but Gramma says that it is her window. Can you believe that she got angry with me because I accidentally got some nose prints on the window? Gramma said it was dog snot. Oscar told me what this stuff called snot is and I want to say that I am not sick and I cannot help it if my nose is always wet. She should worry if my nose is not wet!!

But this is not about my nose today. Gramma lets me see some of these dogs that visit our park on the weekends and some that just pass through. Gramma says that most of our kampers have dogs and that they love just like she loves us dogs here at our house. Gramma even told me that she thinks there is something wrong with people who don't like dogs! I think she is right about this.

This is Cooper. He is just a pup and he won't get very big ....... like Emmy. He belongs to Miss Nan. She is a good friend of Gramma's. He barely makes any noise, he just likes to sit in his person's lap ........... or any body's lap.

I must confess that I am not fond of this picture. Papa looks all lovesick over this dog called Cooper. I hope he is not thinking about loving another dog!! I do not think I would like this too much. Oscar reminded me that I was once new. I wonder if Oscar and Emmy were jealous of me.

This is a puppy that was just here for a weekend. I don't know his name. Gramma says that he will be a big dog when he finishes growing.

This little dog had some big eyes!! Her person bought a harness and leash from Gramma. I think her person looks like her, don't you?

These two pups belong to Mr. Rich and Miss Sue. They are new, too. They are Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie is the girl and she is brindle like your dog, Rocky. Clyde is the boy and he has a white mask on his face. Gramma tells me that these pups have grown to be three times bigger than they were when she first saw them! I wonder just how big Bonnie and Clyde will be! They are brother and sister dogs. Oscar and Emmy aren't. They are husband and wife dogs. This is all very confusing to me.

Gramma likes Clyde the best. She says he is quite handsome. What do you think?
I am sitting here in Gramma's lap as I write this to you. I think I mentioned that Gramma changed the furniture around and now she sits in a chair. She used to sit on the love seat. I liked the love seat better. All of us dogs could find a spot near Gramma on this love seat. When we are in the chair we have to take turns or sit on top of each other! Why did she do this thing called moving furniture around? I hope your mom isn't moving the furniture.
I will be coming to see you soon. Papa says we will be going to your house for Thanksgiving! I am excited. Oscar says he isn't all that thrilled to be going to your house and sharing space with Rocky. But, he goes where ever Gramma goes. So do I. So does Emmy. So does Papa. That is just the way it is. We all love Gramma and want her to be happy.
Gramma says her legs are numb from holding me and I am ready to go outside and chase the ball with Oscar. He is getting old and fat, so I am helping Gramma keep him in shape. I will see you very soon, my boy.
Your helpful dog, Wall-E

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!!

Dear Gavin,
Last time I was able to write to you was before you came to see me and that was almost 3 months ago! Gramma was so mad at blogger because she could not log on. I really don't know what that means. Looks like Gramma doesn't know either! I made a joke. Oscar says I am too smart for my pants. He is getting old and must need to have his eyes checked, cause I don't wear pants.

Here you are in Papa's truck. Gramma lets me look at your picture a lot. I miss you, you know.

I have to admit that I was afraid of your new dog, Rocky. He really liked Papa, didn't he?

My most favorite part of my visit with you was sleeping next to my boy! I guess it was okay that Rocky was in the bed, too. I would have preferred having you all to myself, but Gramma told me that it was a sign of growing up that I was able to share. She told me that she was proud of me for being such a good dog while Rocky was here.
I feel the need to apologize for the behaviour of Oscar and Emmy. I was so scared when I heard Oscar attack Rocky! I couldn't believe he would try to take on such a big dog. I think I have mentioned before that Oscar is not afraid of anything. Still, though, Gramma had talked to all of us before you arrived and warned Oscar to be on his best behaviour. He said he just wanted Rocky to know who was boss. I kind of expected him to do that, but I was surprised that Emmy was so hostile. I had never seen her hair stand so high! At least she did not try to bite him. I am sorry that I disgraced myself when I actually saw him for the first time. I had gone out to pee just before you arrived and did not think it could happen!
Gramma says she is having a bad day today. She was sewing for awhile, but she said she broke a needle on her machine and decided to do something else. She came in here with us dogs and started moving furniture. Us dogs hate it when she does that! She gets the vacuum cleaner out and I really hate that thing. It makes noise when she turns it on, but it will make a screaming noise if it grabs one of my toys ............... and it did. Gramma was not all that happy when she had to pull the toy off the vacuum. Then when she was going to put the toy in my kennel, she bent down and grabbed her nose!! She said my kennel smelled wretched. What? I do not know why she would say such a thing!
Then, of course she pulled everything out of my kennel. I sort of hid behind the chair while she was doing this. I have lots of toys, that is true. But, it is also true that I like to hide things in my kennel. Gramma took the door off the front of my kennel when I moved here. She said that I needed my kennel, so that when I was feeling lonely for my boy I would have a place to go that smelled like you. After today, I can assure everyone that it will not smell like my boy anymore! Gramma told Papa that it smelled like a cross between wet dog and smelly feet. She washed everything, even my toys! She threw away all my treasures, too. I had been collecting things that Papa leaves on the coffee table. Things like candy wrappers and napkins and paper towels. I even had some sticks that come in those delicious things called popsicles. Gramma scolded me and said that my kennel was not a garbage can. A garbage can is where you throw stuff away and I was not throwing these things away! Then she found my real treasure ........... did you know you left a pair of shoes here?
You left a pair of tennis shoes. They smell like your feet. I like the smell of your feet. I even rolled my body all over these shoes of yours. Gramma told me that your shoes smell like sweaty feet. I like sweaty feet. Gramma does not. Not only did Gramma wash everything in the kennel and the kennel itself, now she says us dogs will have to have a bath tonight! What is it with Gramma and her nose??
Just thinking about this bath makes me tired. I must go nap before this bath. Emmy says she looks forward to a nice warm bath. She even lets Gramma use a blow dryer and comb on her fur. That is just wrong, don't you think? Oscar says he is disappointed in me for causing this bath to happen. I guess I will be clean next time I write to you, my boy. I am missing you today.
Your dirty dog, Wall-E

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Gavin,
You are not going to believe this! Gophers have invaded us dog's yard!! I do not know what this animal called a gopher is, but, I do know that Gramma and Papa do not like them. Papa went to town and bought some gopher bombs. I was very concerned about this. Aren't bombs used to blow things up? Gramma told Papa that if he scared the gophers out of the far field that they might just try to come closer ......... and that is exactly what happened.

Seems that these gophers like to dig tunnels under the lawn and then pop out where ever they choose. They leave little piles of dirt where they tunnel and then the ground above the tunnel is soft and feels funny when you walk on it. Gramma is none too happy about the evidence of gophers in our yard. She said it made mowing harder and that these little thieves are getting way to close to her vegetable garden. She said the little rodents better not start making tunnels there!

Well, today Emmy started digging and when I asked her what she was doing she said she was going to put a stop to this tunnel nonsense once and for all. Emmy is very brave, I tell you! She is planning on a trip into the tunnel!! I was quite frightened for her well being and started to bark excitedly. This alerted Gramma and she came out and saw what Emmy was doing. I am afraid that my actions caused Emmy to get into trouble with Gramma. Gramma scolded her and told her to stop this very instant. Emmy dug a little more and then Gramma used her stern voice. Emmy came in. She was very hot and thirsty with her tongue hanging out and then Gramma saw Emmy's paws.

Emmy paws were caked with mud and grass clippings. Gramma was really unhappy about that. I have a feeling that Emmy will be having a bath before bedtime. Gramma reminded Emmy that she had just had a manicure. I am not sure what that is. Does it hurt? Will she have to get another one? Gramma went back into the store.

Emmy told Oscar that she had made good headway into the gopher hole and that he should continue a little farther next time he went out. He agreed that this would be the right thing to do. Then he told her that she was smaller and that she would have to go down the gopher hole and GET THE GOPHER! I looked at them both and asked what in the world they were thinking. Emmy is old and she has had back surgery! Suppose her back goes into a spasm and she is in that tunnel and can't get out? I am so worried about this, I will not be able to sleep a wink.

I have decided that I must go out every time either of them do and bark and bark to alert Gramma. I must stop this kidnapping of the gopher. Do gophers bite? Never mind I do not want to find out! Oscar said I was just a nervous Nellie. Great, now I need to find out what a Nellie is.

I will be so glad when you get here with Rocky. I hope that Rocky will be able to help me keep Emmy safe from this gopher.

Your nervous dog, Wall-E

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Heard A Rumor.........

Dear Gavin,
Gramma has been outside lately more than she has been inside! She is always pulling up weeds! Sometimes she has ants crawling on her when she comes in and once us dogs even saw a tick in her hair!! Us dogs offered to let her use our tick medicine, but she grabbed that tick and smooshed him between her fingernails until she heard a satisfying click. We were all impressed. Us dogs do this with our teeth when we catch the little varmints in our fur. I was really surprised that Gramma knew how to do this.

Your mom called Gramma and asked for Aunt Debbie's phone number. First she told Gramma that you were not coming here to see us this summer. Gramma was all sad and said that she was missing you and she also told your mom that I would be really upset. But after she gave your mom Aunt Debbie's number she knew it was all a trick. Gee, does your mom really think she can outsmart Gramma? Gramma whispered in my ear and told me that she knew in her heart that you would be coming to see us. Gramma knows these things.

Gramma has been weeding the gardens because you are coming. I do not know why. Your mom will not be impressed and I doubt that you will care about the gardens, so why is she doing this? She keeps mumbling about the dirt that Papa brought her. She said it was bad dirt and that she had asked for clean dirt. Oscar says that is a contradiction of terms. I don't even want to know what that means. I am confused though ........ how can dirt be clean? Emmy thinks that it has something to do with weeds and Papa said that he thought he was bringing her some wildflowers. I guess Papa was confused, too. Gramma threw all those on a burn pile.

So, your mom called Gramma back and wanted to know why Aunt Debbie didn't answer her call and why Papa wasn't answering his phone. Gramma told her that Aunt Debbie would call her back if she left a message and probably didn't recognize her number. Then she told her that Papa was probably on the tractor or the mower or was using some loud tool. So, your mom said that she was trying to surprise Gramma and come on Gramma's birthday. See ............ Gramma was right. I tell you, Gramma knows everything!

Our cat Smokey is feeling a lot better. Aunt Debbie checked her over today and found that one of the cuts on her chin was not healing, so she put some medicine on it. Smokey didn't even scratch Gramma while she held her, so she must know that Aunt Debbie and Gramma are trying to help her. Emmy saw this and offered to go lick the wounds again, but Gramma wants the medicine to stay on for a while.

I am really excited to know when you will be here. I can count the days now and get everything ready. I will get to meet your new dog, Rocky. I like the way that sounds. Rocky and Gavin. Gavin and Rocky. No, I like Gavin and Wall-E better. Gavin, Wall-E and Rocky. Okay, that works; as long as my name comes before his. Oscar says that he is not looking forward to a visit from Rocky. He says that he plans to let Rocky know right away that he is the boss of all of the dogs in this house. This does not sound good. I hope he isn't planning to fight. That will make me very nervous and I will no doubt disgrace myself and pee on the floor if this happens. Emmy has been talking to Oscar about his behaviour towards other dogs and I am hoping she will be able to persuade him to play nice.

I will go now and dream about you, my best boy, my only boy. Don't forget that I loved you first!

Your dog, Wall-E

Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor Smokey

Dear Gavin,
I have a sad and scary story to tell you. Remember that gray cat that lives on Gramma's front porch? Remember, I told you that I was afraid of her a long time ago? Well, I am not afraid anymore. She is okay, she never bothers us dogs and she will even share her food with us if Gramma is not looking. (Gramma says that cat food is not good for us, but I think the real reason she doesn't want us to have it is because it makes us have diarrhea.) Gramma says that Smokey, the cat, came with the campground and that she is a very old lady. She used to catch her own food. Cats eat mice and birds. Personally I find that to be just a little disgusting, But, I am not a cat. All I know is that Gramma buys cat food and Aunt Debbie brings cat treats and I find both to be very tasty.

But, this is not about food. Okay, maybe a little bit. Not too long ago Gramma spotted a calico cat here in the campground. This cat is not friendly at all. Aunt Debbie has tried to lure the cat to her with treats and Gramma has tried to pet her while she eats out of Smokey's bowl, but this cat will just run away. I myself, had an encounter with this calico cat. I was quite excited to see her in our golf cart one evening and yelped in delight. This calico cat took off running. I thought she wanted to play with me and see how fast I could run. Gramma says that I was a white blur as I chased this calico cat. Gramma was not pleased with my antics and Papa caught me and brought me inside ......... but that is another story.

Last week Gramma went outside with her coffee to admire her gardens and feed Smokey. She came back inside and woke Papa. She sounded very worried. She told Papa there was a lot of Smokey's fur and blood on the front porch! When she said blood, us dogs sat up and paid attention. Who would do such a thing? Oscar was enraged and told us that Smokey is our cat and we must find out who did this to her!

She was laying in her litter box! She had bite marks on her neck and ears. Gramma picked her up very gently and held her. She told Papa that Smokey was trembling. Papa was looking for a gun!! Gramma said that calico cat did this to our cat and she wants that calico cat to go live somewhere else. Papa said he would shoot the calico cat and it would not need a place to live anymore. What? I am confused. If you get shot, you get a special place to live? I have had shots at the vet and I still live here. What is he talking about? I looked at Oscar and Emmy and asked what Papa meant by this. They looked back at me with very scared eyes and told me that Papa was talking about killing this calico cat! Gramma started laughing. Why was this killing of a cat funny to her? Your Gramma is a very complicated person, I tell you. Then when Gramma could speak she asked Papa why he thought he could shoot a very fast cat if he couldn't shoot a muskrat in the pond. I really don't know what she meant by that, do you?

Gramma told Papa to forget the gun, that she would take care of the situation. She said she didn't want the cat dead, just gone. She said that she could make this cat not want to live here at our campground. Papa said that if anyone could do that, Gramma could. Oscar explained to me that Gramma can make your life very nice and that she can also make your life miserable. I think I know what he means. When Gramma is unhappy with me she will not hold me or give me treats and I am miserable. But, she doesn't ever hold this calico cat and never gives her treats. So, what will Gramma do to make this calico cat be miserable enough to leave our campground?

Gramma keeps this can on her desk. Emmy says it is to kill wasps and hornets. They sting and it hurts really bad, so I can see why she would keep this can handy. She showed this can to Papa and told him she would spray that calico cat every time she saw her. Papa laughed at Gramma and asked her how she would be able to get close enough. Gramma told Papa that this can will shoot a stream of wasp poison to a target 20 feet away. Papa was impressed. Gramma told Papa that she keeps it on her desk to have handy in case some mean person should try to attack her when she is alone. She told Papa that this wasp poison can blind a person and will even kill mice and snakes. Us dogs were impressed. Gramma is a very smart lady! She reads a lot, you know.

You will be happy to know that Gramma has already zapped that mean calico cat once. Every time that cat sees Gramma she runs as fast as she can. Gramma sent Papa to the store to get more of those cans of wasp poison. She says that we need to keep these cans handy and zap this crazy calico until she finds it impossible to live here in our campground and moves on. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Smokey is much better, thanks to the loving attention of Gramma and Emmy. Smokey went into the back yard where us dogs live when we are outside. Emmy found her and cleaned all her wounds while Oscar and I stood guard. If that calico cat dares to enter I will chase and tackle her to the ground. Oscar will take over from there while I hold her down and Emmy protects Smokey. We take of our family! I will take care of you, my boy, and your new dog, Rocky! Do not be afraid to visit. I will not let that calico cat near either of you!

Your brave dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Gavin!!

Dear Gavin,
You are 6 years old today!! Gramma said I should learn to sing a song, a special birthday song. I will sing it to you when you come here to my house. I am practising. Oscar said I need a lot more practice. Gramma told him to be nice.
Emmy was going to show me how. Gee, I hope I don't sound like her! It hurt my ears. But, I don't want to hurt her feelings. Don't tell her I said that, okay. She is very kind to me when Oscar is not being nice.

I am sad that I can't see you today on your birthday. I am thinking about you and missing you. Did you change a lot when you turned 6 years old? I hope not. I heard your voice on that phone when you were talking to Gramma tonight. You still sound like my boy. Do you still look like my boy?
Gramma and Papa have a gift for you. I wish I could give you a gift. Emmy says that I could give you a kiss and Oscar says that I could do a new trick for you. I think that I will do both! I love you and I miss you a lot, especially on your special day!
Your first dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Gavin,
I have so much to tell you! Gramma has been so busy that she has been neglecting my writing. I will forgive her, because I have been watching her work and let me tell you, she works hard! We have just finished our first big holiday of the season. Us dogs are already in the groove. We don't even bother to bark at all the people ..... or the dogs. Gramma says that I am a fast learner.

Look at this dog! I think he may be the driver of the big motor home. Gramma called him a poodle. He is white like me, but his hair is very curly. Emmy wondered if he had had a perm. What is a perm?

Us dogs like to sit on the back of the chair and watch the people walk their dogs. Oscar says it is like a live movie. This black dog is a pug. He has short black hair just like Oscar's. Oscar says he is not nearly as handsome as he is, though.

I saw these two dogs and Gramma said they were boxers! "Come closer!" I yelped, but they kept walking. I really wanted to see them. When Oscar and I went out in our yard we found a loose board on the fence. Papa had the big fire hose running out to the pool to put water in it. Oscar said it would be okay, so we went out into the park. We met up with another dog named Oscar. He did not look at all like Oscar! He belongs to one of the seasonal campers. We recognized his bark. We were about to explore some more, but Papa found us and brought us back to Gramma. She was way too busy to punish us and she didn't even get mad! She did scold Papa for not securing our fence, though. She said we could have been hurt. Gramma loves us dogs.

Gramma said that yesterday was your Mom's birthday. I heard her tell someone that your mom was her baby. What? Gramma is a Mom? I thought she was a Gramma. Just a Gramma. This is very confusing to me. Gramma tried to explain it all to me, but I just don't get it. How can your Mom be Gramma's baby? She is bigger than Gramma. I have seen her stand next to Gramma and I tell you, she is bigger. Emmy tried to tell me that all of her puppies grew to be bigger than her, too! This is amazing to me. I will have to think about this and we will talk when you come to see me. Are you going to be bigger than your Mom?

My head hurts from thinking! Gramma tells me that you are playing baseball. I bet I could help you play! I am there for you ....... I have never played baseball, but I know how to catch a ball. I will dream of you and me running with a ball in the grass while I sleep tonight. I am getting pretty sleepy sitting here in Gramma's lap. Don't forget that I love you and you will always be my best boy!

Your faithful dog, Wall-E

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Gavin,
I am sad today. Gramma told me that you have a new dog in your life. Papa held me while I was sad. He told me that he would be so sad if I went away.........
I must admit, that I felt better after Papa held me. But, Papa went to work and Gramma had to go to the grocery. Gramma let me be in charge of us dogs while she was gone and it wasn't even my turn! Even Oscar and Emmy are being extra nice to me today! Emmy didn't tell on me when I tackled her in the yard and Oscar played ball with me after the rain stopped.

Gramma tells me that your new dog is a boxer and his name is Rocky. I don't know if I have ever met a boxer before. Gramma says that he is a big dog. I am a little dog. He is brown brindle and I am white. We are both dogs, but we are different. Gramma says that Rocky likes you a whole lot. I do, too; so I guess we are alike.

Gramma showed me this picture from the ad that your mom saw when she found your new dog. It is hard to tell from this picture if he is nice. Your mom says that he is. I am not worried. I know your mom would never let a mean dog near you. I think she loves you almost as much as I do!

I will be here at Gramma's house waiting patiently to meet your new dog. Your mom tells Gramma that he is a good rider. I don't like to ride, so I am glad that you will be coming here. I just hope that you won't forget all about me. Gramma tells me that you won't. I think I will have to see you again to know for sure. Just remember............ I was your very first pet.

Love, Wall-E

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Gavin,
I was watching TV and minding my own business, when I learned that it was Mother's Day. I was stunned! Mothers have their very own day? Emmy tells me that there is also a Father's Day! Is there a dog's day? Oscar laughed at me. I was serious, though. Is there a dogs day? And if there isn't, why not?

For Mother's Day Papa gave Gramma a lawnmower. That is what she asked for. Emmy says that Gramma is practical. Gramma likes useful things. She mowed our yard inside the fence. She said the new mower did a fine job and was easier to start and to push. Us dogs checked it out when she was done. We rolled around in the grass and my hair turned a little green. I was kind of worried that we have to have another bath, but Oscar assured me that we were safe since Gramma just put our flea and tick stuff on us. He was right. Gramma scolded me a little, but then she kissed me on the head. I like it when she does that.

I hope you remembered to give your mom an extra kiss on this Mother's Day. Moms like that, you know. Gramma says that we all need to go out one last time and go to bed. Good night, my boy. I am thinking of you as I go to sleep.

Forever your dog, Wall-E

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear Gavin,
We went for a ride in that golf cart that Papa gave to Gramma. It was a beautiful, sunny day and Gramma said she had a surprise for me. She said she wanted to protect my eyes......... Oscar started to chuckle............ then he hid. Emmy got under her blanket. Do they know something I don't?

I thought she had a nice treat, then she put this thing on my head and over my eyes. Everything went dark!!

I do not like this, no, I do not!! And, if that wasn't enough, she said we were going for a ride. I don't know if you know this, but I really do not enjoy rides. I get a little queasy as the scenery flashes by and feel the need to hide my face in Gramma's neck.Is that what this contraption on my head is for?

I finally pushed them up on my head. I look ridiculous!! But, I have to admit that the sun wasn't quite so bright with these things called doggles on........

Papa rescued me and held me while I told Oscar and Emmy about my ordeal. They laughed!! I wish you were here, you wouldn't laugh......... would you?

I think I need to go have a long nap now. I am traumatized! She made me have a bath last night, too. Really, really traumatized!

I am counting the days until I see you, my boy!

Your traumatized (I like this new word!!) dog, Wall-E

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Dear Gavin,

I was sitting with Gramma today when the phone rang. I will confess that I was listening to everything she said. Emmy tells me that this is a very rude habit and is commonly referred to as eavesdropping. All I know is that if she didn't want me to listen, then she should have gone to another room. Hey, I was right beside her!

I could hear your mom on the phone. She talks loud, you know. I couldn't hear what she said, but I knew it was her. Gramma got a sort of sad look on her face and she put her hand on me and patted me while she was listening. Then she said, "Well, I don't know. What if he is unhappy there?". Then she looked at Papa and told him that my boy wants his dog back. They were talking about me!! I was really excited to hear this and my tail started wagging. I thought this was a great idea.

Papa said, "No way!" I got worried. Why didn't Papa want me to go live with my boy? Then Gramma told your mom that Papa would be so sad without me. She said that I wait up for Papa every night and sleep right next to him. I do. I love Papa. Now I am confused and sad. If I go live at your house I will miss Papa! I will miss Gramma! I will miss Oscar and Emmy! I will get to be with you, though. Oscar says that this is a true dilemma.

Gramma talked to your mom and told her that I would go back to live with you, but that I would need a companion. I hope this is not a shot or some kind of medicine. Emmy explained that Gramma was talking about another dog or cat to keep me company and play with me. Your mom told Gramma that if she got another dog that she might as well leave me here and just get you another dog. I don't know how I feel about that. Does this mean you won't be my boy anymore?

I remember that I told you I would be upset if you got another dog. I think I have had time to reconsider this notion. I will always be your very first dog. Gramma tells me that a boy's first pet always holds a special place in his heart. She also told me that when you get a new dog I will have a new friend! I will get to teach your new dog all the things he or she should know when you come to see me.

I will still write letters to you and wait patiently for you to come see me. I admit that I am a little sad that I am not moving back to Minnesota to be with you....... well I was until I remembered that you live upstairs in an apartment and that I would have to have a leash on every time I needed to go out. I really like being able to just run to the back door and go out in my own yard. Makes life simple, you know. Oscar tells me that I will have mixed feelings until I see you and know that you are happy with a new dog. He told me that although he wasn't exactly thrilled when he learned that I would be living here, he has grown used to me and would be sad to see me go. Really, I think he would miss me a lot!

I must go now. I hear Papa's key in the door and I must run to greet him. Papa says that I am the best present anyone ever gave him! Now he is talking in riddles like Gramma! I will be waiting to hear about your new dog, my boy.

Your #1 dog, Wall-E

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mondays Are Not Fun

Dear Gavin,

I don't like Mondays, do you? Gramma says we need to write to you today. I know I do.......... I am thinking............ and thinking........

I got nuthin'! I am thinking I need to nap........ but, I just got up. Gramma says to get my act together and get my letter done. She says she has a date with a paint brush. Now, I am just confused. I wish she would just say what she means. I think she is going to go outside and paint on that fence around the pool again.

"Hey, Oscar, what can I write about?"

Say that again and don't mumble this time!! I can't hear you! Oh, you want me to leave you alone. Gee, you don't have to be so mean, I asked nicely. Go back to sleep.

Emmy says to tell you about the weekend and all the dogs we saw. Oh, yeah, I had forgotten. Us dogs saw a lot of new dogs out the window. We even saw Gramma pet some of them. Oscar gets quite indignant when he sees this happen. Emmy and I just wait until she comes in to smell all the new smells.
We saw Gramma petting two black dogs while she talked to their person. I couldn't hear everything she said, but I did hear her tell the boy dog that he was very handsome! She never says that to me. She tells me I am her homely fella and that I am a love. That is better, right? Anyway, she did not have her camera. These dogs are called Schnauzers. They had all black hair and really big eyebrows hanging down. I think I prefer not having hair in my eyes! I like to be able to see all around me. Gramma says that I am curious and want to know everything.
We also saw a miniature Greyhound! I have some Greyhound friends in blogland! That dog was little, though and my friends are tall and majestic. I was very confused until Gramma explained that miniature meant small. Oh, I get it! That dog I saw was like a little version of my friend, Bunny! I may be homely, but I am smart....... Gramma said so. That little dog I saw was walking with her person and she jumped up into her person's arms. I could do that, I think. Gramma must have read my mind, though, because she looked me in the eye and said, "Don't even think about it, mister!". She says that she has enough aches and pains without me adding to it. I don't know why she doesn't want to learn tricks with me. I will wait until you come and you and I will do some tricks.
Aunt Debbie came, but she didn't bring Kiley. I was kind of sad about that. Maybe next weekend. Gramma says that there is still a lot of work to do. She only called me into the store one time to meet some people. I like to do that. All the people say how cute I am and they pet me. One lady said I was adorable. I licked her hand. As much fun as that was, I would still rather see you, my boy.
I will nap now, while Gramma goes out to paint her fence. I will be seeing you in my dreams. Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you.
Your sleepy dog, Wall-E