Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!!

Dear Gavin,
Last time I was able to write to you was before you came to see me and that was almost 3 months ago! Gramma was so mad at blogger because she could not log on. I really don't know what that means. Looks like Gramma doesn't know either! I made a joke. Oscar says I am too smart for my pants. He is getting old and must need to have his eyes checked, cause I don't wear pants.

Here you are in Papa's truck. Gramma lets me look at your picture a lot. I miss you, you know.

I have to admit that I was afraid of your new dog, Rocky. He really liked Papa, didn't he?

My most favorite part of my visit with you was sleeping next to my boy! I guess it was okay that Rocky was in the bed, too. I would have preferred having you all to myself, but Gramma told me that it was a sign of growing up that I was able to share. She told me that she was proud of me for being such a good dog while Rocky was here.
I feel the need to apologize for the behaviour of Oscar and Emmy. I was so scared when I heard Oscar attack Rocky! I couldn't believe he would try to take on such a big dog. I think I have mentioned before that Oscar is not afraid of anything. Still, though, Gramma had talked to all of us before you arrived and warned Oscar to be on his best behaviour. He said he just wanted Rocky to know who was boss. I kind of expected him to do that, but I was surprised that Emmy was so hostile. I had never seen her hair stand so high! At least she did not try to bite him. I am sorry that I disgraced myself when I actually saw him for the first time. I had gone out to pee just before you arrived and did not think it could happen!
Gramma says she is having a bad day today. She was sewing for awhile, but she said she broke a needle on her machine and decided to do something else. She came in here with us dogs and started moving furniture. Us dogs hate it when she does that! She gets the vacuum cleaner out and I really hate that thing. It makes noise when she turns it on, but it will make a screaming noise if it grabs one of my toys ............... and it did. Gramma was not all that happy when she had to pull the toy off the vacuum. Then when she was going to put the toy in my kennel, she bent down and grabbed her nose!! She said my kennel smelled wretched. What? I do not know why she would say such a thing!
Then, of course she pulled everything out of my kennel. I sort of hid behind the chair while she was doing this. I have lots of toys, that is true. But, it is also true that I like to hide things in my kennel. Gramma took the door off the front of my kennel when I moved here. She said that I needed my kennel, so that when I was feeling lonely for my boy I would have a place to go that smelled like you. After today, I can assure everyone that it will not smell like my boy anymore! Gramma told Papa that it smelled like a cross between wet dog and smelly feet. She washed everything, even my toys! She threw away all my treasures, too. I had been collecting things that Papa leaves on the coffee table. Things like candy wrappers and napkins and paper towels. I even had some sticks that come in those delicious things called popsicles. Gramma scolded me and said that my kennel was not a garbage can. A garbage can is where you throw stuff away and I was not throwing these things away! Then she found my real treasure ........... did you know you left a pair of shoes here?
You left a pair of tennis shoes. They smell like your feet. I like the smell of your feet. I even rolled my body all over these shoes of yours. Gramma told me that your shoes smell like sweaty feet. I like sweaty feet. Gramma does not. Not only did Gramma wash everything in the kennel and the kennel itself, now she says us dogs will have to have a bath tonight! What is it with Gramma and her nose??
Just thinking about this bath makes me tired. I must go nap before this bath. Emmy says she looks forward to a nice warm bath. She even lets Gramma use a blow dryer and comb on her fur. That is just wrong, don't you think? Oscar says he is disappointed in me for causing this bath to happen. I guess I will be clean next time I write to you, my boy. I am missing you today.
Your dirty dog, Wall-E