Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Gavin,
I have been so busy chewing up all the toys that Gramma brought back from when she went to see you. I am still a little upset that I did not get to go! I was all ready to jump into Gramma's suitcase, but she filled it full of so much stuff that I would have been totally squished!

I have something exciting to tell you about. I wish that Gramma had pictures....... But it would be dangerous for her to take them. That is what Oscar told me, anyway. We have bobcats in our woods!!!! A whole family!! With babies!!!

I heard Papa talking about these bobcats and I thought that maybe we had another cat and his name was Bob. But then Papa told us that these are a kind of wild animal. They have very sharp claws and teeth and they are carnivores. That means that they are meat eaters. I like to eat meat myself, so I was wondering why this was a bad thing. I asked Gramma and she told me that I should stay in my yard and very close to her while I am outside because the meat they like to eat is small animals. What is she talking about? Meat is that stuff that Gramma cooks and it smells yummy and she gives me a little taste and then I beg for more, right?

Oh my boy, you should sit down while I tell you this. These bobcats and other animals like them like to eat their meat raw, that means they don't cook it........ And that is not all, either. These bobcat creatures like to kill their meat.... and..... I am the kind of meat they like to eat!!!!! This is just wrong, I think. I have only gone out three times today and then I did my business very fast and came right back in. I did not run in circles through the snow like I wanted to, no, I did not!

Oscar tells me that he is not afraid of any bobcat and that he will take all the time he needs to and will not be rushed. I noticed that he came in as quick as Emmy and I, though. He said that was just a coincidence. I did not know what that meant, but Gramma told me that is when two separate events happen at the same time for no reason. He is wrong, I know the reason, he is scared! I will tell you how I know this.

When Aunt Debbie was here this weekend, that cat, Smokey (she used to be Spooky, but Aunt Debbie changed her name) came into the house. We were all amazed because no matter how we have tried to invite her in, she will not enter the house. Well, it seems that while we were gone on our trip, Smokey came inside to be with Aunt Debbie. But that is not what I wanted to tell you about. I wanted to tell you that while Smokey was inside Emmy and I were quite content to share our space with her and we did for awhile. All of a sudden Oscar realized that there was a cat in our midst and started chasing her and barking at her. Emmy and I thought it looked like fun, so we joined in. We used to play this game with that other snobby cat and he would leap up onto something that we could not reach and taunt us with his long tail. Well, Smokey decided to fight back and she clawed Oscar! I heard him cry and then he wouldn't come out from under the table. Gramma picked him up and checked him over to see if he was bleeding, but he was okay. I think that he is scared of this bobcat, don't you?

Gramma says that Oscar is all bark and no bite when it comes to cats. Why does she say these things? Is she trying to confuse me? When I looked at her she knew I was confused so she told me it was false bravado..... like that helped with my confusion. Where does she find all these words? Emmy says that it just means that Oscar acts like he is brave, but he really isn't. All I can say is that he is a really good actor. He might win an Oscar for his performance! Hahaha, I made a joke!

Gramma says that it is time to go outside for the night night pee-pee time and then we are going to bed. I bet you are getting ready to go to bed, too. Sleep well and know that I am a very cautious creature and that Gramma will keep me safe from the dreaded bobcat. There are traps out to capture them and one has already been trapped and is gone. Don't forget that you are my boy and that I want you to be careful, too! I love you.

Your careful dog,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snoopy....The Cat

Dear Gavin,

We met Granddaddy's cat. His name is Snoopy. I do not like his cat! Come to think of it, I have not met a cat I like. Cats have really sharp claws. They hide these claws and you cannot see them until they release them from the hiding place in their paws. This is an unfair advantage as far as I am concerned! Advantage is a new word for you and me...... let us see what it means.

The dictionary says.......a factor or circumstance of benefit to its possessor. That means that the cat's claws are good for him to fight other animals who might think he can't fight.

Look at Emmy. She is so tiny and so sweet. She actually likes to meet new people and animals. The only time she would ever fight is if you try to take her food, then she will show her teeth and growl. But when she met this cat called Snoopy she was wagging her tail and sniffing a friendly little sniff. That mean cat pulled out his claws and swatted Emmy in the head! Can you believe it. I was shocked. No way was I getting near that cat!

Now Oscar was really upset. You see, Emmy is his wife-dog and he does not like anyone bothering her...... not even me. While we were outside at Granddaddy's house he saw Snoopy on the porch and warned him that he would get him if he got out of that silly harness Gramma was making him wear. Snoopy ran over to Aunt Glenda's yard and hid!

Well, he tried to hide, but Gramma found him with her trusty camera.

Look at Granddaddy petting that mean cat! This is just wrong, don't you agree?
I will be staying away from cats and I suggest that you do, too! I love you, my boy.
Your faithful dog,