Friday, March 13, 2009

Oops, I Shouldn't Have Done That!

Dear Gavin,

Are coming to get me soon? tomorrow? I wish you would. I

got in really big trouble today and Gramma is really, really, really mad at me.

She said to go away from her right now, that she doesn't want to see my face.

She said, "That's it, mister, you have really made me mad, now!" What can I

do to make her not be mad at me? I tried to get in her lap and give her a hug,

but she said, "Down with you, don't even think about it, I am mad!"

You see what happened is that she went to the grocery store and Papa was

outside on this big thing that moves rocks and dirt. She said it was my turn to

be in charge while she was gone. I was excited because I have never been in

charge before. Oscar was laying on the couch and he kind of chuckled at me

and said I would probably mess up. Emmy was mad, she said it was

supposed to be her turn and that cat, Gremlin just looked at me and sniffed.

Granma closed the gate to the back of the house and there was nothing in the

kitchen to play with, she even put the cat food up where I couldn't reach it.....

but there were these shoes in the living room.

I knew they were Gramma's because they smelled like her and I have seen

her wear them to go get firewood. I was just going to lay my head on them

while she was gone, really, that's all. But I licked one and I liked the way it

tasted and one thing led to another and I kind of chewed it up. Emmy was

sitting in her bed that Papa built just for her and telling me that I was in

trouble. She acts all special all the time and she was singing 'you're gonna be

in trouble, you're gonna be in trouble'. She hardly ever gets in trouble and

even when she does they treat her all special just cause she broke her back

and had to have surgery.

That cat was just sitting on the back of the chair looking outside and sniffing

at me. He acts all superior, like he is a king or something. Oscar was trying to

tell me to hide my mess, but I couldn't find anywhere to hide it. That made

me mad, so I jumped up in the chair to make that stupid cat stop sniffing and

I kind of tore up Gramma's plant. Oscar said, "Oh, my boy, you have done it

now." I told him I was not 'his boy' and to shut up. Then I saw Gramma's car

coming. I asked them to help me , but Emmy just laughed, that cat sniffed and

Oscar said, "I tried to advise you, but you refused to listen and now you will

have to face the consequences."

Why does he have to talk like he knows more than me? Gramma came in the

store door and brought all the groceries in the house and she didn't see the

mess---whew! She made lunch for Papa and said we were all going on a picnic

and we went out the store and into her car. She got a little aggravated with me

because I ran from her and wouldn't get in the car right away.

We drove to where Papa was in that big thing he calls a bobcat and we sat in

the car and ate lunch. Emmy bit Gramma's finger when she gave her some

food and I said "Ha ha, Emmy got in trouble, Emmy got in trouble." I guess

I shouldn't have done that because when we came back in the house Gramma

saw my big mess. She made me sniff what I did and told that I was a bad, bad

boy. I guess I shouldn't have clawed my way out of her arms and try to bite her

either. That got me a spanking.

And now I am miserable because Gramma is mad at me and I really love her.

Do you think she will stay mad forever? If she does, will you come get me?

Has she ever been mad at you? What can I do to make her hold me again? I wish

you were here to help me fix this. Please write and tell me what to do!

Don't forget, you are my boy and I love you.

Your sad little dog, Wall-E

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