Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow....

Dear Gavin,

Gramma keeps singing this song about snow. I wondered what was wrong

with her, winter is over, isn't it? I have been running and playing in the

wonderful warm sunshine for weeks! Then she took me out and there was

SNOW! Lots and lots of it! I ran through it and peed, but when Emmy came

out she kind of sunk down in it. She looked pretty funny. Her legs are really

short. I wonder why? Oscar's legs are short, too. Mine aren't. I can step over

the snow and I can jump a lot higher than they can.

I haven't been in much trouble lately. Well, I did do this one thing and

Gramma scolded me. I sometimes use the tables in the living room to get on

and off the sofa; you know, like a short cut. Well, Gramma went to get

groceries yesterday and I was on the chair with Oscar watching out the

window for her to come back. It got kind of boring and there is this tall table

by the chair. Gramma has these things, she calls them gourds, in a bowl on

that table. They looked kind of interesting and they aren't very big (she said

they were baby gourds, whatever that means). So I took one and I was going

to chew it up. This was a bad idea, let me tell you! Those things taste awful!

I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth and I threw up. I threw up so hard

that I had a poopy accident!!!!

Gramma got really wet in the rain while she unloaded the car and she was

really mad at Papa. She was talking to herself, so all of us dogs decided it

wouldn't be a good idea to bother her. She was saying something about

gutters. What are gutters? Well, the good thing is that she was so mad at

Papa that she just cleaned up my poopy and throw-up and then she told

me not to get on her table again. That was all. She didn't even make me get

in the kennel! I tell you, I like it when Papa is in trouble.

Emmy said that when she is mad at somebody else you can get away with

doing bad things and she won't even notice sometimes. This is good to know.

I will try to remember this. I hope you had a good weekend. Gramma said

you went to a sleepover with Maya and Jada. I remember them. I went to

their house and there were all these cats. I was afraid of those cats! I liked it

there, playing with all of you guys.

I like them, but you are my boy---don't forget. Hey, please don't get a cat, I

really don't like them all that much. But, I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

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