Friday, January 29, 2010

I Must Be Bored

Dear Gavin,

It was so good to hear your voice last night. Yes, I heard you calling my name on Gramma's phone! It always make me feel better to hear you. And, let me tell you, I needed to hear you last night! I heard Gramma tell you about my shenanigans of yesterday. You heard her side and now I will share my side with you.........

Gramma was in her sewing room doing whatever it is she does in there. Us dogs are not allowed in there. She calls it the dog-free zone. It is true that Oscar likes to mark everything he sees with a little squirt of pee and Gramma objects to this practice; but I do not do that! Why should Emmy and I be punished? Anyway, we all wanted her to come back into the house and sit with us, so we started howling. Howling is great fun, let me tell you! Oscar starts us off. He has a great howl and Emmy can howl good, too. I am just learning and my howl is kind of high pitched (Gramma calls it "yelpy" and annoying). Gramma came in and told us to cut it out and that she did not want to hear any more!

Oscar and Emmy stopped right away and snuggled together on the sofa. I was restless and decided to investigate all the fun looking stuff that Gramma had on that table in front of the sofa. She sometimes sews on those sock monkey things in here. There was this red ball with things sticking in it and I wanted to play with it. Oscar opened one eye and said, " I suggest you stop right now and get off the table." I hate it when he tells me what to do, who does he think he is? I grabbed that red ball in my mouth and got down.

Those things in it were sharp and some of them stuck in my lips! I did not let go, no, I did not. I shook it with all my might and those sharp things flew out everywhere. I kept picking it up and shaking it until there was nothing left sticking out. I had planned to rip this thing apart after I finished chasing it. I tried to get Oscar to join in, but he warned me that my game would not end well. I played anyway. I would pick it up with my mouth and the toss it and kick it and chase it. I was having a fine time, yes, I was. And then......... we heard Gramma coming.

I tried to act normal. Gramma was heading to the sofa and she sat down next to Emmy. She reached to pull Emmy closer and one of those sticky things stuck in Gramma's hand! Uh-oh! Gramma stood up and saw all the mess I had made and said, "Who did this? Wall-E!" How did she know? She always knows. Why didn't I listen to Oscar? Gramma cleaned up the mess and she was not happy, no, she was not. She was scolding me the whole time and Emmy and Oscar were looking at me smugly (that means that they knew I was in trouble and that they were glad that it was me and not them). Finally she picked me up and said she had to check my mouth. She told me that red ball was really a pin-cushion and that I could have been seriously hurt. I didn't have any pins in my mouth and there was no blood, so she put me down and told me to go to my kennel and stay there until she called me.

After that I got to hear your voice. I heard Gramma tell you that I had been a bad boy and ask you what she should do with me. She won't give me to another family, will she? I do not think I would like that and I promise to be a good boy from now on. I did not try to run from her when she said we all smelled like dogs and would have to get a bath last night. I stood quietly in the tub and let her wash my fur and didn't even try to bite her hands. See, I can be good!

That is my side of the story and I hope that you will not hold this against me when I go to live with you and your mom. Gramma has said that she does not know if she can let me go. She says that you will have to get another dog to keep me company. She says I am very social and like the company of Oscar and Emmy. I will tell you a secret......... I think she loves me and does not want me to leave!

I will tell you another secret......... I really love her, too. are my boy and will always hold the biggest part of my heart! I hope that you are being a good boy and that you will come and stay with me for awhile as soon as school is out.

Your faithful dog, Wall-E

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Dear Gavin,

Is it cold at your house? It is very cold here. When Gramma gets out of the bed in the morning I like to take the covers and rearrange them around me and go back to sleep. It is all snuggly and warm and Papa is still asleep. We like to give Gramma some alone time so that she can read her blogs (blogs are stories that people write on the computer, Gramma says that I have a blog, too; she is wrong. I write you, right?). The real reason that Papa and I like to stay in bed is because it is warm in the bed. Gramma can get the fire going good while we are warm. Pretty smart, huh?
Okay, I am up! Stop with the camera already!

Hey, Papa, are you coming? Gramma says it is time to rise and shine ......... whatever that is supposed to mean. I can rise, that means get up .......... but how do I shine? Why does she say these things? Emmy says that she means to be happy and Oscar says that she means to be brave. I am so confused. Do you know what she means?

So, I have some news for you. I have more followers! I was very surprised to know that there are other animals writing on the computer! Gramma helped me find some and I am learning about other dogs and their lives! It is very exciting to read their blogs and they are reading my letters to you and they are leaving comments!!

I must go now and read some of my friends. Don't worry, though, you will always be my very best friend. I hope my new friends have boys like you to love! Gramma says that if I am good today we can call you on the phone and I can listen to your voice! I still do not know how this happens, that your voice can come out of that tiny little phone..................

Never forget that you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Gavin,
I think I might be tired of winter. Gramma says that she is. Every day is the same as the night. It is cold and dreary. I can't go out to play. The ground is wet and it squishes between my toes. It is cold. I can't sit on the ground............ well I tried it and I got all muddy and then Gramma gave me a bath. You know how I feel about baths! I hate baths. I confess that I did like the warm water Gramma used to wash me with and it was fun to chase Oscar and Emmy. Hey! They didn't have to take a bath!
Remember that I told you about the bobcats? It has been really foggy here at night. That is what Gramma called it. All I know is that it was hard to see very far even with that big light in the back yard. We went outside to go pee-pee before bed and Gramma couldn't see us very well. She called for us to come in, but Emmy didn't come to her. I came in and Oscar came in, but Emmy didn't come. Gramma called her name again and again, but she did not come. This was not good, no it was not! First of all, it is never good to not come when Gramma calls you. And second of all, Gramma sounded scared. She was scared because she could not see Emmy and there are bobcats in our woods. So Gramma went outside in her slippers and got her slippers wet and muddy and Emmy was in trouble. She brought Emmy in and scolded her. Then she looked at the mess on the floor from her slippers and she was mad about that. She was really crabby when we went to bed. She told Papa that her feet were cold and that he would be the one to take us out in the middle of the night. He didn't, though, Gramma did. She always wakes up when we want to go out.
Gramma told us that her arthritis was hurting. I asked Oscar what that meant and he told me that Gramma's bones were hurting. Emmy said that Oscar was wrong. Emmy said that Gramma's joints were hurting. I was so confused. I know what bones are. They are yummy treats, right? Well, after Gramma stopped laughing, she explained that I have bones in my body and she has bones in her body. She held my arm and showed me where my bones were. Then she showed me where two bones come together. That is called a joint. We have joints so that we can move. Gramma's joints are sick. When the weather is cold and wet her joints hurt more. She takes medicine, but they still bother her. Now I know what arthritis is. Emmy says that she knows about it because her back has it where she broke it when she was a young dog. Gee, I hope I don't get it, don't you?
Well, my boy, this is all that I can put in your letter today. Gramma's joints are hurting and she says that she is going to the kitchen to wash the dishes. She says that the hot water feels good. Gramma is a funny lady, don't you think? I hope that you are having a fun day at kindergarten and that you will come see me soon. Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you!
Your dog, Wall-E