Monday, March 9, 2009

All Wet

Dear Gavin,

I hope you had a better day than me. It rained most all day here and I didn't

get to play outside much. I went out this morning before the rain started and

I was walking in the mud. I liked the way it squished between my toes, so I

decided to rub my face and neck in it. I thought I had most of it off of me. But,

I didn't and Gramma saw it. She said "Wall-E, what have you been into?" I hid

under the table in front of the couch and wouldn't come out even when she

lied to me and said she had a treat for me. I knew she was just saying that so

that I would come out and she could grab me and put me in that bath tub.

She has been saying how her joints were hurting so I knew she wouldn't crawl

under the table to get me. When I thought it was safe I came out to play with

Emmy. I guess you know what happened. Gramma grabbed me and put me in

the tub ......Oscar and Emmy, too.

Now they are mad at me. They said it was my fault that we had to get a bath. I

tried to jump out of the tub while Gramma was bathing Emmy. That wasn't a

good idea. I got Gramma all wet and I fell down twice. When the bath was

finally over Oscar was running all over the house, so I thought he wanted to

play with me. He didn't. He was still mad about the whole bath thing and after

I tried to play with him on the floor he jumped up on the couch. So I thought

he wanted to play on the couch.

Well, I was wrong. He bit me! It hurt! I yelped and ran to Gramma. She held

me and now she's not mad at me. I feel better now that I have told you all this.

Gramma says tomorrow will be a better day. I wish you were here to hold me.

Gramma put my kennel outside. It still smells like you and I am sad. I threw

up in it, though and Gramma said she would have to clean it up later. Do you

think she will wash all your smell away? I hope not. Maybe you will come to see

me soon and I can get your smell on my blanket again.

Don't forget that you are my boy! I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

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