Friday, March 6, 2009

A Bad Night

Dear Gavin,

I was going to send you a letter yesterday. I was sad because you never write

me. Gramma said it's cause your mom is lazy. She is probably right; I know

you would write to me if you knew how. Gramma said we are going to blog

from now on. I didn't know what that was, so I turned my head to one side and

folded one ear down when I looked at her. She is kind of smart about us dogs.

She explained it to me. She is really crabby today cause of what I did last night.

In my letter yesterday I was telling you about that crazy cat Gremlin.

Sometimes he eats stuff and then yaks it up. The other day he ate pizza with

Papa and when he yakked it up. It still smelled pretty good so I ate some of it.

It was pretty good, so I have been watching him now. Well yesterday I must

have eaten something wrong. I wasn't feeling so good when we went to bed.

Gramma was reading a book and she took us all out one last time while Papa

was already sleeping. A little while later I wanted to go out again, so I jumped

out of the bed. Boy, she gets mad when you wake her up. She told me to get

back in that bed and go to sleep. I ran from her and went to my kennel and

she said, "Fine, mister, you can sleep there." She went back to bed.

I tip-toed back into the bedroom, but she heard me. She told me to get in bed

again and she put me there and told me to go to sleep. She went to sleep and

boy, was my stomach hurting! I tried to get out of the bed, I really did, but I

threw up on the covers, then I jumped down and threw up on the floor.

Gramma took me out and cleaned up my mess and she wasn't mad at me


While we were outside Papa woke up and got the oust spray and sprayed it

all over the bedroom. Whew, that really stunk then and he got in big trouble

with Gramma! She was coughing and then she couldn't go back to sleep, oh,

was she mad at him! Gramma said she is old and needs her sleep. Hey, maybe

she should take some naps, that's what us dogs do.

Gramma washed all the sheets and stuff today, then she put them outside on

this line with some pins. After she did that she painted a wall and then she got

a big bucket of water and washed the floor. Don't know why she did that, but

she told me I had better go to another room if I knew what was good for me.

We went outside again and I was thinking about taking all those covers off

that line to play in them, that would really be fun.

I think Gramma might have special powers, cause she told if I was even

thinking about doing that she would go get her fly swatter. That thing stings!

I am in herlap now talking to you, my boy. I hope you read this soon and

send me a comment (Gramma told me that is how you can write back easily,

so let your mom know).

Don't forget, you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

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