Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can You See Me?

Dear Gavin,

Look! Gramma put my picture in my profile! I know it's not a very good one.

Papa took it and I wouldn't look up at him. Gramma took some pictures with

her camera, but she has to get them developed. She told me it was the old

fashioned way to do it. She had to put this little tube inside her big camera,

she told me that it was called film. She said she is going to take it to WalMart

on Friday and the will get they pictures off of the film and she will bring them

home. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Papa just plugged his camera into

the computer and there I was!!

It was cold here today, but I still played outside. Emmy didn't want to go out,

though. Oscar played with me for awhile. Gramma was busy all day. She called

it spring cleaning. She washed EVERYTHING! I am glad she didn't wash me

again. I was very careful outside so I wouldn't get anything on my fur. Do you

know how hard it is to wear white all the time and not get dirty? Well, I can tell

you, it's not easy!

I hope you had fun today with Molly and Minnie. I miss them, too. Tell them I

said "hi", okay? Tell Grampa and Other Gramma "hi" from me, too. I hope I

get to see you soon. Don't forget, you are my boy! I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

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