Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear Gavin,

Gramma says the

season has begun. What is a season?

She said I will have to quit barking

every time the buzzer goes off when someone comes in the store. I thought I

was supposed to bark. Isn't that my job? Someone comes to the door and the

dog barks, right? It is what we do, we are helping. We are letting our

people know that something out of the ordinary is happening. So, I

guess she wants me to not do my job. Another rule to learn.

Oscar said to just chill out, cause pretty soon that buzzer will be going all

day long and if we bark at it every time we will lose our voices. I have

never lost my voice, does it hurt? Have you ever lost your voice, Gavin?

I would not like it if you couldn't call my name. See all those big trailers in

the picture? Gramma calls them rigs; she'll say, "Jump down out of my lap,

I see a rig pulling in." Then she will go in the store and the buzzer will go off

and I will bark and she will say "Excuse me, please" to the people in the

store and then she will call my name and say, "I said no more barking!" Then

I will feel kind of dumb because I forgot about not barking again.

Today when it happened again I was going to lay down in Emmy's bed.

Gramma made a special cover for Emmy's pillow. It is really soft like your

blanket and it has these knots tied all the way around it. I was playing with one

knot and it was really fun to untie it. I don't know how it happened, but I kind

of untied all the knots...... again. Emmy was mad at me. She said I ruined her

bed. I tried to tie it all back, but I couldn't. Gramma wasn't too happy about it.

She said it takes thumbs to tie and that I don't have any---how come I don't?

Papa took us out to run! I ran and ran! It was so much fun. I can run faster than

Oscar! He didn't like that, but I can get the ball faster than he can. Emmy is real

fast. Some times she grabs Oscar's neck with her teeth and holds on while he is

running. Papa said that we would sleep better after we ran. I found a stick I liked

and Gramma said I could bring it in the house. She told me I could chew on it, but

not the furniture. Is this another rule? I don't know about all these rules and

seasons. I hope you come here soon because I miss you.

Don't forget I love you and you are my boy!

You dog, Wall-E

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