Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lets Play Ball!

Dear Gavin,

It has been raining all weekend here. Gramma was upset because that man on the TV said it was going to snow here. It didn't. It rained. I don't really like to go outside in the rain. My feet get wet and cold and then Gramma says that I smell like a dog and she puts me in the tub and bathes me. It is a vicious cycle. I take a bath and then it rains and I have to take another bath!

I want to go outside and play in the sunshine. I want to run and run. I want to chase butterflies! Today Gramma let me go out the front door while she got some fire wood and I ran to the dumpster and back really fast! You should have seen me. Gramma said I looked like a blur. I am very fast. I bet I could race and make money for Gramma!

Oscar got a new ball. Gramma bought it at the store and when she came inside with all the bags Oscar started crying and jumping. He wanted one of the bags that Gramma had. I thought that it must have some really good treats in it. Gramma put the bag on the floor and Oscar went nuts! He crawled inside the bag!!! When he backed out he had this package in his mouth. He finally opened the package and it was full of toys for us dogs! He told me he could smell the ball. He gave the barbell and the green ring to me, but he told me that under no circumstance was I to bother his ball. He is so selfish! I let him play with all my toys. I know how to share.

Oscar was being so mean today. He was all snarling at me. Gramma says he just has cabin fever like the rest of us. I do not know what this cabin fever is, but if it makes you act mean like Oscar I do not want to catch it! Papa asked me if I wanted to play ball. I was thinking, are you serious, Oscar will have a small fit. But I shook my head and wagged my tail and Papa threw the ball!!!

I ran faster than Oscar and I got it. As you can see, he was not happy!

I held tight to the ball even when Oscar growled at me!

Oscar tried really hard to get the ball out of my mouth.

Finally he gave up ........ I thought.

He tricked me! But I was very strong and kept my jaws tight on that ball.

And, I won!!! I know you will be so proud of me. I wish you had been here to share in my glory. Gramma gave me a kiss on the nose. Emmy was even happy for me. I felt like a champion!
I am a champion, cause I have the best boy in the whole world! That is you. I will be so happy to see you when school is out. Gramma says that when it starts getting warm out, it won't be much longer until I see you again. I hope it gets warm fast!
Don't forget that I love you. Get your arm ready to throw the ball when you get here!
Your ball catching dog, Wall-E

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Gavin,

Gramma finally came home! She brought back thousands of pictures and I looked at all of them. You have gotten so big!! Gramma said that you were playing Maya's violin and that Jada was sitting on the piano! I would really like running through Uncle Jeffy's house........ it looks like a musical obstacle course. Gramma said that it got a little loud at times when you guys were playing on the drums!

Gramma took her camera everywhere!! Even when you went to Sam's. She said that you were very helpful.

Wow, look at are almost as tall as Layla!

I wish I could have gone with Gramma! I miss you so much. Gramma says that you will be here before long and that I will be able to show you how big I am! I can't wait to run and play with you in the sunshine. It is cold and dreary here today. I think I will go nap for awhile and dream of my boy ............ that's you, you know. Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you.

Your faithful and loyal dog, Wall-E