Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Day

Dear Gavin,

Gramma isn't mad anymore! She held me last night and told me that she

wants me to be a good boy and I can't chew up her shoes anymore...or her

plants. I will really try to be good, I promise. We got up really early today.

Gramma said she has something called insomnia and she can't sleep.

I am glad I don't have it, cause I really like sleeping. All of us dogs got up

with her, but after I went out and peed I got back in the warm bed with Papa.

Hey I am still a puppy, I need my rest! Gramma was cleaning the house--I

could hear her, but Papa slept and slept. Gramma told me later that it annoys

her that Papa can sleep and she can't.

After Papa got up, I did, too. I went and got on the sofa with Oscar and took a

little nap. After that some people Gramma knows came in the store and I had

to go and let them look at me. They touched me, too. I liked the lady, she was

nice. She was pretty, too. Oscar came out in the store and barked and growled

at the people. Papa had to come get him and he got in trouble. Gramma said

that one time Oscar went in the store and peed on a man's shoes! Can you

believe that? I thought it was pretty cool, but I am way too scared to do that to

somebody. I bet he got in big, big trouble when he did that, don't you?

Anyway, after that I played outside with Emmy for awhile and then we took

another nap. Gramma worked in the store and Papa went to work at his other

job. Then she woke me up when some other people came in the store. They

came in the house to look at me. The man was a giant! I thought it was

Gramma coming around the corner, so I got down and was going to go see her

and I saw the man, "Whoa," I said to myself, "I don't know about this guy!"

Oscar told me his name is Bob and he's cool. Oscar said to get used to him,

cause he comes over a lot when the weather is warm and he will play ball with

us. The lady was very gentle with me and I liked her, I licked her hand and

she thanked me. I liked her a lot. Emmy was all jealous, so the lady (Oscar

told me her name is Karen and that she is Bob's wife) picked her up. Those

other people made a big deal about how sweet and cute Emmy is, too.

Hey, I just thought she was another dog like us. She is fun to play with,

though. I like to run up and tackle her. I only do that when Gramma isn't

around, though, cause she yells at me when I do it.

Well, now it is time for another nap. I hope you write me a letter soon. It

makes me not miss you so bad when Gramma reads your letters to me.

Don't ever forget that I love you and you are my boy!

Your dog, Wall-E

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