Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Dear Gavin,

It has rained all day and I am so bored. I wish I could go out to play, but ever

since the bath, Gramma watches me and only lets me stay out long enough to

pee or poop--she calls it doing my business. Why does she say that? "Wall-E,

hurry up and do your business." Sounds like I carry a doggie briefcase full of

poop out there to empty it.

Last night wasn't so good for Emmy. I was just laying in bed trying to sleep,

but Emmy kept moving and licking me. Finally Gramma told her to be still and

I fell to sleep. Then all of a sudden I felt Gramma jump out of the bed. "Darn

it", she said. Papa said, "What is wrong?". Gramma was pulling her night shirt

off and gagging, I heard her say dog puke. Boy, was I scared! What if she

thinks I did it? Then I heard her say it was Emmy. I felt bad for Emmy, cause

I know how bad her stomach was hurting, but I was glad I wasn't the one who

made a mess. Gramma was a little crabby again today, but she played with me.

She doesn't like it when you lick her toes, though.

She took my picture today. She said she was going to put some pictures of me

in this blog so you can see how big I am now. I have a new collar. It is called a

choke chain. Gramma says I look buff with it on. I wonder what that means?

I have to go outside now, Gramma is singing that song "It's night-night pee-

pee time......" We all go out one more time and then we go to bed.

I love you and miss you.....don't forget you are my boy!

Your dog, Wall-E

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