Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Gavin

My name is Wall-E. I live with Gramma and Papa in Missouri. I used to live in

Minnesota with my boy, Gavin. Gavin is four years old and the best boy a dog

could have. I miss him a lot, but I am having fun here at Gramma's house.

There is a yard I can play in without a leash. I have new friends, too. Oscar is

the boss of all us dogs here. He is kind of old and sometimes he gets tired of

playing with me and he will growl at me. One time he kind of bit me, so when

he growls I leave him alone. He has a wife-dog, her name is Emmy. She is fun

to run with in the back yard. She is very little and Gramma says I have to be

careful and not hurt her. When Emmy was a young dog like me she broke her

back and had to have surgery. I really hope that never happens to me!

There is a cat, too. To be honest, I am really scared of him. Every time he

comes near me I pee on myself. Oscar says he is very old. Oscar said he

was old when he came to live with Gramma. There is a cat that lives outside,

too. Her name is Spooky and she never comes inside--I am REALLY scared

of her.

I like Papa the best, but I really like to sit in Gramma's lap. Sometimes we all

get in Gramma's lap; me and Oscar and Emmy. It is really crowded like that.

Usually Emmy sits with Papa, and me and Oscar sit with Gramma. Sometimes

that cat (Gremlin is his name) will make me get out of her lap. I don't like that.

That is when I start to miss my boy, Gavin. I hope he reads this soon and tells

his mom to bring him to Gramma's house to see me. I will never forget that he

is my boy and the very first person I loved.

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