Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Can See Out This Door

Dear Gavin,

Gramma calls this a screen door. I can see through this stuff called screen. Can You see me? Gramma says that she can see me.

See that hole......... I must confess that I did it. Oscar said that confession is good for the soul. I did not know what that meant and I had to ask Gramma. She told me that if you tell the truth you will feel better. Gee, why didn't he just say that?

I was looking out that door called a screen one day and I saw this man come up to the store. He was riding in this thing they call a golf cart. I do not know why this contraption is called a golf cart. Anyway he brought this dog along. Just look at that dog laughing at me because I am stuck here behind this silly door. I did not let him just laugh at me, no, I did not! I barked and I barked. Oscar and Emmy joined in until Gramma showed us her fly swatter. She must have lots of them because she will just appear with one in her hand. Anyway I didn't stop barking and she picked me up and asked if I would like to go out and meet that dog!!!! Is she crazy? NO!!! I do not care how nice she tells me this dog is. He is bigger than me, can she not see that?

Oscar called me a scaredy cat. Cat.... I am not a cat. I will confess that I am scared, but I am not a cat. Because I was scared and did not want to go out to meet this dog I quit barking. Gramma tricked me, didn't she?

Here is another dog that was in our park. Gramma called him a mere pup. What kind of dog is that? Oscar told me that "mere" means "only". Okay, I still don't know what kind of dog this is. Is he a Follow dog like me? Oscar and Emmy are Dachshund dogs. That dog in the other picture is a Golden Retriever. This pup, though, we do not know. Do you know what kind of dog this is?

I hope you can tell me what this dog is. Gramma says it is a mystery. She says that I will make a fine detective because I am not afraid to ask questions. Will that make me a Detective dog? Write soon and let me know if you can help me solve this mystery.

It is no mystery that you are my boy. Don't forget that I love you!

Your faithful dog,


Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Dog In The Park

Dear Gavin,
Did you know that other dogs live in our park? I try to be brave, really I do.........

I was looking out the window the other day. I like to watch people. Gramma has these things she calls curtains in front of the windows. I use my nose to push them to one side and I look out. I really like to look out when Gramma goes out. She talks to people. She likes to talk. Papa told me that. Papa is holding me in this picture. Do I look scared to you? Cause I was.........
I saw this dog when I looked out the other day! Look at him! He looks very mean to me. Gramma says he is a big old pussycat. WHAT? I swear to you he is a dog! Not a cat! This I do know......I am a dog after all. Gramma says his name is Franklin.

I do not think I want to get to know this dog named Franklin. Oscar says he is not scared at all. He says there is not a dog big enough or mean enough to scare him. He means it, too. He went after this other dog named Tank and he wasn't scared. I saw the whole thing. That dog Tank was huge, I tell you, he was gigantic! Oscar just ran right up to him and he was ready for a fight.

I am thinking that Oscar might be the bravest dog I have ever met. I am glad that I live here with him, yes, I am. I am thinking of you today, my boy. I hope that you are having fun at school. I hope that there isn't anybody in your class that looks as mean as this dog named Franklin. I hope that you are not scared....... like I am. Don't worry about me, though. I have Gramma and Papa and Oscar. I guess I am one lucky dog, right? After all, I have the best boy in the whole world! I love you, don't forget.

Your dog, Wall-E

Friday, September 11, 2009

School Started

Dear Gavin,

Gramma tells me that you started school today. Okay, I admit that I have no idea what school is. I asked Emmy and I asked Oscar. They were not really sure, so we all went to Gramma so she could tell us.

School is where you learn things! Gramma says that you are going to learn to read and write. I am so excited. This means that you will be able to write to me and that you can read what I write to you and you won't have to ask your mom for help!! Gramma tells us that your mom is a busy woman. She says that she has to take care of you and work and do all the things that have to be done at your house. Gramma says that the only time your mom has to help you read and write is at night when her shows are on...... and we all know better than to interrupt your mom then. She said that your mom is a force to be reckoned with. When I asked, she said that things are just calmer if we don't mess with your mom.

So, how does this thing called school work? Gramma says that you might even ride a bus! I didn't know what that was, but Oscar did. He reminded me that I had seen one go by our house. It was very big and yellow. Gramma told Oscar that he was right and then she started singing this really dumb song to us (you know how she likes to sing). "The wheels on the bus go round and round........" The wheels are round, so how else would they go? Really, even I know that!

Gramma says that you will have a teacher to help you and that you will learn the letters of the alphabet. She explained to me that these letters will be used to make words and that you will learn how to put them together. This sounds pretty complicated to me. I looked at Gramma with my head to one side and she told me not to worry, that you would be able to do it. She says that you are very smart. Papa said that you look like him and act like him and that meant that you are really smart. Gramma called Papa a comedienne. That is someone who thinks they are funny, but they aren't.....that is what Gramma Papa.

Papa said that you will learn to count and work with numbers, too. Wow. This is a whole lot of new stuff for you. I must have looked worried again because she picked me up and rubbed my head. She said that all children your age are going to learn all this. She said that Maya was going to school, too. And get this.....Kenzie is still going to school and she is way older than you and Maya. This school thing must be pretty important if everybody is going. Gage and Layla go to school, too.

I am still a little confused. Maybe I need a nap. In honor of your first day of school I had a bath. It was quite refreshing and I am thinking a nice long nap will top it off to perfection. Gramma says that my vocabulary is growing. I am not going to ask her what a vocabulary is today. I will dream of you, my boy. I will see you writing words and numbers in my sleep. I love you, my boy.

Your Clean Dog, Wall-E

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Please, Will You Just Hold Me!

Dear Gavin,

When will the season be over? What is the season anyway? Gramma keeps talking about the season. She says that when the season is over she will have more time to play with us dogs. I do not know what this season is, but I will be glad when it is over. Do you know she is talking about?

I asked Oscar and I asked Emmy. They tell me that it is hard to explain what the season is. They say that when there is snow on the ground and it is cold outside that Gramma is in the house a lot. They tell me that she keeps a fire going and cooks things that smell really good and that she drinks hot tea and writes on her computer. They tell me that it is wonderful because they get to snuggle next to her all day long!

I hope that it starts to snow soon! I remember that it was snowing when Gramma and Papa came to your house in Minnesota and took me to live with them. I was scared and I didn't think I was going to like it in Missouri. Gramma held me a lot then. She made Oscar be nice to me. I am glad that she held me then, it made me feel safe............. I wish she would stop working and hold me now.

I miss you today, my boy. Do you miss me? You haven't gotten another dog have you? I would not like that, no, I would not! Don't you forget that you are my boy and I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E