Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oatmeal....Not For Dogs

Dear Gavin,

I have been very good. Gramma said so. It is starting to get warm again and I

have been playing outside a lot. Papa fixed the fence. Not just that one spot,

but all of it. We had been looking at some other interesting loose boards, but I

guess Papa must have known. There is still lots of hiding places in the back

yard. I like to hide, then jump on Emmy or Oscar when they come around a

corner. It is great fun. I tried it out on Gramma. I had my mouth open when I

jumped up on her leg and I accidentally hit her hand with my tooth. She

wasn't happy about that. I was sorry because I must have really hurt her hand

... she called it her knuckle and there were tears in her eyes. I felt bad about it.

Gramma sure does like to sew a lot. She stayed in her sewing room almost all

afternoon yesterday. While she was in there it got dark outside! She told us

she was sorry that she had let time get away from her. What does that mean?

Can you hold time and where does it go when it runs away? I don't know these


Any way, Oscar did a bad thing while time was running away from Gramma.

He opened the door to the pantry. Last time he did that we got out this box of

crackers and we ate them. They were yummy. We got in trouble about it, but

they were really yummy. Well, yesterday, Oscar got this round box and it had

a plastic lid on it. It took awhile, but he finally got that lid off. We tasted the

stuff that poured out of the round box. Yuck! I did not like it. It stuck to my

tongue and when I tried to drink water it got all gooey. No, I do not want to eat

that stuff from the round box with the plastic lid. Oscar didn't like it either and

Emmy wouldn't even try it.

When Gramma found all that stuff in the floor she said, "Oscar, how many

times will I have to spank you about this?" She didn't even think it was me!!!!!

I tell you, she has special powers, this Gramma of yours. She called that stuff

oatmeal. She said, "First it was my Ritz crackers, now the oatmeal, you bad,

bad dog!" She was talking to Oscar. She was holding him and making him look

at her, she said, "You look at me when I am talking to you!". She does this to

me when she is scolding me, too. Don't tell Oscar, but I kind of liked it when

he got in trouble.

Well, it is time to go outside again. I have to practice my leg lift. Oscar tells

me it comes in handy when you want to aim it on something to mark it with

your smell. Emmy said it would not be a good idea to do this in the house,

she is probably right about that. I hope I will see you soon because you are

my boy and I miss you. Don't tell your mom, but I miss her, too.

Your dog, Wall-E

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