Friday, April 10, 2009


Dear Gavin,

Papa is really angry at me..... I chewed up his work shoes. He said they were new. Hey, I'm new, too!! Papa yelled at me, but he couldn't catch me. He told me to get in my kennel, but that cat, Gremlin sleeps in it now. He has some wicked claws on his two back feet..... don't ask. So, I hid under that big table again. Gramma was sewing and she heard Papa. I thought she came to rescue me, so I ran to her. She swatted me with that fly swatter. That thing really smarts, let me tell you! Then she asked me who was going to buy new shoes for Papa. How do you buy anyway? I just don't know these things. You buy shoes? I did not know this. And can't he just wear them any way? I didn't chew much of it off. Gramma told him he should learn to put his stuff away. Then she told him she was not his mother. Why did she tell him that?

I guess he wasn't too mad, cause he played ball with me and Oscar. I finally found out what mow means! Gramma made us all go inside, then she took this really loud thing with wheels on it and pushed it around the yard. When she got done she let us back out. It looked like somebody cut all the grass down the very same length!! It was cool. And the best part was running in it. It turned my feet green. I liked the smell, too. Emmy says she will do this a lot while the weather is warm.

Gramma made oatmeal cookies today. She made some without raisins for us, she said raisins are bad for dogs. What are raisins? The oatmeal cookies were yummy. That cat, Gremlin wouldn't eat his, so Gramma broke it into pieces for us. I got the biggest piece! Gramma told Oscar he was developing a weight problem and that he should quit trying to keep up with me when I eat. He won't talk to me now. Emmy says he will forget about it by tomorrow.

Gramma took the gate down in the hallway and now she just keeps the door to her bedroom closed. She put the gate in the store so that us dogs can go in there with her. Oscar knows how to unlatch the gate, but Gramma put two latches on it! He is not happy about that! I like to go in Gramma's sewing room with her. Today she was making a dress for Maya. She made a dress for Jada yesterday and she made a whole outfit for Layla!! She said that Jada and Zara would have birthdays soon. Which reminds me... when is my birthday? I need to know so that I can tell Gramma. I want a party!! I want everybody to sing that song to me and we can all eat some dog biscuits. Will you come? I couldn't have a happy birthday without you, cause you are my boy. I miss you today, but I would miss you even more on a special day. Gramma read your letter to me. I was glad that you wrote. I love you--don't forget that!

Your dog, Wall-E

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