Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She Tricked Me!

Dear Gavin,

I was having a perfectly nice day. Gramma mowed our yard again and I was having a great time rolling in the grass. She raked it all into a pile and I jumped in it! I thought she did it for us dogs; how was I supposed to know she wanted to get it out of the yard? She told me that I had earned a bath with my shenanigans. Oscar gave me a really dirty look and Emmy wasn't speaking to me.

We came inside and Gramma got busy in the store with some customers. When she finished with that, we all thought she was coming in the house to make us get in that tub... but she went outside to work in her garden. Oscar told me to be extra good when she came in. She was out there a long, long time. It was dark when she came in and she said, "Whew, I am tired and my back is killing me!" Oscar said we were home free. I didn't know what that meant, so I asked Emmy. She said, "It means we won't have to have that bath, you dummy!" I thought the dummy part was unnecessary. We were all very happy. Gramma sat down and ate some cottage cheese with pineapple (Oscar said that it was pretty gross and we did not want to lick that bowl).

Gramma was holding me and she stood up and went into the bathroom and put me in the tub! She shut the doors and went to get the other two. When she opened the door I jumped and ran. She tried to get me to come out from under the table, but I was way too smart for that. Then she got those yummy treats out. She tried to grab me when I took the treat, but I was way too fast for her. Ha, ha, I thought, you won't get me! She left me and went to the tub and washed Oscar and Emmy. I sat in the hall and watched her. She wouldn't talk to me, though.

Oscar was first and when he got dried off he jumped down and tried to bite me! Boy was he mad at me cause I was fast and got away. Maybe he shouldn't eat so much. Gramma was right, he is getting fat. So, I went back to the hall. She was drying Emmy and they were whispering. I think they were talking about me. Gramma gave them each a treat.... but not me. I was feeling pretty bad. Then she threw the ball and told me to get it. I did and then she sat down and I jumped in her lap. I guess you know what happened, huh? Yep, I got a bath. And I thought I had outsmarted her!

Well, I hope you have had a better day than me. I am clean and sleepy, so I will say good night to you, my boy. Sleep good, I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

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