Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Know My Breed!

Dear Gavin,

I have great news! I know what kind of a dog I am. Gramma told me. She said that I am a Follow dog! I am so glad that I know what breed I am. I was afraid that I was what that lady told know the kind with 'rat' in the name. I do not want that to be the kind of dog I am. Gramma does not like rats!

It all happened this morning. Gramma was doing her chores. That's what she calls it when she makes the bed and sweeps and washes dishes. I like to jump into the bed while she is making it. Sometimes she yells at me; but mostly she will pick me up and hold me before she puts me in the floor. Today she is doing laundry. I like to go with her back and forth while she gets all the clothes separated into piles and then I go with her while she takes them to the machine that washes them. My favorite part is when she puts them on that line outside. I go with her. Sometimes Oscar and Emmy come out, too; but I always go. So, we are outside and Gramma is putting those pin things on a t-shirt of Papa's and she says, "I know what you are, Wall-E. You are a follow dog; you follow me where ever I go!" I am so relieved to finally know what I am! Gramma also told me that if there was a contest for best in breed for Follow dogs I would win!

I told that cat, Gremlin, what Gramma said and he told me that she made it up. So I told him that he would do well to remember who feeds him. Gramma said that to me one time when I tried to bite her hand; I have been waiting forever to have a chance to say it to one of the other animals. I am pretty clever, don't you think?

I just wanted to tell you about my breed. I bet you will be as happy as I am to know what kind of dog I am. It won't be long and you will be here. That's what Gramma told me. Your Gramma is one smart lady! I love you and miss you, my boy!

Your Follow dog, Wall-E

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