Sunday, April 12, 2009


Dear Gavin,

We had company! Company is when people come to see us in the house... not the store. Gramma cooked some food and Bob (that big guy who plays with us) and Karen (the nice lady who petted me) and April (she's nice, too) and Butch (he was new, but he likes dogs, too). Anyway, they all came and ate dinner at that big table I like to hide under. It was cool, us dogs hung out under the table and people gave us food. I think I like company.

Before that I got to play outside a lot and it was warm. Gramma washed all the floors. She was mad at that cat. He keeps peeing on the floor. Did you know that cats have their very own bathrooms? Gramma called it a litter box. She is mad because he doesn't use his. Why don't dogs have litter boxes? I saw that cat's litter box. I just thought it was a box of sand with a lid on it and a hole in the lid. Emmy told me to stay away from it because Gramma said those brown things were not tootsie rolls. What is that supposed to mean? Emmy doesn't know why Gramma says these things, either. She says that Gramma will swat you with that fly swatter if you go in the litter box. Is that why that cat quit going in it? I get so confused!

Papa said his back hurt because of me. Hey, I am not that heavy and I do not know why he would say such a thing. But then he said his back was hurting because he wore old shoes to work and that he couldn't wear his good shoes because I chewed one up. Now I know why he said that. I had totally forgotten about that shoe. Well, Gramma was talking on that phone and she was telling your Aunt Diane about the shoe and that got me thinking. I decided that I should chew the other shoe so that they would match. I was very pleased with my idea, but Gramma didn't think much of it, cause when she found me she swatted me and took the good shoe away from me. I do not think I will ever figure this Gramma of yours out!

Today is kind of cold and sleepy. I have been out a bunch of times, but Oscar and Emmy won't go out with me. It's not as much fun without them. All they want to do is sleep. Gramma said she wished that she could sleep, too. The phone keeps ringing, though. Papa is at work and I am sitting here in Gramma's lap writing this letter to my boy-- that's you! I miss you, my boy. Don't forget that I love you.

Your dog, Wall-E

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