Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hi Gavin,
I wanted to show you this picture of me with Wall-E. We were wearing matching sweaters. Don't we look adorable? I don't think Wall-E likes his sweater. He doesn't look all that happy.
I wanted to talk to you about Wall-E. He doesn't know I am writing to you. He is asleep right now. He gets back in bed in the morning with your Papa. I prefer to get up and start my day. Any way, back to your dog. Why does he chew on everything? If memory serves me right, I didn't do that when I was young. Yesterday he chewed up one of my mommy's favorite things. That is just wrong. Now he will have to stay in his kennel when she is gone. I am not looking forward to this. I just know he is going to cry and carry on and I don't want to listen to that!
Another annoying habit of his...he likes to tackle me. Does he not realize just how big he is and how small I am? I have tried to let him know that I don't enjoy these encounters. I keep biting him, but he thinks I am playing with him. Now, when Oscar bites him he stops immediately. Hmm, maybe I should get Oscar to bite him for me!
I like playing with Wall-E. We have this one game we play that is great fun. Wall-E takes Oscar's ball and Oscar chases him, then Wall-E lets Oscar have the ball and we both chase Oscar! We run and run. Sometimes I use my teeth to hang onto Oscar's neck. Wall-E tried it, but he bit too hard and Oscar got mad and bit him back. I tried to show him how to do it, but he can't seem to get the hang of it. What can I's an art and I am the artist!
We have lots of fun together. I taught your dog all about grooming. I clean his ears for him and Oscar cleans his face. We all kind of clean each other. Your Gramma calls it a lick-a-thon. I think she made that up. She makes up lots of words....and songs. But you know that, she is your Gramma! I hope you come to see your dog soon. He misses you. I like it when you come. You are very gentle with me. Hey, maybe you could explain how to play with me gently to Wall-E! I would really appreciate that.
I must go nap now. I need all my energy to be able to keep up with Wall-E. He is younger than me, you know. Hope to see you soon!
Lots of love,

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