Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear Gavin,

Gramma finally remembered to take her film and get it developed. I think I

look quite handsome. What do you think? I still have one of the toys you

sent with me when I came to live with Gramma and Papa. See it? See my

new choke chain?

Gramma and Papa went out to dinner last night. They left us here! That

crazy cat went in the bathroom and let me tell you, he made quite a mess!

Gramma says that she thinks he must have lost his mind. She said that his

new name should be Sir Pees Alot. I thought that was funny. I was kind of

glad that he made this big smelly mess--man, cat pee stinks!

I kind of accidentally chewed up one of Gramma's baskets. Hey, I didn't

know she liked the stupid basket so much. She discovered the parts of the

basket on the floor when she was going to watch TV. She hollered at me!

I ran to Papa and sat with him, but he told me that he was mad at me, too.

Papa swept up the mess I made this morning and Gramma had to go to the

grocery. That's where you buy food. She bought us some treats. They taste

like bacon. I like them a lot. Oscar sits straight up and he gets a treat. Gramma

keeps trying to make me do it--it is harder than it looks! I try, but I can't stay

up like Oscar does. I will have to practice. Emmy doesn't have to do anything,

you know, cause of her back.

Personally I think she could, but she doesn't have to.After the treats, Gramma

started cleaning and she found this thing I had been chewing on. She called it

a coaster. Hey, I did not know this thing was special and I was tired of chewing

on my old toys. She was mad at me again. She said she had cross-stitched it

and that it was one her favorite ones and that she didn't have that pattern

anymore. Hey, how was I supposed to know? She swatted me with the fly

swatter. She told me that I had done it now, that she was not going to keep

putting everything up in case I decided to gnaw on it. Then she went outside.

"Where did she go?" I asked Oscar. He said that maybe she was playing in

her garden and to just be quiet because he is taking a napA little while later

Gramma came in with my kennel. "Uh-oh," I thought "this is not good." Then

Gramma and I had one of those talks (she likes talks).

She told me that I will have to be put in my kennel whenever she leaves the

house from now on. She says I can't be trusted to behave and that she knows

I won't like it, but that's the way it is. I am hoping that she forgets about this,

because I do not want to be put in that cage! Papa hasn't seen this yet, maybe

he will take it back out to the shed.

I think we are going to bed now. I am tired, are you? I hope you dream about

me. I will dream about you...don't forget I love you and that you are my boy.

Your faithful dog, Wall-E

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