Monday, April 13, 2009

It Rained All Day

Dear Gavin,
It rained all day today. I was so bored that I chewed up some of the firewood. Gramma said that it was okay to chew the firewood, but that I had better leave the furniture alone. I was confused until Oscar told me that the tables were made out of wood. I never would have thought of that. Maybe she shouldn't have said that!
Okay, just look at this picture of me. Do I look happy. No. That was the sweater she made me wear. The color was all wrong, don't you think? Made me look pale. It wasn't even my sweater, it's Oscar's and I am sure that it looked better on him!
I heard you on that phone again today. I heard your mom,too. She kind of scares me. When I hear her I think I might have to go get in my kennel. I told you that cat has been sleeping in it, didn't I? Well for the past few days he has been sleeping on top of this basket on the table by the couch. That cat has done nothing but sleep! Gramma says to be nice to him because he is old. I don't know if that is a good reason. That cat does not like me!
Last night it was raining and I had to go out. Gramma got up with me and Oscar and Emmy came with us. Gramma opened the door, but they refused to go out with me. Well, I didn't want to get wet either, so I decided to try to hold it and we all went back to bed. I tried my very best and waited as long as I could, but I had to wake Gramma up again. She wasn't too happy, but she got up and picked up Emmy. Oscar said to forget it, he stayed in bed. Gramma opened the door and it wasn't raining as much and I ran out as fast as I could. Emmy didn't go out, She made Gramma hold her and they spied on me at that window. I was so mad at them! I had to do my business and I wanted my privacy! It's just wrong to not give a guy his privacy!
Gramma says we can't eat right before we go to bed anymore. I just don't understand her. Papa says we all have to do what Gramma says, though. I love you. I bet you would let me eat before I go to bed, wouldn't you? Don't forget you are my boy!
Your dog, Wall-E

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