Monday, April 27, 2009

Feel it in Your Bones

Dear Gavin,

It is raining today. It was raining when we woke up. Yesterday Gramma said she knew it would rain; she said she could feel it in her bones. How does she do that? Us dogs eat bones. Did she eat a bone and the bone told her it would rain? Why does she say these things? Oscar and Emmy say that she has been saying things like that all their lives. Well, it is raining, so I guess a bone must have told her that it would rain today.

She gave us some bones to chew on. She said they were good for our teeth and would help make our breath smell fresh. What? I smell with my nose, not my breath. Is Gramma getting too old?She says some very strange things to me. I turn down one ear and tilt my head to one side and look at her. She grabs me and kisses me and tells me I am too cute to live. That is kind of scary if you ask me. I will be glad when you get here so that you can tell her not to kill me cause I'm cute!

I have been meeting other dogs. Gramma says I have been very friendly. I am getting better about barking. She calls it yipping. She say I have a very high pitch and it is annoying. What's the deal here? I thought high would be good. I just don't know these things. I saw this dog yesterday, boy, did she have a lot of hair! She was black and white and her person was holding her on her back. She had a sort of smashed face like that cat, Gremlin, and she stuck her nose up and sniffed at me. Do you think she has a pedigree like Gremlin. He is snobby, too. Oscar and Emmy aren't snobby. They don't have smashed faces. Maybe you get snobby if you have a smashed face.

The man said I was a homely little fellow. Is that good? Gramma said that she agreed with him, but she said I had a very sweet disposition. I hope that is not something that will make me have to get a shot! One lady looked at my face really close and told Gramma that I was part Rat Terrier. I don't know if I like that. Does she mean I am part rat? Gramma doesn't like rats. I heard her tell Papa that. She said there was a rat in our house, but Papa said it was a mouse. She said that all rodents were rats to her. Is that me, too? I hope not cause Gramma set these traps for that rat she said got in our house. Oscar said if that rat comes out where he can see him he will show me how to kill it. I don't know if this is something I want to watch.

Gramma says that she can no longer sit here with me, she has work to do. Papa is at work and when he is not here Gramma takes things apart. That way Papa is always surprised when he comes home. She moved the refrigerator today and now she is going to take apart some cabinets. She sure does like to surprise Papa!

I will be counting the days until you come. Don't forget to bring me all those treats you have for me! Oh, and I think it would be nice if I shared them with Oscar and Emmy. Is that okay? I love you, Gavin. You are my best boy in the whole world!

Your dog, Wall-E

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