Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Gavin,

Gramma figured out how to use her new camera. She took this picture of me.....see my blue eyes?
Gramma is so busy everyday now and I have been trying to be very good. I play with Oscar and Emmy. I am glad they are here, cause I would not like being alone while Gramma works.

Papa is hardly ever here except at night when we all go to sleep. He told me to be patient because my boy will be here before I know it. That seems weird. How can you be here before I know it. I think I will know it when you are here, won't I? Sometimes I wonder about the things Papa and Gramma say, don't you?

I am going to bed now. Gramma says we have lots of reservations tomorrow. I don't know what that means, but I guess Gramma needs to sleep. Oscar says to just do whatever she says and to quit wondering so much. I can't help it. Gramma says I am curious and that maybe my name should be George. See what I mean; why did she say that and who is George?

I love you, don't are my boy.

Your dog, Wall-E


  1. Hello there! I found your letters through Sandi McBride. I think your letters are truly wonderful and should definitely be published in a book!

  2. Maybe Sandi McBride could help you. She published a book. I think it would definitely be a marvelous book. I can only imagine how busy you are with running a campground. I know I couldn't do it!