Monday, April 12, 2010

Mondays Are Not Fun

Dear Gavin,

I don't like Mondays, do you? Gramma says we need to write to you today. I know I do.......... I am thinking............ and thinking........

I got nuthin'! I am thinking I need to nap........ but, I just got up. Gramma says to get my act together and get my letter done. She says she has a date with a paint brush. Now, I am just confused. I wish she would just say what she means. I think she is going to go outside and paint on that fence around the pool again.

"Hey, Oscar, what can I write about?"

Say that again and don't mumble this time!! I can't hear you! Oh, you want me to leave you alone. Gee, you don't have to be so mean, I asked nicely. Go back to sleep.

Emmy says to tell you about the weekend and all the dogs we saw. Oh, yeah, I had forgotten. Us dogs saw a lot of new dogs out the window. We even saw Gramma pet some of them. Oscar gets quite indignant when he sees this happen. Emmy and I just wait until she comes in to smell all the new smells.
We saw Gramma petting two black dogs while she talked to their person. I couldn't hear everything she said, but I did hear her tell the boy dog that he was very handsome! She never says that to me. She tells me I am her homely fella and that I am a love. That is better, right? Anyway, she did not have her camera. These dogs are called Schnauzers. They had all black hair and really big eyebrows hanging down. I think I prefer not having hair in my eyes! I like to be able to see all around me. Gramma says that I am curious and want to know everything.
We also saw a miniature Greyhound! I have some Greyhound friends in blogland! That dog was little, though and my friends are tall and majestic. I was very confused until Gramma explained that miniature meant small. Oh, I get it! That dog I saw was like a little version of my friend, Bunny! I may be homely, but I am smart....... Gramma said so. That little dog I saw was walking with her person and she jumped up into her person's arms. I could do that, I think. Gramma must have read my mind, though, because she looked me in the eye and said, "Don't even think about it, mister!". She says that she has enough aches and pains without me adding to it. I don't know why she doesn't want to learn tricks with me. I will wait until you come and you and I will do some tricks.
Aunt Debbie came, but she didn't bring Kiley. I was kind of sad about that. Maybe next weekend. Gramma says that there is still a lot of work to do. She only called me into the store one time to meet some people. I like to do that. All the people say how cute I am and they pet me. One lady said I was adorable. I licked her hand. As much fun as that was, I would still rather see you, my boy.
I will nap now, while Gramma goes out to paint her fence. I will be seeing you in my dreams. Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you.
Your sleepy dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall-E, I think you're handsome! ;)

    Chi kisses, Lilibell

  2. Wall-E, I think your gramma needs her eyes checked! You are a most handsome fellow!

    I'll bet you met some of those Italian Greyhounds. They are really something! I met alpacas this weekend. Now that was interesting!


  3. Hi, Wall-E!
    I am sure Gavin enjoyed your letter!
    You met lots of friends there!
    Yes... you are handosme and lovely!
    Kisses and hugs