Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Gavin,
You are not going to believe this! Gophers have invaded us dog's yard!! I do not know what this animal called a gopher is, but, I do know that Gramma and Papa do not like them. Papa went to town and bought some gopher bombs. I was very concerned about this. Aren't bombs used to blow things up? Gramma told Papa that if he scared the gophers out of the far field that they might just try to come closer ......... and that is exactly what happened.

Seems that these gophers like to dig tunnels under the lawn and then pop out where ever they choose. They leave little piles of dirt where they tunnel and then the ground above the tunnel is soft and feels funny when you walk on it. Gramma is none too happy about the evidence of gophers in our yard. She said it made mowing harder and that these little thieves are getting way to close to her vegetable garden. She said the little rodents better not start making tunnels there!

Well, today Emmy started digging and when I asked her what she was doing she said she was going to put a stop to this tunnel nonsense once and for all. Emmy is very brave, I tell you! She is planning on a trip into the tunnel!! I was quite frightened for her well being and started to bark excitedly. This alerted Gramma and she came out and saw what Emmy was doing. I am afraid that my actions caused Emmy to get into trouble with Gramma. Gramma scolded her and told her to stop this very instant. Emmy dug a little more and then Gramma used her stern voice. Emmy came in. She was very hot and thirsty with her tongue hanging out and then Gramma saw Emmy's paws.

Emmy paws were caked with mud and grass clippings. Gramma was really unhappy about that. I have a feeling that Emmy will be having a bath before bedtime. Gramma reminded Emmy that she had just had a manicure. I am not sure what that is. Does it hurt? Will she have to get another one? Gramma went back into the store.

Emmy told Oscar that she had made good headway into the gopher hole and that he should continue a little farther next time he went out. He agreed that this would be the right thing to do. Then he told her that she was smaller and that she would have to go down the gopher hole and GET THE GOPHER! I looked at them both and asked what in the world they were thinking. Emmy is old and she has had back surgery! Suppose her back goes into a spasm and she is in that tunnel and can't get out? I am so worried about this, I will not be able to sleep a wink.

I have decided that I must go out every time either of them do and bark and bark to alert Gramma. I must stop this kidnapping of the gopher. Do gophers bite? Never mind I do not want to find out! Oscar said I was just a nervous Nellie. Great, now I need to find out what a Nellie is.

I will be so glad when you get here with Rocky. I hope that Rocky will be able to help me keep Emmy safe from this gopher.

Your nervous dog, Wall-E


  1. Oh, those gophers are so frustrating! I know why they are after them. Don't worry too much. Maybe when Gavin and Rocky get there, they will be able to help catch the gopher!


  2. Wall-E, you must bark every time your brother and sister try to go after those gophers, we hear that gophers are mean and they may bite them right on the nose!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell