Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sad For Rocky

Dear Gavin,
Oscar and I sat on the back of the couch today while we waited for Gramma to come home. She had to go pick up her medicine and get supplies. I am not sure what supplies are, but she brought a lot of bags into the house. After she put most of the stuff away, she told all of us dogs to come sit with her on the couch.

Her eyes were all red and shiny. Emmy crawled into Gramma's lap and Oscar told me that he thought Gramma had been crying. She hugged all of us dogs together until we squirmed out of her arms, then she told us that Rocky had to leave your house and go stay somewhere else. She told us that he bit someone! Oscar wanted to know if someone had tried to hurt you or your mom, but Gramma said that was the strange part, because there was no reason for him to bite.

I am so sad that this happened to you, my boy. I was really beginning to like Rocky and I was happy that you had a big dog to play with you and protect you.

I will miss Rocky, too. Not as much as I miss you tonight. Gramma had to wipe the tears from my eyes. She had to wipe her eyes, too. We are both very sad for you, my boy. Gramma says that we will have to figure out a way to get me on the plane with her when she goes to your house in the spring. She tells me that if I will be very good and lay very still in a very small kennel that we might be able to take me on board as a carry-on. I am not sure what a carry-on is, but I am willing to behave to be able to see you.

Be a brave boy tonight. I am thinking about you and sending you all the best thoughts that I have. Don't forget that I love you and that you are the very best boy a dog could have.

I love you! Your faithful dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, please tell Gavin that we're sad about Rocky, too! Sometimes sad things happen that we just can't understand. I wish I could kiss Gavin's nose to help him feel better.


  2. Oh no, that is just too sad about Rocky. And we are also sad for Gavin too to lose his buddy. We hope you can go see him in the spring to cheer him up.

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell