Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Heard A Rumor.........

Dear Gavin,
Gramma has been outside lately more than she has been inside! She is always pulling up weeds! Sometimes she has ants crawling on her when she comes in and once us dogs even saw a tick in her hair!! Us dogs offered to let her use our tick medicine, but she grabbed that tick and smooshed him between her fingernails until she heard a satisfying click. We were all impressed. Us dogs do this with our teeth when we catch the little varmints in our fur. I was really surprised that Gramma knew how to do this.

Your mom called Gramma and asked for Aunt Debbie's phone number. First she told Gramma that you were not coming here to see us this summer. Gramma was all sad and said that she was missing you and she also told your mom that I would be really upset. But after she gave your mom Aunt Debbie's number she knew it was all a trick. Gee, does your mom really think she can outsmart Gramma? Gramma whispered in my ear and told me that she knew in her heart that you would be coming to see us. Gramma knows these things.

Gramma has been weeding the gardens because you are coming. I do not know why. Your mom will not be impressed and I doubt that you will care about the gardens, so why is she doing this? She keeps mumbling about the dirt that Papa brought her. She said it was bad dirt and that she had asked for clean dirt. Oscar says that is a contradiction of terms. I don't even want to know what that means. I am confused though ........ how can dirt be clean? Emmy thinks that it has something to do with weeds and Papa said that he thought he was bringing her some wildflowers. I guess Papa was confused, too. Gramma threw all those on a burn pile.

So, your mom called Gramma back and wanted to know why Aunt Debbie didn't answer her call and why Papa wasn't answering his phone. Gramma told her that Aunt Debbie would call her back if she left a message and probably didn't recognize her number. Then she told her that Papa was probably on the tractor or the mower or was using some loud tool. So, your mom said that she was trying to surprise Gramma and come on Gramma's birthday. See ............ Gramma was right. I tell you, Gramma knows everything!

Our cat Smokey is feeling a lot better. Aunt Debbie checked her over today and found that one of the cuts on her chin was not healing, so she put some medicine on it. Smokey didn't even scratch Gramma while she held her, so she must know that Aunt Debbie and Gramma are trying to help her. Emmy saw this and offered to go lick the wounds again, but Gramma wants the medicine to stay on for a while.

I am really excited to know when you will be here. I can count the days now and get everything ready. I will get to meet your new dog, Rocky. I like the way that sounds. Rocky and Gavin. Gavin and Rocky. No, I like Gavin and Wall-E better. Gavin, Wall-E and Rocky. Okay, that works; as long as my name comes before his. Oscar says that he is not looking forward to a visit from Rocky. He says that he plans to let Rocky know right away that he is the boss of all of the dogs in this house. This does not sound good. I hope he isn't planning to fight. That will make me very nervous and I will no doubt disgrace myself and pee on the floor if this happens. Emmy has been talking to Oscar about his behaviour towards other dogs and I am hoping she will be able to persuade him to play nice.

I will go now and dream about you, my best boy, my only boy. Don't forget that I loved you first!

Your dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, I'm so excited for you that my tail won't stop wagging! Oh, the fun you'll have! The ways of humans are sometimes just not meant to be understood, especially when it comes to dirt. Trust me on this!


  2. Hi Wall-E,

    I am happy to hear your boy is coming for a visit. I bet you will have lots of fun together, even if you have to share him with that other doggy. My mom spends alot of time out in her flower beds too. She knows there is good and bad dirt and that it's a pain if you get bad dirt.


  3. Hi, Wall-E!
    Sounds like someone played a trick on your Gramma! But you are so rigth... she is very smart for that!
    I am sure you are very excited counting the days!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Oooh, exciting news Wall-E! We just know that you will be best buddies with Rocky, seeing as you guys both have something in common. Butt we think you sit Oscar down and have a talking with him before Gavin and Rocky arrive.

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell