Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Gavin,
I am sad today. Gramma told me that you have a new dog in your life. Papa held me while I was sad. He told me that he would be so sad if I went away.........
I must admit, that I felt better after Papa held me. But, Papa went to work and Gramma had to go to the grocery. Gramma let me be in charge of us dogs while she was gone and it wasn't even my turn! Even Oscar and Emmy are being extra nice to me today! Emmy didn't tell on me when I tackled her in the yard and Oscar played ball with me after the rain stopped.

Gramma tells me that your new dog is a boxer and his name is Rocky. I don't know if I have ever met a boxer before. Gramma says that he is a big dog. I am a little dog. He is brown brindle and I am white. We are both dogs, but we are different. Gramma says that Rocky likes you a whole lot. I do, too; so I guess we are alike.

Gramma showed me this picture from the ad that your mom saw when she found your new dog. It is hard to tell from this picture if he is nice. Your mom says that he is. I am not worried. I know your mom would never let a mean dog near you. I think she loves you almost as much as I do!

I will be here at Gramma's house waiting patiently to meet your new dog. Your mom tells Gramma that he is a good rider. I don't like to ride, so I am glad that you will be coming here. I just hope that you won't forget all about me. Gramma tells me that you won't. I think I will have to see you again to know for sure. Just remember............ I was your very first pet.

Love, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, nobody could ever forget you! I think you'll have fun playing with the new boxer. Maybe you could make him second in command in watching out for your boy!


  2. You will always be his first friend!
    I hope you and Rocky will be friends too!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Wall E, don't worry, Gavin will never, ever forget you, his very first furfriend. Rocky can now watch over Gavin so you won't have to worry about him so much!

    Don't be sad Wall E, we love you!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell