Thursday, December 2, 2010

It Is Good To Be Home......

Dear Gavin,

Finally! I am finally rested enough to write my letter to you. Gramma always says that traveling is tiring and now I believe her! Poor Gramma is sick since we came home. I admit that us dogs like it when Gramma is not feeling too good, cause she lets us sit with her on the couch. Papa built a fire and Gramma has some blankets for her and us dogs to snuggle under. She is drinking hot tea ............. I took a lick when she wasn't looking and honestly don't know why anyone would want to drink it. She says it makes her throat feel better, but it just burned my tongue. I won't be drinking anything with the word "hot" in front of it!

We got to your house after driving all day long in the car. If you will remember, I don't enjoy rides, but Papa put my kennel in the car and Gramma put us dog's favorite blanket in the dryer and had it all nice and warm for us. It was cold and raining and I slept most of the time.

On Thanksgiving morning, while Papa and your mom went to the store (Gramma forgot our food!!), you dressed like a Pilgrim and gave us dogs some treats. That was fun! You made sure that I got my treat and Rocky didn't take it from me. You are, after all, my boy. You always will be, you know.

We had to get back in the car and went to see Layla and Gage .............. and that giant dog, Georgie. Emmy tells me that Louise was a big dog like Georgie. I never met Louise, but this dog called Georgie scared me! I growled at her, I was so scared. She acted like she was scared of me!

Boy, she is big! Really big. Even her feet are big. Her mouth is big. My whole head would fit in her big mouth. I stayed close to Papa while you played with Layla. Just in case this Georgie girl was hungry. Emmy says that she used to sleep on Louise's paw. I don't think I want to try that!

As long as Papa's arm was around me I knew I was okay.

Oscar kept watch on the other side of Papa.

We stayed in the kennel a lot. It was safe in there.

It was like being in jail!! At Maya's house, there were lots of people and us dogs could smell delicious food. Gramma told us to stay put so she could help out in the kitchen. She told me later that Gramma Barb and Diane had everything under control and all she did was snack and talk! Can you believe she just left us there?

Baby Zara woke up from her nap and came for a visit. There are cats here at this house, but Zara told us dogs she really hoped that Santa would bring her a puppy! I like Zara. She was petting me and talking to me.

I think Baby Zara wanted to go home with us! She did not want to come out of our kennel. Her big sisters told her to come out, but she would not!

Maya held the door open and you crawled in to get me! Gramma and Papa were laughing at you. Us dogs were, too.

The next day everybody came to your house and Rocky got too excited and had to stay in his kennel. His kennel is big! He is big, too. He is not as big as Georgie. I am not afraid of Rocky anymore. I let him know that you were my boy first and now we play together. I am glad that he is there to help your mom take care of you. He told me that he would attack any body who dared to bother you and your mom. I like that.

Emmy likes Jada. I think Layla must have taught her how to hold Emmy very carefully. She did a good job!

Maya played with me and Oscar after Rocky was put in his kennel. She was afraid of Rocky, but not us.

After everybody left on our last night, Rocky gave us a show with one of his toys.

We all watched a movie while your mom gave Papa a pedicure. Gramma put her camera away and packed all of our stuff up .................. then she lay down on the floor and your dog, Rocky, lay down next to Gramma and put his head on her shoulder! Emmy's eyes grew wide and Oscar sniffed. I thought it was okay, cause I slept with you that night.
I was truly torn the next morning. Papa called my name and I looked out from the warm covers of your bed. He said that it was time to go home. He picked me up and then he went to get my lead. I scrambled back under the covers ............... I wanted to stay. I wanted to stay with you, my boy. You were warm. Papa's coat was cold. I was sleepy and I wanted to just go back to sleep and stay in bed with you. You are my boy and I love you. But, then I heard Papa call my name again. I love Papa, too. If I stayed with you, who was going to take care of Papa? He is getting older, you know and I keep him warm at night. If I stayed with you, who would play ball with Oscar? Who would watch out for Emmy when she went outside? Not to mention Gramma. Gramma sometimes calls me Sarge. That is the name of her dog that died and she says that I have his soul living in me. She really needs me, too. She is not so young herself, you know. I keep her warm when she is not feeling good. They all need me.
So, you can see that I had to come home with them. Who would write letters to you if I stayed?
Your thoughtful dog, Wall-E

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  1. Wall E, I always enjoy your letters! It looks like your Thanksgiving was lots of fun, and you had so many people and dogs to visit. No wonder you were tired when it was time to go home!