Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Gavin,
I have so much to tell you! Gramma has been so busy that she has been neglecting my writing. I will forgive her, because I have been watching her work and let me tell you, she works hard! We have just finished our first big holiday of the season. Us dogs are already in the groove. We don't even bother to bark at all the people ..... or the dogs. Gramma says that I am a fast learner.

Look at this dog! I think he may be the driver of the big motor home. Gramma called him a poodle. He is white like me, but his hair is very curly. Emmy wondered if he had had a perm. What is a perm?

Us dogs like to sit on the back of the chair and watch the people walk their dogs. Oscar says it is like a live movie. This black dog is a pug. He has short black hair just like Oscar's. Oscar says he is not nearly as handsome as he is, though.

I saw these two dogs and Gramma said they were boxers! "Come closer!" I yelped, but they kept walking. I really wanted to see them. When Oscar and I went out in our yard we found a loose board on the fence. Papa had the big fire hose running out to the pool to put water in it. Oscar said it would be okay, so we went out into the park. We met up with another dog named Oscar. He did not look at all like Oscar! He belongs to one of the seasonal campers. We recognized his bark. We were about to explore some more, but Papa found us and brought us back to Gramma. She was way too busy to punish us and she didn't even get mad! She did scold Papa for not securing our fence, though. She said we could have been hurt. Gramma loves us dogs.

Gramma said that yesterday was your Mom's birthday. I heard her tell someone that your mom was her baby. What? Gramma is a Mom? I thought she was a Gramma. Just a Gramma. This is very confusing to me. Gramma tried to explain it all to me, but I just don't get it. How can your Mom be Gramma's baby? She is bigger than Gramma. I have seen her stand next to Gramma and I tell you, she is bigger. Emmy tried to tell me that all of her puppies grew to be bigger than her, too! This is amazing to me. I will have to think about this and we will talk when you come to see me. Are you going to be bigger than your Mom?

My head hurts from thinking! Gramma tells me that you are playing baseball. I bet I could help you play! I am there for you ....... I have never played baseball, but I know how to catch a ball. I will dream of you and me running with a ball in the grass while I sleep tonight. I am getting pretty sleepy sitting here in Gramma's lap. Don't forget that I love you and you will always be my best boy!

Your faithful dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall-E, you are way handsomer than that poodle! Just sayin'! I hope you get a chance to give some of those campers the sniff over! Maybe Gramma could give you a job as the inspector to find out who's messing up those bathrooms!


  2. Hi, Wall-E!
    Glad you are having a great time!
    I know you would be a pawesome baseball partner to Gavin!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs