Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Gavin,

You know that big blue thing they call the pool? Well, Papa is putting water in it. These guys came and cleaned and scraped it and now they are going to fill it with water. Emmy says that now Gramma will be even busier in the store. I am not sure I will like this. I think that Gramma should just play with me all day. I like it best when she is in here with us dogs.

Gramma was very happy today. Remember I told you about those tax papers, well they were everywhere. I got in trouble cause I ate one of them, but that's another story. Today Gramma was putting all the papers together and using this thing called a calculator. All of a sudden she jumped up and did this crazy dance while she sang, "I'm done, I'm done, I'm so happy that I am done!" Then she put all those papers up. I was hoping to spend a quiet afternoon in her lap, but that didn't happen.

Gramma started taking everything in the living room down and dusting it. She didn't go get that vacuum cleaner, though, and I was glad about that. But, then she started moving all the furniture! Why does she do this? I thought it was all fine before, but she started moving this big thing called an entertainment center. She took all the stuff off of it and there was a lot of stuff, let me tell you!. Then she was moving it across the floor. It made a lot of noise and it was the time that I usually have a nice nap. Well, that was ruined. I was on the couch, awake, thanks to her, when she moved the couch. It felt like an earthquake! Gee, I don't know why I said that, I have never been in an earthquake. (I watch a lot of TV).

I thought she would never be done with all this moving stuff, but she finally stopped and now we are sitting here writing to you. We went into the store for awhile tonight while she helped a customer. He petted me. Oscar growled at him. Oscar has been grouchy all day. I accidentally bit his ear again. I am still a puppy, you know, I bite things. He is so sensitive. He was a puppy once and Gramma told me that he did his share of biting and chewing. Did you know that Oscar bit Gramma one time? Emmy said she was there and remembers it vividly (I don't know what vividly means, but I didn't say so). Emmy said that Gramma was playing with her in bed and that all of a sudden Oscar jumped up and bit Gramma's nose!

I thought that he would have gotten into a lot of big time trouble, but Emmy said that he didn't. She said that Oscar was so scared and he felt really bad about hurting Gramma. Emmy said Papa didn't think Gramma was hurt until he saw the blood. Wow, blood. I bet Oscar was scared. Emmy says that Gramma held Oscar and talked to him and that he was really sad that he made Gramma bleed. I heard that Gramma had a black eye the next day, too. I kind of feel sorry for him!

I will not be biting Gramma. I tried it and she bit me back and she bites hard! Maybe she should bite Oscar! I am going to bed now and dream about Gramma biting Oscar. Ha ha, that was a joke. I learned that from the TV.

Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog, Wall-E

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