Monday, May 11, 2009

Gramma is sick

Dear Gavin,

It has been a strange day here! Papa didn't go to work at the station! He had to take Gramma away in her car. She was sick and she fell down in her office. She told Papa she was going to pass out. At first I thought she might be going to pass out some treats to us dogs, but instead, all of a sudden she was on the floor! Papa tried to pick her up, but she told him to stop before he hurt himself. Why did she say that? He picks us dogs up all the time and he has never hurt himself. But, anyway he called the doctor's office and took her there. She said that she would be fine if we would all get out of her face.....I was kind of licking her and Emmy was standing on her arm.

She is back now and she has some new medicine to take. She told us dogs that she would be better in no time and not to try any of our shenanigans, cause she is not that sick. I knew she would be okay when she said that. She does not like shenanigans! That is when we do things like chew up Papa's shoes or the rugs or her plants. I will not be doing that tonight, I tell you. I was glad to see Gramma come back home. I jumped really high into the air when she came in the door. She laughed at me and then she let me give her a kiss.

There were lots of people here at the campground this weekend. Oscar and Emmy said I might as well get used to it, because it will be this way until the weather turns cold. But you will be here soon, won't you? Gramma says just a few weeks.

Oscar kept getting up last night to go outside. Gramma wasn't feeling good then either. Oscar was licking some rocks and he must have accidentally eaten some because he threw up and there were rocks in his throw-up!!! He messed up two of Gramma's rugs and she had to wash them. I don't know why, but she really likes rugs and she will get mad if you pee on her rugs. That cat Gremlin did and now he is living outside. I think that is pretty funny, cause he said I should be living outside with that other cat because I don't have a pedigree. They must cost a lot of money, those pedigrees, or I am sure that Gramma would buy one for me.

I have been sharing my kennel with Emmy. She gets cold a lot and she likes to lay on the blanket that you put in my kennel for me. Gramma said it was a blanket she gave to you when you were just a little baby. I like having something that used to belong to you. Emmy says it is very soft and warm. If I get cold I get in the kennel with Emmy and we snuggle together on your blanket.

We invited Oscar to get in with us, but he said he preferred to stretch out on Gramma's couch. I think he does this so that he can sit next to Gramma when she closes that store at night. Next to Gramma's leg is the best seat in the house and he always gets there first. He says that he is the oldest dog and that he is Gramma's favorite because she told him so. Well, she told me that I was her favorite, too. Ooops. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, cause Gramma said it was our secret. Hey, wait a minute..... Emmy said she told her the same thing! What is going on here? We can't all be her favorite...... can we?

We got some new treats the other day. They were pretty good, but I like the bacon ones the best. That cat, Gremlin got some treats, too. He swallows them whole! Can you believe that? Gramma let me taste one. It was okay, I mean, I ate it. I wasn't going to let it go to waste or anything, but I wouldn't like it if our dog treats tasted like that. Plus, it was fun to eat something that belonged to that cat. He just does not like me. I am cute, you know, what is not to like. His face is all smashed. Who does this cat think he is?

Well I must go 'do my business'. That is what Gramma calls it. I still think it is funny every time she says it. Right before bedtime she sings that song to us, "It's night-night pee-pee time". I always know we are going to bed when I hear her sing that. She hasn't been singing to us for a few days. Papa has been taking us out and he is not a singer. Maybe it is because she was sick. I will be glad when she is singing dumb songs again, cause I like Gramma's dumb songs.

Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you!
Your dog, Wall-E

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