Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Gavin,
It has been a long weekend. Us dogs spent a lot of time alone, but now Gramma and I are writing you. I am thinking about the adventures we will have when you get here..........
Gramma is asking me what I would like to write about tonight. She tells me I must not linger over the keyboard because she is tired and longing for sleep. Why does she say these things? Why can't she just say, "Dude, hurry up, I'm tired."? If she is so tired that would be a lot faster, cause I had to ask Oscar what she meant.

I thought you should see a picture of Cody. He is coloring on the table in the store. He was a little sunburned from being in the pool. He hangs out with Gramma sometimes.

Gramma told him to look at the camera and smile. She tells me that too. Sometimes I just jump up on her and then she says, "Okay, I give up." Then she puts the camera away.
It rained and rained last night. I wanted to go out to do my business, but decided I could wait until morning. When there was light in the sky I woke Gramma up again and it was still raining! Oscar and I went out in the rain cause we could wait no longer. We were wet when we came in and Gramma wrinkled her nose and told us that we smelled like wet dogs. We are dogs and we were wet, so what did she mean by that? I still get so confused sometimes.
Gramma says to wrap it up, as she is fading fast. Sleepy is what I think that means. Good night my boy, don't forget I love you.
Your dog, Wall-E

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  1. I'm with Gramma... there are more pleasant things to smell than a wet dog! LOL