Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Like Girls

Dear Gavin,

I am having a great weekend! Do you see those girls in the picture? They have been up here at Gramma's store playing with me. I was trying to hide my face from Gramma and her camera. I get all shy around theses girls. They think I am so cute. They told Gramma that. Gramma was teasing me about it.

The girl with the glasses is Teresa. She is Alyssa's friend and came camping with her. I think I like girls. Do you?

Oscar was jealous, so Alyssa gave him a treat to make him feel better. She likes me the best, though. Gramma said we should just keep that between us. Oscar can be kind of cranky, you know.

Teresa is giving me a treat. Look at me standing so pretty! I am getting much better at balancing. Gramma says to look at the table she made for the store with a stump from a tree. Your Gramma is so clever, don't you think? Papa says it is sometimes annoying when she decides to do theses things, cause she makes him do the heavy part.

Look how happy the girls are to be holding me! I gave them each a kiss and they liked it. I think I am quite handsome in this picture, don't you?
Alyssa has a brother, his name is Cody. He wants you to hurry and get here so he can play with you. Gramma said she is happy that you will have a friend to play with. Cody is pretty cool. I think you will like him...........just don't forget that you are my boy.
I will be so happy to see you and show you all my new tricks and all my new friends. I love you.
Your dog, Wall-E

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