Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where Is Toni?

Dear Gavin,

Something is going on here. This morning Gramma put Toni's collar on and woke Papa. She said it was time to go. Go where? Are we going on a trip? Is Gramma going to make me wear a collar, too?

Papa did not got to the treat jar and give us dogs our treat! What is going on? He started to, because Oscar was making lots of noise about it. He really likes his morning treat. Emmy was just watching Gramma holding Toni while Papa got his wallet and keys. Oscar was getting pretty loud and Gramma told Papa that we could not have t r e a t s. She spelled it out. Us dogs know what she is spelling, but we let her think she is pulling one over on us. But why can't we have treats?

Papa took Toni and went out the door. I looked out the window and I saw them get in Papa's truck, and they left the park. Just like that. Toni is gone. What is this feeling I am having? Why do I feel bad? I should be happy. I did not like this puppy called Toni. Remember, I told you this.

Oscar does not seem to care. Gramma gave us our treats, but it just wasn't the same. It was wrong for Gramma to give us our treats. Papa is supposed to do this. Something is going on here at the park. Toni is gone and I am sad. I thought I would be glad. I miss her. Did Papa take her back? I know I said I wanted her to go back, but I sort of like having her around. She's not so bad, I guess. She really likes to run and play with me. I did not think that Papa would take her back!

I must go see what is going on here. I will report back later, my boy. I wish you were here to help me look for clues. I do not want Gramma to know how upset I am, so I can't ask her. I will let you know when I write the next letter. I will be sniffing out these clues. I did not ever think I would say this ............ but I hope Papa brings Toni back home!

Your detective dog, Wall-E


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  2. rut roh! I didn't see her when I ran into the woods this morning!