Friday, July 29, 2011

Toni Got In Trouble

Dear Gavin,

Do you see this? This used to be a package of napkins .......... We tried to tell her, but she simply would not listen. Gramma was working in the store and the rest of us dogs were napping when I heard a rustling sound. I came out of my kennel and this is what I saw. I sniffed and sure enough I could smell the smell of that puppy called Toni. She had ripped the plastic off and pulled all the napkins out. She even shredded some of those napkins!

Oscar chuckled and told me that this reminded him of some of the shenanigans I used to get into. I am sure I never, ever shredded a package of napkins. I think Oscar is just getting old and his memory is not what it used to be.

As you, yourself know, Gramma does not like shenanigans. I heard her opening the door from the store and I went to my kennel, lest she think I was responsible for this mess ......

TONI COME HERE. I heard Gramma shout. Oscar and Emmy were watching from their basket and I was watching from my kennel. She went prancing over to Gramma without a care in the world and looked up at her. She didn't even look scared or sorry for what she had done!

Gramma took her to the mess and asked her if she had done this dreadful deed. She tried to jump into Gramma's arms, but Gramma was having none of that. I could have told her that would not work, but she needs to learn this on her own ............. just like I did. She got a swat from the fly swatter and another one later when she thought it would be a good idea to attack the broom while Gramma was cleaning up.

She does not seem to mind at all that she was punished! Just look at her. She even told us that Gramma did not swat very hard. This dog is not very smart.

I guess I like her okay now. We have been playing together and she is tireless, let me tell you. She can run as fast as me and her legs are freaky long. We play fight, too. I taught her how to sit pretty. I know you are very proud of me for doing this. Gramma says that I am a very smart dog. I am smart because I have the best boy in the world, right?

Your smart dog, Wall-E


  1. Wall E, your gramma is silly! Swatting a dog with a fly swatter after the deed is done never works! BOL! I'm glad to see you and Toni, um, have at least called a truce. Maybe someday the two of you MIGHT even be friends!


  2. Wall-E, You are still papa's favorite too! I bet you and Toni will be good friends before long and then you can shred the napkins together!