Monday, July 6, 2009

Things I Really Don't Like

Dear Gavin,
I want to tell you about some things that I really don't like. I don't know why Gramma has these things, but I really don't like them!
This is what Gramma calls the vacuum cleaner. I have many objections to this machine........
1. It is loud, let me tell you! If you are taking a nap when she drags this thing out it will ruin it!
2. Gramma seems to like it a lot. She says that it gets rid of all the hair that I shed. Me? I shed? What does that mean? I don't have that much hair and she combs it all the time. What can she be talking about? I do not know!
3. This machine can suck your whole tail into it! It tried to eat me up and Gramma thought it was funny! Oscar says that she has done this to him, too, and that is why he stays out of her way when she is playing with this thing calls a vacuum.
This is called watermelon. Gramma was eating this and Emmy got really excited. She said, "I love watermelon!!" So, of course, I stood in line for a taste. Emmy was all grabby and tried to take Oscar's taste and her taste. I was a gentleman and waited patiently for my taste. I was excited to taste this thing called watermelon. I thought that it must be really good because Emmy was so happy to see Gramma cut it open. So, Gramma has my taste and before I could open my mouth.......Emmy grabbed it. "No fair!", both me and Oscar said to her. So, Gramma told Emmy to back away, that it was not her turn. She called her greedy. What is greedy? It must be a bad thing to be greedy because it made Emmy feel bad. Anyway, I finally got my taste. I was cold and wet and......... I did not like it, no, I did not! I spit it out and Gramma laughed at me! Emmy ate it, cause Gramma told her she could. I was so sad that Gramma went and got me one of my favorite bacon treats.

I am missing you today, my boy. Gramma tries to play with me, but it is just not the same. You need to come and see me again. A dog needs his boy! Don't forget that you are my boy and I love you!

Your dog,

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