Monday, June 29, 2009

It is HOT!

Dear Gavin,

Oh, my boy, it has been so very hot here! Gramma says that the heat has attracted all manner of rif-raf. I asked the others and they are as baffled as I am about this new word. Oscar tells me that if I just listen to what she is saying I should be able to figure her out. I don't know about that.......

There have been like a million people in and out of the store door. Oscar was right, I am tired of barking at people. It is just not fun anymore. I still get to see some people every now and then but Gramma is so busy that she just keeps working all the time! She closed the store early yesterday and played with us in the back yard. A storm nearly blew that fence down and she warned us to stay away from it because it might fall on us before Papa has a chance to fix it. That would not be good!

Gramma has been sick! She said her ear hurt and that she couldn't hear out of it. That was yesterday. Today she doesn't have much of a voice. Poor Gramma, she hasn't slept good either. She kept waking me up coughing. That's what Oscar said she was doing. At first I thought she was trying to bark!! People don't bark unless they are making fun of us dogs, you know, so I was really confused when she did it in her sleep. You never know with Gramma, though, she does some crazy stuff!

She said we all due for a bath tonight. I am going to try hiding from her. She knows all my hiding spots and I have been looking around to find a better one......... I usually get under the table, because she doesn't life to crawl after me. The last time I did that she moved the table! She is very strong when you make her mad! I guess I will just have to let her bathe me even if I don't think it is necessary.

I am missing you! Gramma let me sniff your cot and I sort of howled. She laughed at me! she said it was pitiful attempt and that I should listen more closely to Oscar and Emmy. They think they are so smart! I wish you were here, we could play tug of war or ball....or just lay in front of the TV. I miss you a lot!

Your dog,

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