Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Papa Has New Shoes and Heroes

Dear Gavin,
See Papa's new shoes? He made a great big deal about making me sniff these shoes and telling me that I must not chew on them. Does he think I am dumb or something? Gramma already told me that I must NEVER chew on shoes again. It is true that I never chewed on her shoes. I must tell you that she scares me with that fly swatter. That thing hurts. I have seen her kill some flies with it. It is truly frightening. Oscar is even afraid of that thing. She does get a wicked gleam in her eye when she is holding that thing, although I admit I have never seen her swat Emmy.
This is Papa's old shoe......well, it was new.......until I chewed up the back of it. Hey, I did not even touch the other one. How was I supposed to know that he couldn't wear them like this? You can see that he would still be able to put his foot in it and ties those strings. I must confess that the strings aren't as long as they used to be....... I kind of chewed on it......... just a little.

So, I get it and I promise that I will leave shoes alone. Gramma bought me some toys and I am okay with not being able to chew shoes.

Gramma is sick. She says her ear hurts and that she is dizzy. I am sad that she is sick, but I am glad that she is sitting on the couch........ holding me. She must really feel bad, she doesn't even want to go out to her garden! That's okay by me, I like it when sits in here with us dogs.

We were sitting here perfectly happy. Gramma was watching TV and us dogs were catching a nap. This truck and a camper came into the parking lot. I am used to that happening and I don't even bark any more, but they were driving too fast.... Gramma calls it speeding. This speeding makes Gramma angry, very angry. I have heard her talk to theses speeders and tell them that there are children and pets here in our park and to either slow down or get out! She is serious about this speeding thing, too. Anyway, she went into the store where this new speeder had come in. He was very loud and he was talking with a mean voice to Gramma!

Oscar and I leaped to the floor and ran to the door of the store. We do not like people who talk mean to Gramma! Oscar said that if she opened that door we were going to bite this man. He told me to bite into one leg and he would grab the other one. He cautioned me to bite above the shoe so that my teeth would hurt more. He also told me to not let go until Gramma told me to. I was ready, I tell you, I wasn't even scared. We barked as loud and as mean as we could to let this mean talking man know that we were right behind that door to protect Gramma. The mean talking man told Gramma that he had called her this morning and that she made a reservation for him. Gramma told him that she did not talk to him and asked him if he was in the right park, she even called the lady at the other campground for him. He was in the wrong park. He didn't even say sorry to Gramma and we heard a loud thud........ I was ready to grab this man's leg and not let go. He went out the door and got in his truck and you will not believe this....
he was speeding again.

Gramma called the other campground lady back and told her that this guy was a jerk. She told her that he actually kicked the counter in our store.... that was the loud thud that we heard! I really wanted to bite that man and I am sorry that I did not get the chance. Emmy was even ready to help us bite the man and all three of us are still upset about it. Okay, I have to tell you this. Don't tell any body else, okay? I kind of peed on myself a little when that mean talking man kicked the counter. Gramma cleaned it up and told me that it was okay, that she would never let that man hurt me!

Hurt me? I was going to save her! I am a big dog now with big dog teeth and she can count on me. She needs to know this...... will you tell her for me? I hope so, cause I want to be a hero. Oscar says that a hero is some one who saves some one else. I think being a hero would be good, don't you?

I am calmer now and I think I need a nap! Be a good brave boy and don't forget that I love you!

Your dog,

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  1. Interesting post!! I just love those gorgeous new shoes... They looks comfortable for running!! I recently replaced my old pair by new one which got from Sports Authority...